Saturday, January 21, 2017

Just a couple things

I love Florida. I love citrus. When we first started coming to central Florida after living in Key West, I fell in love with the U-PICK areas.

We could pick all colors of peppers for $3 a bushel. Tomatoes $2-$5 a bushel.  Oranges as low as $1 a bushel.  If I wasn't careful I would drink a quart of OJ while juicing. 
(SIS Kat and hubby Dick got us into the u-pick mode. Below is 5 gals of tomatoes for $3 in Ruskin, FL) 

Shoot, we have picked strawberries at 25 cents a quart and they supplied the little containers. 

As time passed the u-pick signs went down, disappeared. The last place we picked oranges was at Hunsaders produce near Bradenton, FL. we had to sigh a legal release before going into the grove. The owners said it would be the last year. Law suits by idiots who didn't realize they could get hurt in fields where there were insects, reptiles and tree limbs.

I miss the thrill of picking our own, plus the cost.  We will plant one orange tree at our house when we get back. I don't know how long it takes an orange tree to produce, probably years, but we still plan to plant one.

All law suits are not bad. BUT many are unnecessary and cause others problems in the long run such as the u-pick fields. The u-pick was usually after the professional pickers had gone thru the fields, except oranges. several trees were set aside for u-pickers.

On a brighter note. 

Florida is also cattle country. Today we passed a pasture with only cows and calves. It was such a pleasant sight to see the mama calf tagged by her calf as they were migrating across the field. I wondered out loud how mama cow knew when to ween (gently kick) the little one and 'splain it is time to start eating like a big cow, no more teat.

 (Florida cow pics from the net)

But the scene was so striking, I said, "No wonder Paula is so struck by cows."

Florida holds lots of interests.
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 Cows and cars:

 And when you just cannot leave your cow at home!

Friday, January 20, 2017


I was always taught to respect our president. I have tried to do that.  But like a lot of folk, one would do something I thought was stupid, and I guess I would disrespect him for a time.  But NEVER enough to go public to protest, scream or yell. Much of my life he was not only my president, but my Commander in Chief. My life started under FDR but I hope it does not end under Trump! (Just saying)
 (Note on FDR: FDR died in Warm Springs, GA, His body was transported to DC via Train. That train passed thru Belmont, NC when Sherry was a kid. She and her family were among the mourners as the train passed thru.)

That said I sat here and counted the presidents I have known in my life time. I have been around for 19 inaugurations.  From our 32nd President FDR to our 45th President Donald Trump.

In our travels, Sherry and I have visited many presidents homes that are set aside as monuments to that president. Some elaborate some very common. The last home we visited I blogged about. Friends Joan and Dan Doughton took us to Buchanan's home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and paid our way in. I really enjoyed it. Each president is remembered for something unique. I was struck with this line Buchanan used to Lincoln as they were headed for the inauguration he is quoted as saying, " Sir, if you are as happy entering this office as I am leaving it, YOU SIR ARE ONE HAPPY MAN!"

Buchanan was a lifelong bachelor. His first lady was his niece Harriet Rebecca Lane. (One of 13 ladies who served as first lady who was not the president’s wife.) I do remember somethings from those visits, but forget my name. LOL

These figures are close, I have voted 16 times. I have picked 8 losers and 8 winners so I guess I break even. I have not always voted along party lines.
Tonight I looked back at presidents, many died between the ages of 55-65. Do you notice hair? Most folks leaving office if they had dark hair upon entering, have gray hair upon leaving. Says something about the job, doesn't it?
We have a new president, I wish him well.  Can he do what he promised? I doubt it. Has any president EVER been able to live up to his campaign promises?  WE WILL SEE, won't we?

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President McKinley was the first President to ride in a car, a Stanley Steamer.
President Taft replaced horses with two Pierce Arrows and a Stanley Steamer:
 The Pierce Arrows. both from the Library of Congress. Lower is a picture of Taft's daughter shopping in the Pierce.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Truth, internet and the news '

Tonight we were going to watch a rocket launch with Don & Evelyn. You can see these Canaveral launches from much of Florida and the East Coast. Getting the time right is tough unless you have a live connection. If you consult Google or search the net you may get another launch or even one from a year ago. Anyway we did not get to see it, it appeared to be delayed.

But this isn't about launches, but truth. Have you ever read Regina Britt's stuff? It is odd the first time I read an e-mail concerning Regina, she was 90, reflecting back on life. The writing was hers, but her comment concerning the e-mail was, "the internet aged me." Ever hear of the game ‘Gossip?’  The game starts by a person telling something to the first of 20-30 people. Each person then  whispers what they heard to the next person. When the first and last person compares stories, many times they are completely different. We have the same on the net, things GROW & CHANGE!

So Regina, who is around 50 (?) years old says the net aged her to (90) LOL When she turned 45 she wrote "45 things Life has taught me" (something like that). Then when she turned 50 she added five more things and it became 50 things.

TWO statements I have used here (when I thought she was 90 as the note reads) I enjoyed especially  agree with #’s 40 and 41.  They are:

From Regina Britts 45 things I have learned about life. She repeated it at 90 years old.
 (Is this Regina?)
40. If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back.

41. Envy is a waste of time. Accept what you already have, not what you need.
 Or this?

Now my question,  is Regina around 50 or above 90? All have been associated with her writings?

Or just a wise New Yorker?

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 1950's Cadillac's.