Friday, November 16, 2018

We will adjust at lease for a few days!

Cars of beauty and art:
 1928 Mercury Sedan   
They called those back doors, 'Suicide Doors' because they opened into the wind.

For tonight:
Okay about the comments, thanks for the advice I will try the Rump roast next. But I did smile at Tarryt’s comment, ‘Empty the refrigerator’ for this move. That was the first thing Sherry did. LOL
Here we have HULU?, Netflix, and  normal ‘air’ channels but we sit at the computers for entertainment. Sherry has started turning on the TV for the weather and local news.  Maybe we will ease back into TV.  We really do not know how to use the HULU and Netflix things.
I guess we should join the rest of society and use the smart phones. Sherry does have two of those, she actually does use one for FB sometimes.. There are times folks look at us funny with Sherry carrying 2 phones. The story behind that is, at one time I could talk on the phone so I had one. Once I went deaf and now have the implants, I cannot converse ‘well’ on the phones even using the speaker option. We went to the phone company to drop one phone and they declared it would not lower our costs, so we kept them.
I text to keep in contact at times, but mostly using the voice to text option. I don’t thumb type too well. We spent the night here last night, I smile to myself at how much I miss our ‘little’ home. Everything has its place (even though it may not be in it! ;-). )
Also, I thought it would be cute to cover the rough wood used for this table, with scrap carpet, forgetting about the ‘mouse pad’, but surprising it works ok as a mouse pad'.

I just thought, I must go out to the motor home and get my ‘water pick’.

We moved out early just for that reason, we should be adjusted and not have to drive 8 miles to pick something up we forgot with three or four days to adjust. 

Sherry got a call today, they want the motor home on Wednesday. they will not work Thanksgiving and start on Friday!
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Thursday, November 15, 2018

We have moved! HA!

 Cars of beauty and art:
              1938 Jaguar, this would suit me to tool around in, IN FLORIDA!

For tonight: 
Yep we have moved. We moved out of the motor home into the guest house in anticipation of the motor home going to the MH Hospital, aka KARV RV repair in Debary. That is only about 8 miles away.

We have done this now two or three times in the last couple months. We are still not good at it. I built us a temp computer desk.  It puts me closer to my Sweetheart. I can kiss her a lot now. TRUE!
           (My girl doesn't like to be photographed)
I do have a question about cooking. Yesterday was my time to cook. I had decided to do a ‘beef roast’. I have never fixed a roast (that I remember).  At the neighborhood mkt I picked a nice piece of beef, fairly cheap, Chuck Roast. I figured even if it was tough, the pressure cooker would take care of that. I browned it, added some beef broth, then an extra tsp of Beef powder. I have no idea about herbs and spices so I always use Mrs. Dash. Since Garlic is supposed to help you live forever I use a tbsp of minced. I chopped a half onion and pressured it all for 14 minutes. Dropped the pressure and added 5 potatoes quartered, 4 carrots and the rest of the onion. Threw in some salt and pepper. Then pressured it all for another 12-13 minutes.
I thickened the juice and served my pretty wife. She said it was wonderful. BUT it was a little tough to me. The flavors were great together. We have had it two days now and still have beef leftover.
NOW, what cut of meat would have been better? I mean actually tenderer?  I don’t expect it to melt in my mouth but I want it tender

I got sidetracked on the cooking. 

About our short move. I have made at least 8 trips back out to the Coach to get something we forgot. We like the little house but actually I think the motor home has a bigger kitchen and more storage.  I haven’t cooked here yet.  I am guessing we will be here for at least 7 days before the coach actually leaves here, then 4-6 days for the work. So I will get a chance to try the kitchen out. I have an electric pressure cooker here that has never been tried. Friend Evelyn has one and says I will really like it.
Do you use a pressure cooker?
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PS: Would adding wine to the broth before pressure tenderize the meat?

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Weather North and South, and good news for us Gypsies

Cars of beauty and art:
 Ah, the Edsel!

 WOW! Darla up in the North woods of Wisconsin said it was 14 degrees yesterday! Okay I shivered a little then remembered we had the A/C on.(UPDATE SHE SAYS ZERO TONIGHT!)  ouch!
It is amazing what the curvature of the earth does to the weather. The fat part at the equator is closer to the sun and stays balmy all year round. But then as the earth curves away from the Sun it gets COLD
(Da Yoopers Tourist Trap, Upper Michigan, Cheryl, Dar & Mel's sister lives in this area We didn't know that when we drove thru. That is a 1955 Buick Snow Plow!)

Now down South we do have some freezing weather, in NC is has been known to go below zero, BUT VERY SELDOM. And even when it does it doesn’t last long.
Our first introduction to real cold was when I was transferred from Biloxi Mississippi, 80 degrees to Kirksville, Missouri -13 degrees. So icy slick we had to have a wrecker come and pull the trailer into a parking spot.
Old Woody over in NY says it will snow there and most likely it will stay on the ground until spring. It was the same in Kirksville. Darla and her sisters will see snow most of the winter.
My neighbor, Mr. Walker, noticed I was doing what we did in North Carolina, I was wrapping our water pipes in newspaper to keep them from freezing. Mr. Walker was a nice guy he didn’t laugh, but introduced me to ‘heat tape’ to keep the lines from freezing.
Cold? I can handle it. I have sided houses in the sleet. But my girl is COLD NATURED. She is very happy to have a home on wheels IN WHICH we can follow FALL SOUTH and SPRING, NORTH.
The RV update, Insurance has approved the windshield replacement, so maybe later next week we will see some movement. Our new refrigerator is at the RV repair shop awaiting the windshield removal so it can come in and old go out. Tomorrow we start moving stuff out of the motor home to make room workers to remove the carpet. Then we might can drive off soon. ;-)….
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