Thursday, May 28, 2020

We are sorta crazy, methinks

 That Car 
One car we dated in, but I rolled and wrecked it, my 1948 Chevy convertible.

Now for Thursday..
Sherry & I have a couple favorite silly songs. At many unannounced times one of us will start singing and the other will join in, such as:
Finishing a song across the table:
She..Where you go I’ll tag along
Me…Remember me I’m the one
US….Who loves you!

And then at another time Singing as we ‘wing our way down the road’ finishing one of our favorite duets here in the RV:
She continuing a song

She: Oh we don't know whats coming tomorrow,
ME: Maybe it's trouble and sorrow,
She: But we will travel along,

Me: Singing a song,
US: Side by side…..

 Then we smile and laugh and I say, “I’m the luckiest man in the world.” She will say “I’m the luckiest one!”
But you see, I know me, and I know; I AM the luckiest guy walking.

Some folk would never know we have had our troubles. Earlier in life, even some loud ones. (Never in front of the boys).  99,9 % of the times, all my fault; nothing drastic, just something stupid. BUT what counted was we were miserable not being close. She has appologized when it was not her fault. I have written, the one who loves most apologizes first.

She always has been, and always will be the BEST. The most beautiful lady in the world.(she says my eyes are bad, but they are not)

I know, that is sorta like having the best Mother in the world, Everyone’s mother should be the best in the world, shouldn’t they?

IMO, when a woman has dedicated her life to you and a family, who loves you unconditionally, SHE IS the most beautiful woman in the world.(AND SHE IS!)

We all live our lives the best we know how, and each life is different and not all require the same thing. Many people need room, space. Our lives require less space than most. We enjoy each other’s company and so any closeness required by this ‘new normal’ (I am tired of that term. LOL) has not been a problem.

Just married and still in our teens, we rented our first home, a little 26’ trailer. Funny thing about that trailer it had a bath tub. I had enjoyed a bathtub since I was 12. Sherry had never lived in a house with a bath tub. MANY families during our time took baths on in the kitchen area where the water was heated on the kitchen stove; usually Saturday, and in mama’s wash tubs. Most times using the same water, boys bathed LAST! LOL
Next entry…. That promise…..
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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Jean of Opp and Jeanne d’arc

Cars from back then:

This '34 Buick was new when Jean discovered America.
For Wednesday:

Joan of Arc is a well-known name. She did not live long but established her place in history. At 16 she attempted to join the army and was laughed out of the building. A short time later she tried again and won.

 (A sailor kissing his sweetheart in front of the statue of Joan of Arc in New Orleans)

After many weeks/months of meetings it was determined she was in contact with the Saints and led in the battle of Orleans. She had other victories, but was captured by the English and burned at the stake. She was 19. It never pays to kill a hero; her memory was the rallying point of the French in the 100 year war. Did you know her name was Jeanne d’arc?

WE here in Bloggersville have had a friend, Jean of OPP. Actually she was Sybil Jean Boyett. She is not famous worldwide like her namesake, but to her family and we here in Blogland, this lady was incredible. Jean’s blog was written exactly as she spoke, using terms I remember growing up.

In her 80s, this lady could do more than most seniors I have known. She could handle a pressure washer. She cut trees to get her cat down. She washed a truck and car at least every week. She cut the grass, chopped what ever had to be chopped, cooked and baked. She also took care of her lifelong love Grover, like a baby during his last years. NEVER did this lady complain.

Heck she was older than Sherry & I, and once she replaced the main memory in her computer. I wouldn’t attempt that. Her feats are enumerable. Once passing near Opp, Alabama I asked if we could take her and Grover to dinner. They agreed and we had a nice evening. Our one regret was learning later she had a cake at home for us had we accompanied them home, but we hated to impose.

I have related just a few of the things recorded by that lady. Life is a twisting tale, Jeanne d’arc or Joan of Arc was declared a Saint many years after her death. BUT the Jean of Opp (AKA Sybil Jean Boyett) was declared a Saint while she lived, because she was.

Rest in peace from your many labors, Sybil (Jean) Boyett, your works and creations WILL follow on.

Our prayers go up for the family and especially fellow blogger Sheila of ‘Southern Comfort’ and the family. 

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PS: I borrowed the picture of Sybil from her daughter Sheila’s FB. I have pictures of Sybil and Grover but they are on my old computer.                 

Monday, May 25, 2020

The SKY is the limit, rent it?

Autos of beauty

For today (Tuesday):
Cars and trucks are used to advertise. With the new screen-print technology complete cars and trucks become Advertisements.
BUT? I caught this near Disney, in Orlando:

What ever happened to widespread sky writing and banners behind planes? I remember as a kid sitting on the grass spell bound as a plane spelled big words across the sky.

Pilots with advertising genius flying banners around telling of an event.

We have seen marriage proposals and love declared across the sky. Messages of Christians declaring the Love Of God, etc. I can imagine a lot of planning must go into that kinda of originality. And a calm day.  Most of these are from the net. But Orlando is a great spot on a calm day for enjoying a pilot’s skill to “WRITE IN THE SKY”

I remember my daddy preaching a sermon about the ‘Writing on the Wall” and would talk about the first time he saw ‘Sky writing.’

This brought a smile, you could not rent a bigger canvas!
 And then this one, HOW DO I LAND?

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Sunday, May 24, 2020


The final ride:

 For Monday, Memorial day:

In my ‘growing up’ some inventions became known by their brand rather than what they actually were. I know for a fact every circular saw for many years was known as a Skil Saw. No matter what the brand of your saw it was called a Skil Saw because they were the first to perfect the circular saw. The boss would say, leave that hand saw alone, use the Skil saw.
Our refrigerator was always the Frigidaire. Mama’s would say, “There is a sandwich or milk in the Frig (short for Frigidaire), Refrigerator was never used in my youth.

Ask an American about Arlington and they will say, “That is our National Cemetery!”

Most of us never think it is a City, Arlington, VA. It borders on Washington D.C. Sherry and I were fortunate to live in Arlington twice, once for a 2-3 month period for IBM school where I was trained on electric accounting machines, remember the key punch anyone? The last time we both worked in the Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS), the second largest building in the DC area. We lived ½ mile from Arlington Nat’l Cemetery and our work bordered it. Sherry and I ate many a picnic lunch on a grassy hill overlooking The Cemetery.

We watched funerals and people wandering thru the graves of heroes, many were family I’m sure. I considered it a privilege to be close to military heroes and presidents I have admired. Most days we were light heart-ed and chatted about family and work, others we sat quietly. Cemeteries do that to me.


Ever talk to the dead? I have mentioned Sherry’s sweet mama. She is buried in Belmont where I had a construction company. Many days I stopped by her grave for a chat. Most of the time it was just to say “Hello and let her know I missed her.” I mentioned that years later and Sherry said she did the same (I worry about that girl! LOL).

My parents are not buried in Belmont. If they were, I am sure I would have talked to them more. Memorial Day brings Arlington back to mind. I can only imagine the millions of thoughts and talks to the ones who never returned to see babies & family grow up.Oh, the many Questions that families would have liked to ask. Sadly they will never hear the answers here on this earth.

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If you are interested...
PS: (From the Arlington National Cemetery website)
Arlington officially became a national cemetery on June 15, 1864, by order of Secretary of War Edwin Stanton. The original cemetery was 200 acres, and has since grown to 639 acres (as of early 2020). Arlington became a segregated cemetery, just like all national cemeteries at the time, and remained segregated by race and rank until 1948, when President Harry S. Truman desegregated the military. The primary burial ground for white Civil War soldiers became Section 13. Meanwhile, Section 27 became the area for African American soldiers and freed people; more than 3,800 freed African Americans are buried in Section 27.
Initially, being buried at a national cemetery was not considered an honor, but it ensured that service members whose families could not afford to bring them home for a funeral were given a proper burial…………..