Wednesday, September 19, 2018

In North Carolina

We are spoiled. Living in a motor home is so simple.  Every thing is practically at your finger tips. As a matter of fact, this key board is adding letters and missing letters. If I were in the motor home I would go in the bed room, raise the bed and get an extra keyboard.  LOL ( I corrected  6 words in that last sentence.)  But I am in our former home. The one we left to start full timing in the motor home.  We own two homes just like this. They are Condos. (or as us southerners say it is a duplex.)  HOWEVER, Shirl would not live in a duplex, so it had to be called a CONDO.  In reality it is a condo because I deeded separately.

I am in the bed room on another  computer. This bedroom is twice as  big as our motor home. I would rather be in our motor home.

How we got to NC is a special adventure, one I will never forget.

We called Enterprise to rent a car.  After 30 minutes of confusion, they said we are sending a driver to get you. (I am sure my deafness interfering with Ssherry's trying causes a lot of this.)

Anyway,  Tyrone drove up. (shortening a long story) He is a SAX player for famous singers. Played 30 years for top Record  companies. Marvin Gay & Odis Redding were a friends, and gave him a start. His daddy is a PHD. and  Mother a music teacher. The list of famous singers he backed up is endless.  We learned much more, but  you and I might have thought it was BS, until we saw his 'ride'.  Special ordered from Mercedes, 32 feet long and cost twice what our coach cost. It was a special order miniature motor home. We saw it.  He laughed at his job with Enterprise, 'I gotta do something between gigs.'

Enterprise said our economy vehicle had a 'tire  issue' so they had to replace it with a 'Dodge Challenger' or a pickup truck. I chose the Challenger. Honestly I know very little about 'Muscle Cars' or new 'no key' cars. But I had a 2 minute orientation and was turned loose.  I looked at the speedometer, top speed is 160mph. Wow if I had driven this in 1956, I would have been a 'Bad Dude!'

I don't know the size of the engine. But I do know when I needed power on the trip to NC, I HAD IT!

Anyway, meeting Tyrone and driving a muscle car was 'another wrinkle in my horn.' (As mama would say!)

Nite shipslog

Pictures later when I learn how (if I am here that long). We got an e-mail from the head of repairs at Cummins, it will be $2480 to get the engine ready to fire up and trouble shoot. No one likes to hear that, but fortunately living full time in a motorhome, we plan for this, it ain't fun, but we will not have to float a loan. We do hope nothing else is wrong, but that will be known later.
Even with that, Life is good. It was a thrill talking to Tyrone today.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

partially on

 Old pics found on the laptop
I dug out the old laptop. I am not a fan of typing on a laptop.

We are in a motel, it is called Econolodge but there is little economical about it. LOL.
Our home is in the shop in Atlanta, maybe for days.  We will rent a car in the morrow and head to NC to get our car.   
Diagnosis is impossible until they get the wiring redone.  When the belts came loose they took the engine wiring with them.

WE are so 'unused to' living out of a suit case, we forgot a lot.
     Buddy & Lady Di
We are lost without the tow vehicle, lots of things we need to do.

Anyway, life is good.  When we see the flooded homes in NC & SC we know we are blessed.

Will see what the next few days bring.

Nite Shipslog

Monday, September 17, 2018

Missing in Blogger world

If we are missing from net space, e-mail, blog or FB, the computers are in the coach in the shop in Atlanta.  Be back when life is better!

Sherry & jack

Mama said there would be days like this..

Cars of beauty and art:
 1930 Cadillac with a V16 engine

And this was one for the books. 

Last night I did not find out what time the mechanic would be in at the Truck stop, so I went up there at 5 AM. No one was in, so I started walking a 100 step pattern, then a 400 pattern by the time the mechanic came in I had walked over 5 miles and it was 8AM. A trucker was standing there and made the statement out loud, ‘Sorta foolish to open a shop at 8 in the morning.’ I was first and explained what our problem was, he said I will be over in a few minutes, I have to open a spot for you.  I will come right back and lead you over.  

An hour later he came over. We moved the coach. “Go up in the lounge, it will only take a few minutes to check it out and I will come up.”   It was approaching noon when he came up. Bad news. I can’t do it. It needs to go to the Cummins place in Montgomery.

So sherry got on the phone. We all have got the messages: if it is a flat tire press 2, if it is lockout press 2, if it is road assistance press 3.  Then with 3 you again press at least 3 more buttons, then you get a human. Sherry gave the explanation. ‘No problem we will get you a place.’ We will keep you updated.

An hour goes by, Sherry goes thru the same routine. This time they are sending a tow truck, Jones Wrecker service.  In a half hour Sherry gets a call from Jones I am on my way what am I towing?......... “WHAT?”  I can’t tow a motor home, you better call them back.

Same routine it is mid day. Wait an hour….nada.

Sherry calls again gets the lady she likes. I promise I will get you a tow. 30 minutes later, Alexander Towing is on their way, 39 minutes out.  We are really doubting this and at 39 minutes I said, “I will go outside and meet the tow truck.” Exactly at 39 minutes he shows up.

Now it is late,  but Good Sams has found a mechanic just 8 miles up the road, “Hammer Lane” in Valley Alabama. “They say they can get the job done for you!”

Tow driver ‘Josh’ hooks up. Removes our drive shaft for towing. He checks everything twice does a great job. WE are off I am almost in Sherry’s lap, sitting on the console. And making room for Josh to change gears. HE drives us right to the place. The mechanic directs Josh where to park us. 

After a great job of backing us into a spot, he started to unhook, when the secretary comes running out yelling NO! NO! STOP. The mechanic goes over to talk to her. The Owner said, “If that coach is dropped on this lot, your job is done here,” the owner’s wife on the phone to the mechanic.  She hates motor homes.

Take it to Opelika RV in Opelika, AL.  Sherry does the routine again. After a few minutes the lady at Good Sams says they are closed and suggests we get  to a safe place  and we will tow you in the AM.  Josh says his boss must be contacted to okay the further tow since he was directed to come to Hammer Lane.
I asked Josh if there was a mech in La Grange (where he is from), for Cummins, he said no. I asked about Atlanta Cummins. He calls his boss.  Insurance will not cover the extra $1000. So we agreed to cover the tow.  Josh backed the coach a good 1/10th of a mile out away from “Hammer Lane”. 

He asked if we minded it he walked over to a service station for a drink and asked if he could get us something. We declined.  He apologized when he came back, he had been tied up on a conference call with All-State, him and his boss.

So tonight was are overnighting in La Grange at another truck stop. It is too late to contact Cummins or get there. We leave in the morrow at 9AM.  What a day!

Nite Shipslog

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Yep, we have a bad day every once in awhile

Into every life a little rain…… & love bugs

The front of the coach.
And today…..
Well we have so many very good and good days one cannot complain when a ‘little’ rain falls.  Today we stopped below Montgomery, Ala. To fill up with diesel. Son Mark asked if we would need the tow vehicle the rest of the way, our answer was. No. He disconnected it and headed on to NC. He wanted to get to Belmont and say hello and goodbye to his kids and head for Florida.
We headed up the road sans the tow car. I always enjoy time with my girl. When we headed for  Georgia the coach skipped a bit. I didn’t like it but kept on going. Then the WARNING LIGHT, THEN THE HEAT GAUGE PEGGED AND OUT THE SIDE WINDOW I SAW A HUGE PUFF OF BLACK SMOKE. We pulled over.
I knew the belt was gone because the engine alternator also quit.

The shoulder is 10’ wide, we are 8. I did not let my tires off the edge, I had seen three buried to the axle today. That left 1 ½ ‘ to the white line. The Mirror is out 8” that leaves 10 “ for 1,350,345 trucks
plus 2,600,015 cars to pass. 


 LOL.  We sat there for 4 hours awaiting a tow truck. The coach weaved with EVERY TRUCK and some cars. OUCH.
Ah, the tow truck arrived.

Driven by Dawn, a tough 55 year old lady.
She climbed up under the coach looking at the engine, climbed out and said, “Me ‘n you could fix it, if we had the parts.”

She towed us to a truck stop, so here we set until in the AM. We are hoping a mechanic that she knows at this truck stop, can get to it.
We know it could have been lots worse. But this is life on the road. We have only been towed twice in our 22 years on the road.
Life is good. We will not miss any appointments or SCHOOL (-: ;-)  We will spend this time just enjoying good company!

Nite Shipslog
Ps: Son Jack called to check on us. Sherry filled him in. Told him not to call Mark.  Later Mark called and wanted to know if we wanted him to come back, of course we said NO!
All is well.

Friday, September 14, 2018

My Dentist

An Automobile of Art!
 1930 Ruston Model C
And today
Okay, the trip to Acuna, MX is over. I ended up getting three crowns and Mark had two teeth pulled. Total cost $1,200.  Up in Belmont I had one tooth pulled a few weeks back for $425.00.

Now I do understand that in Belmont the dentist MUST have insurance against charges of malpractice. I personally think there should be a cap and a reasonable amount allowed for ‘accidents’ or actual ‘malpractice’ here in the USA. Some areas of Florida a Doctor’s insurance is over $100K a year. Naturally that must be passed to the patients.

Anyway we are on our way home. I wanted to explain something. This is my dentist 3-4 years ago.

Dr. Aide Talamantes-Garabedian
I commented when I first saw her I liked her hair. (I did not say, ‘not as well’ as before)

The rest of the story:
Last trip I was her last patient before she and her sister left to attend their father’s funeral, mid-Mexico. This time, as we were leaving, she told us that a short time after her return from the funeral she was diagnosed with State ‘3’ breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy.  She had surgery and a long run of Chemo thus the hair.  I was her first patient since the diagnosis. She has now been declared cancer free.
This trip.,,,,,,,

She is such a sweet lady and we are so glad she took the time to open up to us. Funny, I never have felt that close to a doctor or dentist. But I felt we are friends. I will most likely never see her again, but it is a pleasure knowing her.

Ships passing in the night……

Nite Shipslog