Sunday, November 19, 2017

My Wonderfully made body has CRASHED

The Historical picture of the day:
 If I have posted this before forgive me. But this is the first day in Sweden that they started driving on the right side of the road. Can you imagine here in the USA if we had to switch to driving on the left side?
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Now about my body CRASH!
I have visited many old folk’s homes. We have entertained at times and been a part of a group to minister to the old folk. I never pictured myself in such a facility or even being OLD. 

Earlier I remember the smell of urine very strong. I remember men with skin hanging on bones, very wrinkled. I remember thinking, the muscles are gone. I felt sorry for these OLD people. How sad for their bodies to come to this.

Hold that picture.
Many years ago my girl attended Yoga classes. I joined her at home going thru some of the exercises. I remember only a few names and positions. Yoga is one of the best exercise routines. 

Back to me. My girl probably doesn’t know it but she brought my attention to something I have missed. One day she said to me, “I never thought I would see you with love handles.” We both laughed, I thought she was kidding. Then one night after she had drifted off to sleep, I got up and checked out the mirrors she uses to do her hair, you know, in front and behind.

So nude I stood at those mirrors and looked at my back. OUCH, sure enough I had two hunks of fat the size of 5 lb bags of sugar on the back side of my Waist at my hips. CRAP! I had not seen this from the front.

Since that time I have tried to exercise those ‘love handles’ off to no avail. Besides walking from 2-4 miles a day at a pretty good clip, lately after my writing here, I take 15-20 minutes to go thru some Yoga and exercise routines. I do not remember the names of the Yoga positions, but one I remember is ‘the plow.’ 

Lying on my back I lift my legs and roll them back over my head and ‘try’ to touch my toes to the floor. (OF course at this time I still do not touch the floor.) I do this with my eyes closed for some reason.

Of course I THINK I look this pretty, but I can get about this far on the Plow position. (40 yrs ago I could actually touch my toes to the floor!)

Now to the point of this entry. Last night for the first time I can remember I opened my eyes in the Plow position. Of course I am looking up at my legs. I about passed out in surprise. I AM ONE OF THOSE OLD MEN IN THE NURSING HOME! My skin is hanging down, the wrinkles are round at my knees, and the skin is crepe. I could not see one muscle, just hanging skin. CRAP! I am old. Maybe I won’t open my eyes again and try to forget the sloppy looking skin……………. Nope I won’t soon forget that. But I will work to correct it. (can it be done?)

Imma blame Rick’s Jilda for reminding me of Yoga. Or maybe just Rick.
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About that wonderfully made body of YOURS:

Human lips have a reddish color because of the great concentration of tiny capillaries just below the skin.
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 I never owned a '50 ford, They were considered fast by my generation. I know the ford could 'burn rubber' in two gears. Anyway I saw one today that looked like new.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Kat's LAST day

Today’s family Historical Photo:


                  Dick and Kat with us, boon docking in Alaska


My oldest sister was Kat. I was honestly older before I knew my siblings real names. I thought my older brother’s first name was Junior. Kat was in her 40’s when I learned (from Sherry) her name was Mary Katherine. She married Dick at 15. 

They moved to Norwood NC and had their first phone installed. After installation a friend called and identified himself  as a Phone repair man. He asked if she could put the phone in a paper bag, they needed to blow the dust out of new lines and didn't want it to get in her house. My sister did it. This girl was able to laugh at herself. She was the most frank, honest person I have ever known. She and her husband raised two fine boys. Woody the youngest died too young. 

She gave birth to one child that died in infancy and needed rest. The Doctor told her under no circumstances was she to vacuum. She never vacuumed again. Hubby did it. (True)

Once at the Dallas, TX Zoo we were walking thru as the male gorilla was feeling frisky toying with his mate. Dick said, “Ok honey, let’s go.”

“Huh uh, I have never seen anyone but us have sex, I’m gonna watch!” That was our Kat.

She and Dick RV’d with us for a few years. Once she was feeling badly in the Dakotas and we all accompanied her to see a Doctor. He asked about her medications. She told him.

“Are you taking them as prescribed?”

“Yes, except the yellow one. I cut it open and throw that little black part away.” (Well He did ask didn't he!)….

“You cannot do that,” he said, looking shocked.

 Just as simply as saying ‘hello’ she said, “It’s my medicine, I will if I want to!”

(That is dick and Kat's motor home in the Yukon, crossing the mighty Yukon River. We are waiting our turn on the ferry, we two couples had a ball together.)

Hubby Dick died while camping on the Blueridge Parkway. After a short break Sherry drove KAT'S RV and  followed me. Kat was a breath of fresh air to have around. Always positive. I have a thousand tales. I will skip her ‘sweet’ second marriage and go to the last night of her life.

Her only son lived miles away. It was a tough family time. Shirl was dealing with her hubby Jim, dying of ‘Esophageal Cancer’ requiring 24/7 attention. I was free to stay with her much of the last couple weeks.

She could not speak, but after days and hours of personal contact I learned she could hear and we communicated with her eyes and hand squeezing. She was getting low and I sat and sang to her. Holding her hand I said, ”Sweetie we want to get you home.” She smiled and feebly made a motion with her finger. I sang a little more then walked over and sat down. Sitting there I remembered Dick telling of his last communications with our dad. He said to dad, “Doc, we need to get you well and get you home.”

Dick recalled dad saying, “No Dick, Home!” and pointed toward heaven. Dick told that story a thousand times. I immediately walked over to Kat’s bed, took her hand, her eyes were open. I said, “Kat, I’m sorry, I should have known, forgive me. I know exactly what you said with that finger. 'GOING HOME'. I love you so much sister, you are the best. You will soon see Dick, mom, dad, Woody, Junior, Odis and the rest.” She gave a weak smile and squeezed my hand. I continued to sing quietly all night.

Daybreak, Sherry, Elmer (her 2nd husband) arrived and we were standing beside her at the head of the bed. Breathing was labored, eyes closed. Then for just a moment, her eyes opened, bright and alive for the first time in weeks, she smiled (not to us). Closed her eyes and passed on to her reward.

That was Mary Katherine’s last night.

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PS: Now about this wonderfully created body:

The colder the room you sleep in, the higher the chances are that you'll have a bad dream.

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1927 Erskine Touring car was new when Kat was born

Friday, November 17, 2017

Whats the STORY?

Historical picture:
Remember the Berlin Wall?
East Berliners showing the grandparents in West Berlin their grand children.

Now about Story

 My mind wanders as I drive. We drove to Valdosta, GA today to pick up 91 lbs of Pecans. Sherry paid $150, already cracked. It was 91 pounds before the cracking. I love to watch this cracker. There is a fan blowing on the nut as it is cracked and most of the shells are blown away, so the weight is much less after cracking (And MUCH less work).

This is one of the 5 paper bags.

There were 5 bags total. Tonight we did one bag. Separating the remaining shells and nuts. Sherry bagged the ‘goodies’ (nuts). We got 13 pounds (mostly halves) out of the first bag, 90% are solid halves. At the store that is approx. $130 retail.

Anyway on the trip I thought of the word ‘story’. I am told in most languages a word means one thing. But we English speakers know that is not so on our language.

I know what a story is. It can be a little white lie, an interesting tale, or my puzzler, a level of a house. The one ‘story’ or two ‘story’ house. The 50 story sky scraper also fits in.  I asked Sherry to write it down I wanted to remember to look it up.

Was it taken from a two level house that had two wild stories about it? Hey baby, there are two stories in that house over there!  Lemme tell you.. yada da da da dada da.

The history of the building level. I never did get a clear reason that ‘storey or story,’ was used to describe a building level. I did learn that it was between the years 1400 & 1500 it began being used. The origin was in France. It just occurred to me that using one level and two level would have served the purpose. Anyway we live in a one story motor home. (but there are a lot of stories contained in here.) LOL

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That fact about this wonderful body!

By the age of 60, most people will have lost about half their taste buds.

(Mine ain't all gone, Sherry still tastes good to me!)


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I saw several cars on the interstate but could not get a good picture of the classics, but one looked like this:
That '55 T bird

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Our cost of RV'ing

Today’s Historical Photo:

 The one man not giving the Nazi Salute!

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           An old story, we moved again.
Yep, after living two months in our own back yard, we are taking a vacation. We love to travel but don’t know how to pack a suitcase, so we just take it all with us. As MA said in a comment: Our home, table and bed remains the same. She used to live in an RV every summer. 

We have a new front yard and view from our picture window. With our program for RV’ing we can live well, cheap.

(I love the River Walk in San Antonio, we were laughing because our sons were embarrassed at their mama!)

Our yearly dues are around $500. If we want to, we can live all year for that, plus the diesel to get there and NEVER pay a utility bill as the utilities come with the RV site. We have 80 sites around the USA to choose from. Unfortunately most of them are on the West Coast. On the East coast we still have some great sites. We love the Lancaster county area of PA, and have 3 sites there.  We cannot move into a park and stay there, we are limited to 2 or 3 weeks according to the time of the year. WE do not mind moving every few weeks, as a matter of fact I got real itchy sitting for 2 months. LOL       
   (picures from the Lake Medina/Sanantonio area)

I was always leery of time-share and RV clubs. I never tried to learn, just heard the ‘horror stories’. Friends Don & Evelyn were members of a club and explained the good and bad points, so we decided to try it. It works for us.

           (Picture taken just outside our coach)
Of course the club loses money on us and all full timers, but I explained that to the salesman, WE ARE FULL TIME (at the time). He said no problem thousands buy in and use the program 1-2 weeks a year to make up for your way of living. I told him we appreciated that. LOL
(This  was possible because of our (FREE)park at Lake Medina near San Antonio. That is mine and your friends Paula and John with us. As you know Paula and I co-authored a book 'Toby's Tales', named after her friend Toby who lived in her back yard)

So we are going to stay here for 3 weeks, go to Orlando for 2 weeks.  Return to our back yard for a week over Christmas and New Year’s, then back to another park in Orlando. We had the chance to visit Dallas and Marion up in Chincoteage a few months ago. We are again fortunate to see them again in Orlando after the first of the year. 

Life on the road is good for us. Sister Shirl keeps asking when are you coming home to live? Our Answer is, “We do not know.”

We took a day trip to Georgia to pick up the Georgia Pe-cans I talked about lately.  Delicious!

A fact about the human body:

A human fetus acquires fingerprints at the age of three months.

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                  1951 Studebaker (bullet nose)