Saturday, February 18, 2017

Negative PEOPLE and Negative news!

 Negative news, Years ago when I watched the news, it seemed the whole world was coming apart. There were times it was reported so bad I was so sure the sun would not rise the next day. EVERYTHING is not negative, the USA is not headed for Hell in a hand basket. One man: Obama, Trump or Putin will not send this world into chaos.

 I am sick and tired of everyone wanting to change the world to match THEIR opinions.  Everyone should think like me, then of course all the world would be right. WE would all love each other and join hands in prayer. If only everyone would just open their eyes and see things RIGHT, the way I do.    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Listen to me! CHANGE or I will blow your house down. (Remember the story, I will huff and puff and blow your house down?)
Every News agency  unashamedly follows the same
 MOTTO: If it bleeds it leads.

Do you remember when ‘Watts’ burned?  I was on a cruise in the Mediterranean.  The folks in Italy and Greece thought the USA was burning and there was a civil war. Sailors were asked which side they would be on when the ship went back home.  Which side would get the ship? Our news feed on the ship was the same. Day after day of burning buildings crowds yelling, etc.

The internet or cell phones were not even a dream then. We had to wait on the mail to see if our families were involved.  Yeah follow the news and you will be one negative and bitter person.

On that note, I mentioned my distrust for long term weather guessers.  I did not intend to give the impression they cannot get it right. They do good in short time forecasting.

So look up.  If you really think things are headed to hell very fast, remember in the mid 50’s it was said Rock and Roll will be the ruin of the youth.  We will have no one to lead this country, no military to defend it. Etc.  But we did okay.
(Yeah I know, BUT this time it is different!  Yeah right!)

And for me, NOW these Rappers, Kardassing girls, and yes even Trump, ain’t gonna get me down. The sun will shine tomorrow (somewhere). I will get my  kisses and hugs and live out my days.  You know what? If I didn’t like what was going on, I COULDN’T CHANGE A DANGED THING outside my little realm. So I plan to enjoy my life, pay little attention to the news and plan to smile a lot.

Nite Shipslog

Ps: I have never figured how anyone enjoyed trying to make someone miserable just because  did not agree with them.

Friday, February 17, 2017

The typewriter

Remember the typewriter?  Can you believe its usefulness is in the past?  Classes to teach typing?  I think there are kids today that can type with their thumbs using ‘their shorthand’ faster than I can on this keyboard.

Remember how important the comma was between the city and state? Periods after your initials? Remember how important capital letters were?

Kids don’t have time to capitalize the first word of a sentence. Then one must ask themselves was it necessary anyway?  (Of course just ask anyone over 60 and they will say ‘Danged right it is necessary, the teacher said it was so!”)

Any of us who wrestled a typewriter to correct spelling remembers very well.

A very serious thing in my mind is how fast ‘Word Processing’ changed. Even the name. No one types anymore. (Except me, this is typing, isn’t it?) It is tough face the fact that you have lived with the manual typewriter, the electric typewriter and the variations of the electric, I can even remember auto correct. Both a roll of correction tape and the typewriter ribbon. Then to the secretary’s dream, the Word processor and beyond.

Attorney’s papers and all legal papers had to be typed ERROR FREE!  Some would not even approve of correction tape.

Anyway I saw some typewriters for sale today and wondered, other than collector’s items they are just old things like me!

I do know a writer, H Jack Darnell, of Coker Creek, Tennessee who still today writes his books on a manual typewriter by the light of a kerosene lamp. TRUE!

I said all that to say, I am thankful for men like Bill Gates who could put this stuff together.  I do not want a penny of his Billions, I certainly do not think he should give me any. I am just enjoying the results of men like Gates using their brain power.

To steal a quote from MA’s yesterday’s Blog of Woodrow Wilson’s: I use all my brain power and all I can borrow!

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1951 Studebaker

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Long distance Weather Wizards

I do not trust them for long term (yearly forecasts) we get them every New Year. I wish I could remember the ‘Hurricane’ forecasts and temp forecasts, but if I record them I forget them.  I had about just as soon trust the Japanese calendar. 

I do remember one year very well. We had bought a place on Lake Dora, Tavares, Florida. We really did like it,  but Home owners association did not allow people on the water to erect a hoist to keep their boat out of the water in bad weather. Their reasoning was that you would block someone’s view who was not on the water, so the boat took a beating in bad weather. Of course the boat was taken out of the water for hurricanes.

That year we had three hurricanes cross the state. The GOVERNMENT WEATHER WIZARDS declared from now own, the air currents have changed so, that future hurricanes will cross the state.  That year we had minor damage from the three, but some neighbors lost roofs.

So we decided to sell and did.  That was about eleven years ago. None have followed that pattern again.  Somehow it is hard to believe the EXPERTS at times.

I had just as soon trust the Farmer’s almanac, but I don’t read that either.

Y’all try to be good. BTW we are home. This little block house has survived a lot of hurricanes, so we probably won’t worry too much about it.

No, we are not moving in yet. We have another vacation planned in the near future, no need to unpack the coach. LOL.  Shucks life is good!

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New York's fifth Avenue in 1913

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Large families in an RV, the modern gypsy

We are seeing large families who full-time in an RV. I am guessing some of these are foster kids. Most of these families are several nationalities.

As youths, both of our families were at times a total of 8 & 9 lived in two bedroom one bath houses. So we know it can be done with little or no major problems. It actually makes for a tight family bonding.
(A comparable unit of our neighbors, with the rear slide cut off in the photo)

Our neighbors, here are 9 kids and two young adults. They travel with a 9 passenger van and a 4 door pickup to haul the 9 bikes and the 5th wheel. The 5th wheel is a giant with five slide-outs. They have tents if the kids want to ‘camp-out’ and the bikes I mentioned. Skate boards and cell phones, tablets and phones.

The adults cook out and they all eat family style outside on double tables. The kids also do some of their studies outside.  I noticed some of the kids for privacy, I assume, took refuge in the van or truck to read or study.
(This is the living area of a big 5th wheel. It is more like a condo, big)
They have taken several full days out of the park to sight see and enjoy Disney I guess. I never did see one obviously pouting. They all play & work  well together and seem to really enjoy themselves.

For setting up camp and tearing down they all seem to have their assigned jobs and it goes smoothly.  I imagine they would be considered modern Gypsies, just as the wife and I.

The stickers on the van rear windows seem to be a game following where they have been. They have been ‘All Over’ the USA. Yosemite, Yellowstone, The Alamo, San Francisco, Niagara, and many,many more.

I can see the pros and cons of this life style. What do you think?

Nite Shipslog 

 Even I could park this 5th wheel but could not sleep 8 people.LOL

Then there are the REAL off 5th wheels:

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Valentine…….

Sherry tonight!

(Sherry before I met her)

Okay it is the end of the day, Tonight with friends including Don & Evelyn we ate at Out Back. Sherry had Steak and lobster. I had coconut Shrimp & steak. It was a great day. I had a dozen roses and a personalized card for my Valentine when she walked into the motor home kitchen this morning.
 (Sherry near the time I met her)

I want you to know, that is a feat, when you are together 24/7.  She acted surprised, I hope she was. She deserves all the attention she can get from me and her boys.

I saw her first at church in 1954, dated her in 1955 and married her in 1956. She took my heart early and has been the best thing that ever happened in my life.
(My Sherry when we married)

At 17 she was more level headed than many 35 year old folk today. WE have had our ups and downs. MOSTLY UP times. She tackled the job of raising two boys alone when I was absent up to 6 months at a time.
(My Sherry  that I carried in my wallet on cruises)

With hundreds of interruptions in her personal life, she was also able to have a career of her own, in office work. Her last job was with the Army.

She quit a good job in Washington, DC to return to Charlotte, NC to take care of my invalid mother. I was still in DC trying to work out a transfer and she had the sole job of taking care of mother for months. My brothers and sisters lived a good distance away, the sisters were in Maryland and NY. To my Sister Shirl and her hubby’s credit. He quit a high $ job in Maryland and they returned to carry a big chunk of the family load. BUT it was my Valentine who put her career on hold. For me and my mama.

(My Valentine today!)

Her sacrifices to hold this family together for over 60 years are exemplary. While I was packing our ‘stuff’ for storage preparing for this on-the-road life, there were MANY letters and awards that she earned over her career. As I read the letters and looked at the plaques I said to myself, "Sweetheart you deserved each one and more."
If every Valentine was like mine, this world would be heaven on earth, and there would be JOY in the World.
I love and adore you Sherry, my Valentine,  I am the luckiest guy in the world.
Nite Shipslog.

PS: Of course this is mushy, But, "if you knew Sherry like I know Sherry..................... Oh  my what a gal!"

PS 2: There was one negative. I had a great side bet once, on our pending marriage, it would have paid for our honeymoon. When she learned of it, she refused to marry me. She gave a weak reason, "I am not marrying you on a bet!" Girls are silly sometimes. LOL But she was still cute!
Our first trip to California, Sherry said, "I want to drive thru a tree! She got her chance here at the Chandler Tree."

Monday, February 13, 2017

That fine print!

Most folk in the civilized world have heard the term, make sure you read the fine print. Let me tell you something, I have seen so much fine print I have started ignoring it.  Probably one day to my detriment. In our search for a home in Florida I once bid on a house over the internet. There was 31 pages of ‘what if’s’ in fine print. Since I did not have an attorney to blame it on, I read them all.  It took a while.

I have sold many houses and bought lots of land. I trusted the attorney’s representing me to ‘know’ if the fine print was dangerous.  So I have signed too many documents that said ‘I have read and understand all the fine print’. Because as my attorney explained ‘I represent you, and will let you know if you really need to read the fine print or not.’

Today I read some fine print and saved myself about $8.00

We do not own a Fit-Bit type of gadget. They are too complicated for our OLD (young) minds. However we have several pedometers. At times I will hang two on my belt to compare them at the end of a walk. There is sometimes a difference of 500 steps when we walk in the area of three miles. I do have enough sense to know these are fallible, so a difference of 5-10% doesn’t bother me.

 I had one pedometer that was registering 413 when the other measured 5,688. The same comparison happened two days in a row.  So I am getting ready to throw it in the trash when I put on my glasses to read the very tiny digits on the face. I also noticed a decimal, it was 4.13 not 413. The fine print read ‘km’, KILOMETERS!! NOT STEPS. So it was reading right, but I had accidentally selected KM instead of steps. So I won’t throw it away.

I learned that there are times that fine print is important to ME! It is the simplest Pedometer we have and I really like the little dude. It was saved by finally reading the fine print.

Nite Shipslog

Sunday, February 12, 2017

It's fake oyster stew, but I like it

I grew up really liking oyster stew with saltines crackers. So All my life I have enjoyed oyster stew.  Oyster stew was first, then I ate fried oysters, loved them also.  Then I learned I liked the raw also.

My Sherry prepared oyster stew and she would eat the stew BUT NEVER the oyster. A few years ago I learned that shell fish would kill you and I would not live forever if I ate shell fish. Sherry ‘splained oysters are SHELL fish! SHUCKS!

While camping and fishing at Grassy Pond in South Georgia we were catching bass. I never cared for fried bass. A fisherman shared a great recipe for bass (or any fish you don’t care for broiled or fried.)  We have used Catfish, Bass and Crappie.  They all are delicious. WE did try Tilapia, and it was the only fish that did not fit the bill.

I fell in love with it because it tastes to me just like oyster stew and Sherry Loves it. The recipe uses a potato, onion, butter, milk, two medium (or one large) fillet. It calls for a can of New England clam chowder and milk. Sherry can have it ready to eat in less than 30 minutes it seems. We use frozen ‘Swai’ fillets lately and I usually cube them frozen for my girl. Our sons like it also.  But hey, it is hard not to like milk and a half stick of butter. LOL

That is one of our favorite meals lately. We are boring and have about 4-5 regular meals. Each one goes at least 2 days sometimes 3. LOL At our age we eat two meals a day and snack too many times.

I know I have said all this before. They tell me it is a sign of old age if you do not know you are repeating yourself. Since I know it, I guess I am still okay! LOL! My Sweetheart isn’t old, and we are about the same age, so I ain’t old either!
Oh yes. Always remember, when you come to a:

 (But always look for the spoon. It is hard to eat stew with just a fork!)

Nite Shipslog  gotta go ‘Johnny calls’.
Ps:  Sherry cubes the potato and micro-wave's it for a couple minutes, while she sauté’s the cubed fish and onion. Then throws it all together and adds milk to near the top of a 4 qt pot. The YELLOW BUTTER melts and I think it is about ready! 

This is the used car lot I am looking for!