Sunday, January 19, 2020

A poem for my birthday,

A nice automobile
The 1939 Studebaker,Born the same year

For today:
I don’t dwell on poetry, I probably wouldn't even read it, if not for Mrs Mellissa Grill in A little mountain school who taught me there was a lot to poetry. I even started to read some.

Some of you know I have written one children’s book called “Toby’s Tales”.  You that know the Cowgirl Paula from Texas know she is a poet. At times she enjoys  writing silly poems and graciously allowed me to use some of them in my book. Toby was a real turtle; a friend of Paula’s and lived in her back yard. Now I know another poetic person.

Sherry and I have met a fascinating couple from Upstate New York, Harry (Tom) and Evelyn. They are snow birds and down for a few months. Naturally I love Evelyn, she likes my books. LOL  My dad was a peanut farmer in N. Georgia  long before I was born, farms have always interested me. I have learned so much from farmers, these two and their farm lives  are no exception.

For my birthday they came to the motorhome and brought me a card and a BIG Hershey Bar. We visited and I learned even more of silos and drying grain, even a wild story about Evelyn helping him get a Raccoon out of the silo. I  was so engrossed I didn’t open the card, until they were gone.

I was so pleased, I learned Evelyn knew music, but I didn’t know she was a poet also. This is what she wrote:

“Happy Birthday” wishes sent to you,
Today and through all that you do.
From early morning to late at night,
May your special day be joyful and bright.

What an amazing 81 years,
Lived with gusto and eliminating fears.
Adventures you’ve had, on this earth,
Probably started at your birth.

You shared it with a loving wife,
Who would admit it’s been an interesting life.
As an Author you‘ve gained many fans,
And satisfaction worth any man’s.

So a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from your New York/Florida friends,
Tom & Evelyn

Now ain’t that nice? I have never had a poem written to me before.
Yeah folks, believe it or not,  there really is another sweet Evelyn!
Nite Shipslog

Saturday, January 18, 2020

My Birthday

Autos of beauty
 This 1939 Chevrolet was new when I was born...
I feel like the the has-been celebrity, Yesterday I was somebody, today?  Just an old man. LOL

For today:
I am now over 81 years old. I am still smiling at what friend Rick over at Life 101 said.  Life is quick.  Funny we really do not know that until we are old.  LOL

I had a great day. Sherry took me to a local mom and pop restaurant called ‘Good Eats’. We both had a good breakfast, I had a Western Omelet. Very good.  She later took me to The Texas Road house for a med rare Filet.  Delicious. 

I always tell her I do not need anything for a present. BUT, BUT this year she gave me a choice:

I was getting excited. Hey I ain’t dead yet. I started having precious memories.  And then I opened the card. OUCH!

We both had a good laugh,  She smiled sorta coy like and said, “You must Catch me first!”…………   My weight loss program starts in the morning!  .......

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes. Life is great for me just now. Both our sons are doing well. WE have a marvelous varied family. Some have had SERIOUS person problems, but are ALL recovering and doing great.

We now have 7 grands and 10 great grands at least one more GGrand on the way.  Everyone healthy and doing very well.
Nite Shipslog
Note: Please don’t worry about Sherry, if I catch her she is on the pill! ;-)

Friday, January 17, 2020

I am dead, Now what?

Autos of beauty
  1955 Dodge, Yep I would like to drive around on a Sunday afternoon in that.

For today:
I saw that title of a book going around on the internet publishing sites. At first I thought it was a weird novel, and then I thought it is probably a self-help ‘planner’, where you can centralize all your planning for the ultimate move. 

I did finally search for the book and found it is just that.  You do not necessarily need a book, but you do need to centralize your desires and information. A few years ago my sister Shirley was involved in handling matters after several deaths
I received letters and later e-mails. JACKIE, WRITE YOUR OBITUARY!  I actually did. Her reasoning was at the funeral home there is a lot of required information needed to form a simple obit. I have learned since, that MUCH more planning is needed. The coffin itself should be picked or at least a $ amount you would prefer spent left as a guide line.  At the time of death of a MOTHER, families want the BEST for mama. Unless some restraints are used some folk spend more than they can actually afford. In our neck of the woods a simple funeral will be near $10,000.
I heard a man say at the death of his dad, “Daddy thought he was going to live forever, he should have done something about his death plans.” (I really wanted to ask him, when do you plan to die?)  The father had planned, it was just that his wife was so distraught; she could not remember where the info was at that moment.

I was shocked at my sister Shirley’s last request when I opened it. After all her getting in my case, she had torn up her obit. She did not want one. However I wasn’t left in the dark she had everything in writing, and ORDERED me to do certain things. She had planned.
Due to cost and space, many people opt for cremation. My wife will not hear of that.  I want to be buried at sea, she won’t hear of that either. So Imma feed the worms. I would rather feed fish. LOL
In our family files we have a ‘DEATH FILE’. I do need to check and see if it needs an update and remind the boys where the information is. This is a serious subject, and should be addressed to assist those who are hurting.  You can be sure, they will appreciate it.
Nite Shipslog
PS: NO! I am not concerned that it is imminent! ;-)

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Stuff about Me, We. Ours

Autos of beauty
   One of 'Woody's cars, up in NY  when he was a kid! Or week before last!

For today:
I do honestly appreciate everyone who reads this drivel, especially those who comment. I don’t know if I have a little dementia or not. My girl, the one who is the most beautiful thing in the world and has owned me over 63 years, thinks I am smart. She says I am NOT demented ……. But you see …… I would say the same to a dear friend, methinks.
In another life, I was a builder. I loved building houses. I MUCH preferred speculative building, I was my own boss. I never built a home to sell that we would not live in, for one reason; I knew we just might have to.  LOL
I have a brilliant grandson who reads here. If I could start over I would love to start with his brain. LOL Our youngest son, MD, is a good builder and very good in his own right with a hammer and design. He has built bigger and better homes than I. BUT he appears to think macho and muscle answers all questions. Apologize is one word that is hard for him to wrap his mind around.
The oldest son JJ …. As I see him…. Is more open, giving, and possibly even gullible at times, but he is ALWAYS a ‘thinking of the other guy’ type person. He is brilliant and very attentive to his health. At 10 years old his vocabulary and mathematical abilities out stretched mine. In administration he has opened several new offices for the company he works for, but like me, he prefers to just work, being responsible for himself rather than admin work. He is now a ‘sub-contractor’ to his company and his own boss.
 Like his mama he is a gamer, but unlike her, he is much deeper into the intricacies of the game. They are BOTH competitive. My extent of games is Card games on this computer. The word apologize?  He learned the meaning of the word early. 
I read an article the other day concerning shopping carts. Some are returned to assigned spots while others aren’t. I think JJ returns carts 93%+ of the time, about the same as I. MD might not return a cart because it is someone else’s  job, he is in a hurry, the return station is too far, or the guy beside him did not return his.  
Apologize? for me? A word the Lord is trying to teach me to appreciate. ;-)..........HONEST honey!  :-O 

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PS: The front of my BD card from my son JJ says"

      Then on the inside it says:
 Son's note:
God is Always Good!

My version of the inside would have been:

Thanks son!