Saturday, September 19, 2020

Moving right along

 Early interesting Cars:

The Nash Healey, a 50's car.

For today:

We now have a computer alcove in the small bedroom. Still room enough for a bunk or half bed if we run into one.  The multipurpose card table looks alone in our living room.


We have always seemed to have so many wires with the PCs. I determined to SEE as few wires as possible. Most PCs  and laptops have  transformer when using 120v. I added a shelf for those transformers and excess wire just under the tabletop at the back. By drilling holes in the ‘printer shelf’ and desk tops at the rear I could feed the wires toward the outlets and leave the excess on the shelves. It is much neater and cleaner looking.

   (The multipurpose card table looks lonely in our living room!)

As we have said many times we seldom watch TV. WE have 2 TVs in the motor home and 2 back at the NC home.  I guess we will eventually get one here in case we have company.

But for now I have my girl beside me and if we want to show the other something on our monitors it is easy.  My girl does some of reading on FB but seldom comments. She keeps me up to date on family pictures posted by sons and grands.


Since learning of banking online, she checks our bank statement daily, at times twice daily.  Over the years she has found one ‘misuse’ where someone spent $29 using my CC#.  It was used overseas. It could be traced but I assume the bank took the loss, not us.


I am more interested in blogging and bloggers. I do go to FB to wish ‘friends’ a happy birthday. Then while there I usually look around.


We play dominoes most evenings before coming to the computers. While here we are in our own world’s most of the time. I still play with her leg a little and always get a kiss or two, before one of us heads for bed.


We are still looking for a living room suit, ½ bed, or trundle and a dressing table for my girl, to finish out the inside of our new winter home.


 (My play house is coming along)

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Friday, September 18, 2020

My Girl

 Early interesting Cars:

 The car we dated and smooched in, 1948 Chevy Convertible. (Years 1955-1956)

For today:

I know our daily lives are of little interest to the world at large, but folks I remember a girl who took my heart. She was a cute, crinoline slip wearing girl usually with a pony tail.


She attended the last church my dad pastored. She was ‘older’ so I was not in my class. I was trying to date and finally did one of the younger girls in the church. A very sweet girl, and also very pretty (of course) LOL.


We broke up and she and Buddy became a ‘thing.’ I was sorta lost and a friend suggested I ask Sherry out.(Long story here) but I finally did. I always remembered seeing her entering the church and saw about 3-4 inches above her ankles in those long skirts and crinolines.  I just knew this girl would have beautiful legs.


Yep, in 1955 she was a cutie. A bubble blowing sweet heart. We were married in 1956. She has been my dream come true. And YES, she had and still does have BEAUTIFUL legs. This girl has ‘put-up’, and endured   a lot, and the Lord knows I appreciate it.


Now in our 80s she is still the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I am still trying to make up for the ‘Stupid’ things I have done. It can never be done, but I do want to try.


Sherry just asked me what I was doing. “I’m counting with my fingers!”

“I knew you were counting, I just did not know what?”


She went back to her computer, I did not tell her I was counting the years to make sure it had been 64. Well, in 4 days, it has been, but it doesn’t seem that long.


She looked so stinking good yesterday at the DMV I coulda eat her up.


I did get a kiss in the car when we left to go check our mail.


That reminds me I have to notify the USPS to forward our mail to Florida.


(At times I forget where we are. LOL (true))

  To clarify our status. WE have been Floridians for over 20 yrs methinks, just moved around a lot and each time addresses/registrations must be changed. Every county wants to get their share of taxes. We still have a home in NC where the cats are, and we will probably go back to see them in a month or so; then back here for the rest of the winter. We will travel a little now, but this is 'supposed' to be our winter home.

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

We are officially moved back to Lake County

 Early interesting Cars:

 NYC, 5th AVE 1913

For today:

We had a productive day. We have lived permanently in 6 states requiring communicating with the DMV. I have said the Florida DMV is the best I have dealt with. Today was no exception.  Florida is a little different you deal with the Tax man a lot.  They handle cars, tags and most registrations.


I got a little stressed when they took my girl right away before I could say I want to go with her. Not to help her, but to have her near to interpret for me. The masks have made my hearing even worse because I still read lips a lot.


I was called while she was away and I tried to act confident, but I do need that girl. She finished before me and came to help me, what a relief. ‘Chrissy’, the rep I was talking with, was able to immediately talk to Sherry knowing I needed it. LOL


So today we have changed our address, Chrissy voluntarily said I will go ahead and change the car and motor home titles also.  Do you need to register to vote?


She took care of that for both of us.


Here at home I have the computer desk area pretty much on its way. We should be at it tomorrow night.


We have had storms most every day we have been here, as I said, I think we moved in the monsoon season.


Take care AND when you must be out, and wearing a mask, it is still important to compliment that clerk who is working with a mask on ALL DAY!

 I wanted to post some pictures from our last couple days in NC, but this one is all that came out good enough. Grandma Corrine giving the grands a ride at out last family get together. in back is Rosemary, Maverick and Stella. I got a little insulted when I relieved Corinne at the wheel, all the kids wanted out ans left me with an empty trailer. LOL

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PS:  WE haven’t heard back about Corey out in Portland, but I am sure some family there would let us know if something major has occurred.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Still here....


Blog  entry..  

Early interesting Cars:

 I believe Cpl. Fletcher (USMC) had one of these in 1956.

For today:

I am going to try one more here on the Dell. I did take the time to write down the problems to tell Mr. Geek when I do get it to the hospital.


Today we do get to the DMV and our appointments for driver’s license address change, voter registration and hopefully Home Stead exemption.


We are in the outskirts of Leesburg, FL at our recently purchased Mobile home (House trailer, but it ain’t mobile anymore.) LOL

Sherry has been cleaning the RV shelves moving stuff out to the ‘house’.  She has washed our ‘sleep sacks’ and bedspread, sheets etc.  Imma thing she is getting it ready to sell,reckon?


I put Two fluorescent tubes in my play house.  Rerouted the electric in the small BR. WE have decided that will be our Computer room.

The motor home will be the extra bedrooms should we ever have company.


If these post the lower one was our first dining room set. Above is the one Mark brought to us.

All in all, life is good, we are well and enjoying ‘playing house’. We gotta plan our anniversary party for ‘me ‘n her’. WE have #64 coming up soon.  I remember when I thought people were OLD at a 50th anniversary.  LOL


This is our present computer table. It is our first dining table 'repurposed' as I hear folks say today.

I am enjoying reading you bloggers stuff and trying to comment.  Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

                               Nite Shipslog

 Now lets see if it publishes.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Going to try the Old Dell

I had decided to put this Dell in the hopital. It rode in the car for two days & I forgot the symptoms other than slow, so I brought it inside to give it another try. When we left NC I packed some folding chairs and a card table. It was out dining table and utility table. Son
Mark brought our utility trailer up from New Port Richey loaded with a dining room table and chairs and a dresser and nite stand with a headboard and frame. We actually spent the night last nite here. I have been busy putting new tires on the trailer and fixing me a workbench in the side storage room. I have the lights ready to tie in in the morning. We finally muddled thru the requirements to get our address changed on our driver's license and get registered in Lake County to vote. We have been reading blogs and trying to Blog myself but after four tries I gave up posting. This is the first time Blogger has allowed me to type in the body of the Blog. So here is out computer desks in our new home. LOL: FRIEND (?) Evelyn said it has been long enough off line, GET WITH IT! LOL So this is the latest try.... Nite Shipslog. I tried to load 4 pitures. I went to preview and it only loaded our bedroom suite, I am hitting publish anyway.

Friday, September 11, 2020

It looks like a go....

If that pic shows it is Sherry & brother Johnny in 1987 Friday night: One more try on this antique. I haven’t had time to do much of anything. Sherry has moved a lot of stuff inside the trailer, I have been weed-eating, doing emergency repairs to a basement door and wiring a 50 Amp outlet for the coach. We will be living mostly in the coach and needed the A/C. So now that the outlet is wired we have enough power for A/C. Blinds are next. We had hoped to try some yard and estate sales but the rains have been horrendous. Besides son Mark has not been able to get out utility trailer up due to the rain. He is bringing a table and bedroom suit methinks. I have been reading as much as possible on blogs. We are still happy with our purchase here. That #2 BR is extremely small and will take a ½-3/4 bed methinks. As long as we have the coach we will have an extra bedroom for company should we have any. Thanks for your comments on the ‘nothing blogs’ I appreciate you taking the time. It has been so hot here I am soaking wet in sweat by 11 AM each morning. Then the HEAVY rain showers, I would have love them as a kid. One day we were headed shopping for electrical stuff and normal home needs like trash cans, micro wave, etc and the rain was so had very little visibility, we had to turn around and come home. We can relax more now that we have power, and I will take my old /DELL to the dr. and see if it is new enough to be worth saving. I will check if he had a good used Lap top it not. Take care, Nite Shipslog This has taken over two hours. LOL y'all stay safe....

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

I am trying Legacy blogger since this is an old compter

I will give this one more time. Not sure if this will fly, but I have tried to used my pass words and the source will not accept the fact I am on a different computer. I am asked to respond to texts to our phone, some I get some I don’t. Even when I get to enter the code sent, the time has expired, so they supposedly send another. But this computer (maybe the system is so slow) the seconds allotted are used up. OUCH. Grandson Josh has saved the stuff off my old hard drive. He also found a back ribbon cable in the computer. The roads in some areas were so bad it jarred the computer out of existence. LOL I am just talking. Not expecting this to be posted. ;-) If posted after 30 minutes of ‘please wait’ I will say we are in Florida now. Arrived in the rain. Did not get stuck as I did in the last place we bought. Three of the cats said good bye to us when we left. Nite Shipslog. Not sure when I will get a new laptop, that is the plan. we must wire/plumb for the Motorhome THEN furnish the trailer before dong the fun stuff. hahaha

Let's try this . Is this the title or the body? can't

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Stumbling and mumbling

 Early interesting Cars:


Mr, Tucker's 1948 car actually looked a lot like the Studebaker that year.  That center headlight turned with the front wheels Some people said you could see around a corner. LOL

For today:

I’m here between “not responding” and “Please wait”.  Now I remember why this is my OLD computer. LOL


We have spent a lot of time saying, “I gotta run down to the Motor home, I forgot to get   xxxxx.”


I did get the car and the motor home washed from the trip. We have decided to do a quick turn around and maybe leave Wednesday.  We have to wait for our mail to arrive from our mail service. And arrange for someone to cut the grass.


I have enjoyed these cats. Wondering how I can arrange to have them fed regularly. Both the feeder and the waterer worked well during the trip.


I will try to keep up, but it will be at least a week before I can get someone to retrieve the info from the hard drive and put it on a new computer.

Be safe.

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Friday, September 4, 2020

Computer troubles

 I know most of you have experienced this. This is my second time. I don't kow what all I have lost. or what I can read.

I hope to be online tomorrow with this old computer..  We are fine after the trip. I finished the grass today. Will wash the RV tomorrow and also try to reestablish everything I can here.  Thanks for your patience.

I am thinking of all the bloggers here.  Not as frustrated as I once would have been. We must take it one day at a time.

I have gotten back on good terms with Blackie and Tiger #1 &#@.  Tiger three is still the 'Skeerdy  cat' and remains distant.

Be safe

See yourtomorrow I hope.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Home after over 7000 miles

Service Stations of the past:


Tennessee to NC

Sherry & I are North Carolinians;  WE traveled extensively, but still returned. Her draw was stronger than mine, but still family is a draw. Her extended family is here except her remaining brother Johnny up in Yipsi, MI. My family is mostly NC, transplanted from Georgia.

WE are in our 80s, this trip covering 21-22 states and about 7000 miles, was our final shot at seeing distant grands, greatgrands and a cousin most likely the last time for some. 

We had more trouble than we expected, but not as much as could have happened. We are not na├»ve, we know many folk thought this was a dangerous trip, distance, age, pandemic and all involved, but the people who thought that are not us. WE thought it was worth the gamble; we wanted to see all the kin out there. Some we wanted to see just to let them know we CARE. At least we did see Ben, Corey, Elsie and Allura.  A Plus was Dewey, a first cousin I dearly love and appreciate. 

Just follow these pictures thru part of TN and ending in NC. Not a whole lot of difference in the landscape.


We do love these NC/TN mountains. They are not the impressive giants that are out west, but these are what we were raised with.
These are some taken in the pass/Valley that connects Asheville with the KNoxville area

WE completed one task today also.  Cousin Dewey sent some packages to his nephew here in the Mts of NC. We met him at a Walmart parking lot. He is a fine young man. We just got to know him in the last few years.

Now we have cut the grass and are sitting in our bedroom in Belmont.

OH YES, we still have 4 cats. They were all glad to see us, and after a couple hours enjoyed some petting.

Also my long range feeder worked, it was empty.


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