Thursday, May 23, 2019


Those cars of my youth (50’s)
Sister Shirl's first car a new '59 Royal lancer by Dodge.. 

Today I am reminded of something I am saying more often, ‘that will be me someday.’

Seeing the death of people MUCH older than I (90’s) is acceptable in my mind, because it is NORMAL. But, BUT seeing childhood and teenage friends obits is a GIANT reminder. Today I looked over at Sherry’s computer to see Brenda Muse’s picture (a friend from our teens). Sherry checks the obits in two papers daily (I figure she is checking to see if I am there! (smile)) 

It seems Sherry gets a call or e-mail once or twice a month notifying her of a friend or classmate who has passed from this life. At that rate our circle of friends narrows. Funny that, as class reunions shrink I hear they start to combine them. Even lately the drop outs are being contacted and invited to reunions.  It is good to know a ‘drop-out’ can live a longer life also. ;-)

I cannot decide if I want Sherry to run a picture of me young or one closer to the age I pass. I have a feeling she will run the one she wants to. HA! 

Thinking of obits, Shirley was always on me to write my obituary. Explaining it is hard on the family to come up with a good one at the funeral home. I did write it and told her she was going to be surprised how famous I was when she reads it. We joked about it.

It is sad, because as my sister aged she changed her mind, and destroyed her obit. She left instructions: I have outlived most of my friends so, do not feel bad but follow my instructions. There is to be No notice in the paper, no obit, no service of any kind and do not tell anyone I have passed away. I followed MOST of her desires.

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Did I read that headline correctly?

Hospitals are Sued by 7 Foot Doctors
Boy, are they tall!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Planning a short three week trip.

Early Sweet Cars
             Sherry with a 1941 Caddy
And now: (With a statement from Myra's blog:
Her father enjoyed the planning of a trip)
For many years we traveled without making reservations. But RV’ing has changed. There are more and more people on the road. We were wanting to visit friends in Pennsylvania one more time. So I sat out to find a place in Lancaster County around the 4th of July. Impossible! So the best I could do was a few days after the 4th.

 We have met so many good people from Pennsylvania!

I know it is silly, but we remember CORN on the Cob from the Amish farms. The last time I nearly foundered myself. The corn was very reasonable and delicious. We prepared it in the shuck using the microwave. WOW easy and simple. (No silks to pick at)

Also the original ‘Sight and Sound’ theater is there. We are hoping to take in the latest play. I am a hick. I was AMAZED at such a large stage production.  We have been to and enjoyed some famous and outstanding ‘outdoor Dramas.’  But on our first visit To Sight and Sound, I was in awe at the ability of professionals to use such massive props, live animals and allusions. 

The performances are about $60 a seat ( Expensive in my opinion, but I am cheap), however I have not regretted sitting with my girl to enjoy several performances. 'Jesus' is the play this year. I am sure it will be fantastic.

I must be back in NC for a Dr. appt or I would love to go on up to Rondout Valley New York, maybe next year or later this year. Who knows? 

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PS2: Did I read that sign right?
Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half

Chainsaw Massacre all over again!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

America's Secret Cities

Ah, those beautiful cars:
            1947 Packard, when I first started hearing of secret towns.
For now!
It was called the Manhattan Project, Secretive cities, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Los Alamos, New Mexico; and Hanford, Washington .

There is also a restricted port called GITMO, unrelated to the Manhattan Project but seldom heard of until a certain prison was erected. But a restricted area you could only enter if invited by the government or ordered there for duty.

On Gitmo our sons played little league and went to school. We had beach outings like normal folk did. The boys loved it. It was our best duty!

 If you think HOA’s are tough. Imagine someone controlling who comes (if anyone) for a visit.

(Understand, each person living in these secret cities’ agreed with the rules and restrictions before they took a job and were allowed to work there.)

Lately we have assisted our grandson in his move to Oak Ridge, TN.  We also learned a friend had been a welder who worked there. Sherry remembered an Uncle whe went there to work. It rekindled memories from my childhood. It must have been in the late 1940s I first started hearing of these cities and the TOP SECRET project. To develop a weapon that could end a World War.

I was amazed to learn that one of my blogging friends spent her young years in one of those cities, the one in New Mexico. Myra mentions it at times. But most of us cannot picture the vastness of such a project. Families had picnics, kids went to school and dad and/or mom went off to work. 

In GITMO the family routines were the same, except we had no visitors in nearly 4 years. We did take vacations. I know Myra and her family did also from her blog entries.

Those secret cities blossomed to over 50,000 residents each. They did their job and contrary to some did a great thing. With my brothers, uncles and cousins in that war I was one happy kid when I heard, after the Bombs were dropped, Japan surrendered.

Men and women gave up much of their lives, as did the soldiers and sailors on the Line, to find an end to the WORLD war, BEFORE our countries enemies did.

There was little public praise for those people, but they completed an assignment ON TIME. Their work shortened the war by years and 1000’s of US lives.

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Did I read that headline correctly?
Kids Make Nutritious Snacks
Do they taste like chicken?