Thursday, April 27, 2017

Recycling words

It is hard for me to throw anything away that I MIGHT use. The same with paragraphs and sentences.  Tonite's entry is the sentences and paragraphs I have culled from my last few entries because the entry was too long. So, yep, I saved them. Here goes:

I think one reason, my brain says daylight is for work and evenings or nights for hobbies is that Sherry and I both learned to bowl while at GITMO. We loved it. But the sport was an evening thing. Once on a non-competition night I bowled a 295, the perfect game is 300!  WOW I was fired up when league night came. Ouch, then reality set in, I was back to my 150 average.  The guys/gals who are REALLY good are consistent.

Just today I was trying to figure what to do with 6 bowling balls we still have. Would they make good yard decorations? (ideas?) I wonder if the bowling alley will take them.

Real talent shines. Ever shoot pool, play golf or bowl? Ever have a lucky game and think, 'hey that was pretty good.' I remember a couple shots I made on the pool table that were VERY GOOD…… THEN after a while you realize two good shots are not good enough on the pool table, and you realize you really aren’t that good.

 Friend Jimmy ( ) down in the Miami area says Johnny W will make you think you can dance, sing or shoot pool. ;-)  I do faintly remember that in some ports.

I am fortunate to know two good ball players, professionals. Both realized Baseball took more of their time than they were willing to sacrifice. (Have you ever thought of all the road games a player has?) They realized it was not a life for a real family, and quit. Sometimes Life is more important.

I mentioned ‘getting caught’ doing my favorite coin trick with kids. I will display my fading talent of ‘storytelling in chalk’ for a seniors group soon.  Send some prayers and positive thoughts my way, Imma need it. ;-O

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 Remember Johnny CAsh's car, 'One piece at at Time'

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Such a waste

All my life I have heard of ‘wasted genius’. Men and women who had the ‘brains and ability’ to succeed in many walks of life. One I had heard of early in life under Mrs. Grill in the 7th Grade. She was very taken by the story of Stephen Foster.

Early in our traveling we visited Bardstown, KY. A very pretty town and the place where Stephen Foster wrote “My Old Kentucky Home”.  We toured the home where he was visiting when he wrote the famous song.
There is a nice open air theater where his life in song is portrayed. Songs like  "Oh! Susanna", "Hard Times Come Again No More", "Camptown Races", "Old Folks at Home" ("Swanee River"), "My Old Kentucky Home", "Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair", "Old Black Joe", and "Beautiful Dreamer".
We visited twice and enjoyed it immensely.

Later we camped at Stephen Foster State Park in Northern Florida on the banks of the Suwannee River. With all his talent and success, he died in Bellvue Hospital after falling in his hotel in the Bowery. His leather wallet contained a scrap of paper which read, "Dear friends and gentle hearts",  along with 38 cents in Confederate script and 3 US pennies in his pocket. He was only 37 years of age. Bardstown, KY is big on Bourbon. I read that drinking was one of Stephen’s problems.

Here in NC, we were just visited by a man who is an expert in wood. He can talk intellectually on most levels. He knows most blue collar trades on a top notch level. Yet, he has never had a SS #, never paid income tax, nor had a checking account or credit card. He has the voice of a radio announcer and is in demand by several builders. He only works for cash and it is gone within a couple days for drugs and booze. He seems happy, but there are some hints in conversations.
 He knows he has wasted his genius.

In life there are many folk who have not and will not reach their potential. Many because of fear, some who are lazy and some who are carefree, happy and enjoy going with the flow. Then the few who get side tracked with booze and drugs.

Genius is wonderful but does not spell success.  If one’s genius keeps them stressed, or if their pursuit of fame and fortune does not bring happiness they have wasted their pursuit for success.

Health nor happiness cannot be bought. You can abuse your body in a pursuit for happiness and lose it all.

Sorry to wander, but seeing my friend Henry again, brought it all back.

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The Crosley, a forgotten car,  I did not realize they made a pickup. The small car, much before it's time.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

In a car, with the windows closed tight, Singing to millions!

I get a kick out of Lisa, the witty one, that is her creations and comments. She said yesterday her hidden talent was how well she could sing (in the car).

How many of you sing in the car? Fess up? I do, especially now since I cannot tell what key I am in, I imagine the definition of my condition is ‘Tone Deaf’. Heck, and I WAS so danged  good. I should have went on stage back when I was GREAT! LOL

I really cannot carry a tune now. BUT from my youth I have loved to whistle. As my hearing diminished I quit whistling.  Now with the cochlear implants I have found that whistling sounds good to me. My Sherry says that my whistling is good. I assume that it is because of the frequencies of whistling vs words and musical instruments. So now my ‘not so hidden talent’ is whistling. 

HOWEVER (in the car) I am still great when I sing, ‘MEMORIES ARE MAKE OF THIS’ probably as good as old Dean himself! (Of course, with the windows rolled up TIGHT).

Thanks for the memory kick, Lisa!

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Bobby Darin's "Dream 2"