Monday, May 28, 2018

BREAKING NEWS , There is a tough side of life

” Uncle Jack, the Doctor just told me I have killed myself.”  Nephew Howard. (He thought he had gas and exercised hard, trying to get relief, it was a heart attack. He died a few weeks later.

“Hey Jack, the Doctor just gave me a death sentence, I have esophageal cancer, 5% cure rate. I think I can beat it,” Jim, my brother in law. He passed a few months later.

May 7th this year, from Bonnie, an internet friend, “I have sad news. I have been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer--adrenal cancer.” She said 20 days ago. I just received a message from her sister, “Bonnie passed last night at about 8:50 PM.

Most of you don’t know Bonnie. She proofed one of my books and did a fantastic job. She had a blog, “Organic Discourse”. I am not sure who read it, I know Rick did on occasion. Since Organic growing is not my cup of tea I was surprised she was so passionate about it. I read and commented on every post. She was very intelligent and witty. When she told me she was going to start blogging, I expected a blog of general content, but she loved to grow things and knew the ‘real’ names of all those weeds and flowers. She was passionate about organic.
I will miss Bonnie, I never had a chance to meet her. I am sure that is my loss. Her son and hubby are musicians. On occasions Bonnie would sing with them. She was so proud of her son Caleb. He can really pick the strings, his mandolin is my favorite.

I have lost some internet friends. Some I have no idea what happened to them. BUT since our interacting during the proofing, she was special. The book was ‘Finally Love’ and her input was good and I appreciated it.  Her son and sister contacted me to let me know of Bonnie's passing. Bonnie was a dedicated Christian.

Nite Shipslog
 Knowing my interest in auto's. Bonnie sent me this one from one of the nursery's she used.


betty said...

I am sorry to hear of Bonnie's passing. I didn't follow her blog, but I remember you writing about her editing your books. I'm sure she left a wonderful legacy and will be missed by so many, including yourself and Sherry.




Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about Bonnie. Life is so short and none of us are promised tomorrow. I like how Jim said though the doctor gave him a life sentence, he thinks he can beat it. Thats the attitfude I want.

Hugs !!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Life is tough for sure ! Losing anyone we care about is never easy. So sorry to hear of Bonnies passing. May she rest in peace.

Paula said...

I remember you speaking of Bonnie. I know you and Sherry will miss her. My sympathy.

Mevely317 said...

I'm so sorry, Jack and Sherry ... this is another blow to y'all. Only last night I learned the 6 y/o son of a former coworker has been diagnosed with leukemia. Random ugliness is seemingly everywhere.
... But it can't obscure kindness and love. 'Glad to be in your company!

Chatty Crone said...

I am sorry your dear friend passed. It is so hard to lose loved ones and I do think meeting on the internet - can be real. I don't think some people get that - but I believe it. So again I am sorry.

Glenda said...

So very sorry to hear of your loss, life is like that, sometimes our favorites get taken away before we are ready to lose them. However, it's good we have the memories and stories to sustain us.
Thanks for this one, I'm having a "wish I could stop the train" moment.

Dar said...

Like Glenda, I'm also wishing I could stop the train...we cannot so as my folks always recited to one another each day:
This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in favorite verse also. God is the only one that knows how our days will go. I'm so sorry to hear about your nephew, brother-in-law and dear friend Bonnie. There are more bright stars in the night sky.
Hugs to you and Sherry as you remember them. Loveya, Dar n' Bill

Jackie said...

I'm so sorry Jack....
Most of us have never personally met our blogging friends, but we have a connection to each one in a different way.
Gentle hugs from me to you.

Rain said...

Hi Jack and Sherry, I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend Bonnie. It's so sad and so sudden. Sending hugs. xx