Thursday, March 23, 2017

Vehicle Preference

What do you consider the BEST vehicle for your needs? For most folk just a simple 4 door car fills the bill.  But in my case, a pickup truck would work much better.

 That was my first p/u,loved that truck.

We towed a pickup for a short time behind the motor home, but as I have mentioned since the Three girls in Sherry’s family liked to travel together, our choice went to Mini-vans.
Since no matter where we are, I seem to develop a ‘need’ for a p/u truck, for many years the Van became our ‘pick-up truck.’
               This is one of the many in between trucks.


When the two sisters passed on we no longer needed the van, so we bought this little FIT. But downsizing to the FIT did not change the need for a p/u. So when the chips are down, the seats go down, the hatchback goes up and stuff is tied in, or we load up a utility trailer.

I do use a vehicle and try to be true to my daddy’s admonition, do not abuse it. Dad cared for his cars like he cared for his mules. Mama said he petted them.
           (The last truck (I think) it was a diesel)

Dad could get 100,000 miles on a car in the 50’s when most folk were overhauling their engines at 65,000.
Engineering, oils, and designs have made 150,000 miles on an engine common place. My dad would find that very hard to believe.
                      (The little FIT)

So, I know Paula has a pickup truck, I did see it. Jean and Rick up in AL has a p/u’s too. What about you?
Great weather, a little windy but nice.

Nite Shipslog
PS: Thanks for all the ‘sweet’ comments about my girl. Yes, I have already tucked her in. Lots of side benefits to that!!!
She is still my sweetheart! Several folk here comment to Sherry about us holding hands as we walk, she says she is just keeping me from falling. But I know better!

 The station wagon hauled lumber also!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The bad part of growing older

Here in the motor home we have our own phone directory.  Since we are seldom in the same area I have compiled a list of Kin, friends and businesses we like to have handy. Yearly (or close) I update the list with changes and adds we have penciled in. I just went thru 15 pages of the directory and make probably 50  changes. I did get one printout before the system crashed and I lost all the changes. Soooooo, I will have to go back thru the list and re-do the changes. We have two copies, one in the car.
I don’t like that. But what I did not like was ‘deleting’ friends and family who have passed.
I did not count but I am sure I deleted about  8 names we held dear, who have gone on.

 1948 Desoto coupe
Most were older than I, as it should be.  I deleted the names of Douglas and Grace Carver. He died first, followed by Grace. One of their daughter's Patsy, took them into her home and took care of them until they passed.

(Douglas and Grace Carver and their first child, Joey)

I liked Doug because he was instrumental in me asking Sherry for a date. I don't remember why, but I was in an old 1948 Desoto business coupe. Dale Hartness was driving, Doug in the shotgun seat and Billy Ogden in the back seat with me. We had been to Ruby Falls near Chattanooga. I don't remember why I was with them.

 I don’t remember how the subject came up but it was suggested I ask Sherry for a date. I thought she was out of my reach. She was a beautiful girl and also a class ahead of me in school.  Billy had dated Sherry. Doug and Dale were married but friends of Sherry’s. If she didn’t stick with Billy (who was a tall handsome wavy haired dude) why would she even give me a second look? But she did.
·       That is one of the ‘sorrows’ of getting older. WE see folks pass on. 
(I could see my girl in bed, Benefits of this motor home) Just minutes ago I tucked my girl in bed. Always a highlight of my day. She is still the most beautiful woman in the world. I had never asked her before, but I just asked her why she didn’t hang with Billy? She said, ”I liked him, but I couldn’t like him as a boyfriend.”

I said, “All I can say is, it was his loss. I GOT YOU!”  Amazing isn’t it? Life.  I probably would never have had the fortitude to ask this beauty for a date, if it had not been for a chance conversation in an old 1948 Desoto coupe. Boy, am I lucky.  That was over 61 years ago. Life is still as sweet as it was that first date.
Nite Shipslog
 This car was about new when Douglas was born in 1928

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Johnny is on the market

So, today we went down to check on Son Mark and his roofing job.  We stopped by Friends Dallas and Marian from around York Springs, Pa. They have a sweet white lab, Lucy. I love petting that dog. She is trained and listens well. We left Lucy and took Dal and Marian with us to see Marks roofing job. Mark gave us all a drive around Port Richey and New Port Richey before lunch at Beef O’Bradys. The roof was stripped and ready for the men to start laying shingles.
Dallas is the only Man I met in the USMC that with whom we keep in contact. Sherry and I were married a week or two before them and lived very close in the Camp Geiger Trailer park in 1956-57. They were great friends.  They have a wonderful family.
After dropping them off we headed home. I love riding with my sweetheart, it is one of our favorite things.

However, I was anxious to get home because I was working on the ‘Johnny’ e-book and having a little trouble uploading the cover. But the time away from the computer gave me time to figure out how to increase the pixel count enough to be accepted. SOOOO the e-book will be available on Kindle in about 24 hours. I was able to list it for 99¢.

Not as lucky on the paper back. To get full exposure world-wide the price ended up being $10.90 thru Amazon. But they do have it as Prime.
It will be a couple weeks for me to get a supply. I am sure I will have it for less, just not sure yet. The book is 280 pages large print. I read it in 8 hours. No kidding, I do think this is my best book yet, but methinks I say that every time.  Hahahaha.

Nite Shipslog

 Chief Johnny Harris is back in his hopped up 1934 Ford as his official Chief's car.