Sunday, January 20, 2019

Just Imagine

Automobile’s of Imagination

 Today's cars are someone's imagination

The here and now:
We can Imagine, but we cannot prove a negative… Like all GRAND PARENTs, we have BRILLIANT GRAND KIDS! Our granddaughter is the prettiest granddaughter in the world. The grand-loves (Darla’s term) have given us pleasure beyond measure.
But right now I am thinking of one statement by Stephen (one of the twins). He said once in High School he was asked, “What is it like to be a Twin?”  His retort was, “What’s it like to ‘NOT’ be a twin?”
Think of that……………… both questions are filled with logic and more questions.
What is it like to be an only child?
What is it like to be raised in a Large family?
What is it like to be raised on a farm?
What is it like to live in the ‘hood?’
I can tell someone what it is like to be a preacher’s son, but I cannot tell you what it is like not having a daddy at home.
I can tell you what it is like raising a family with a loving wife, but I cannot tell you what it is like being a single parent.

The things in this life that you do not know from experience, you can only imagine.
Imagination is wonderful, but your imagination may be far from reality. Odd the things I hear from folks who grew up dirt poor, and never knew they were poor.
I imagined they were miserable, most never knew their family was poor.

As a kid, I imagined an old 80 year old man must be just waiting to die. Now I know that is not true. In my head, I am still a young man, with a beautiful wife!!!!.

I imagine I am the happiest 80 year old man in the world. (and the luckiest!)

Nite Shipslog

PS: My chain saw carving: I think Betty got it. It does look like Alf.  I could not place it, but I think that is close.  LOL Thanks...

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Guess what I carved? Because I do not know!

******** Automobile’s of Art:
                 Moving in the mud. The now:
When you have no idea what you are doing at times it is sort of fun. I started this ‘THING’ to see how my new electric chain saw works.  I do like it, it is less noisy than any chain saw I have. So here is the beginning:

Then I played with it a little more:

 The final project left a lot to be desired.  Is it a dog, a bear or a cow? I kept touching it a little more and a little more.

 Then I thought, maybe, no matter what it is, it would look better in a bow tie and tux. So I tried that.

At least I got a good laugh out of it.  Remember this it the first time I have tried to sculpt anything. It is different than a painting where you do not have to worry about the back side of the subject.  LOL

So, the game is guess what it is?
It has dog ears, methinks. Sort of a cow nose.  It could be a bear if I sharpened up the nose.  Anyway it is sort of fun. I do not see it as a real hobby.
Nite Shipslog
PS:  Great comments on the collectables. You guys reminded me of things I had forgotten.  Some were Hummel's, the Teddies, and especially the News paper Front pages of great events. I once tore down a house and in one of the walls was three Well preserved news papers of the beginning and end of WWII.  I have learned you can buy about any headlined paper concerning WWII cheap.  I still treasure them, but they too have past most interest. Show me the old bottle or toy worth $10,000 and I will say let me know when you find a buyer! YEP, times sure change.  THANKS, I like this blogger world. I didn't know Roy & Dale were that outdated! :-(

Friday, January 18, 2019

Those collectables and such

******** Automobile’s of Art:
1979-1982 Chrysler Cordoba . I loved Ricardo Montelban (?) advertising this one. Loved the accent.

The now:
First, let me thank you all for the ‘out pouring’ of Birthday wishes. Maybe I advertised it too much. I could never answer each ‘wish’ individually. People from my military days and business. Even a few from childhood still living joined in, WOW! THANKS!!

This week I have thought of things folks thought would always be valuable, even collectors dreams. I have a few old tools, the ‘monkey wrench’, blacksmith tongs, weaver’s shuttle and some old coins. The demand for those have dropped as generation’s interest changed.

This is a monkey wrench. The forerunner of the adjustable wrench of today,

There are still many coin collectors, but mostly they seem to buy for value, not rarity. I was telling son Jack today, as I was showing him the few silver dollars I have, “Our first time thru Vegas the slot machines paid off in silver dollars. I could have invested a few hundred silvers and had a ‘young fortune’ now.
     The above is called the Morgan Silver Dollar. I have a few of these.

My first trip to England they still had the copper penny that is the size of our ½ dollar. I remember looking at the dates on them they were many back to the mid 1800s., They were worth a penny, I shoulda got a dollars’ worth of them. LOL

This is the George 5th Penny, almost as big as the USA silver dollar.

I once had a box of Avon Bottles Shirley had given me. I gave them away for someone to sell, but even on e-bay there was not a demand.

Are Beany Babies worth anything now as collector’s items?

I give gold dollars to kids. Usually about 20-25 each week. Son Jack mentioned cleaning coins. He was showing me how to use Texas Pete &/or vinegar. Not to be out done, I added lemon juice, Ha! So I started cleaning the dirtier $1 pieces. They all look better now. The kids will enjoy them.

I wish they were the large silver dollars, but alas, that will never be again.
Nite Shipslog
Do you know of a ‘collector’s item’ gone by the wayside?