Friday, November 13, 2009

Dirty Fingernails

Some folks get very upset at a fast food restaurants when a guy comes in, he is pretty clean (maybe some grease on his pants) except for the black under his fingernails. He is stopping on the way home, or in for lunch. What folks (that get upset) don’t seem to understand, is that this guy has been in grease and dirt all morning or all-day. You can’t replace a fuel pump, clean a carburetor, change some tires, scrape the grease off some sticker to get a number of a part, etc. He cannot take time to clean his fingernails, he will be right back in the grease after he eats. Or he is on the way home to take a shower.
NO! We boys cannot wear rubber/latex gloves they tear up or get in the way.
NO! We can’t take time to clean the grease out from under them, and sometimes it has become permanent after many years of working as a mechanic. I remember my idol, Uncle Oscar’. He ran a garage and a junk yard his nails were never clean. (Of course he was lucky Aunt Ruby was blind and did not know it).
Okay what brought this up has been the work of the last few days, I have been trying my best to keep my nail cleaned at night. Sherry hasn’t said anything yet (Her nails have been getting a workout too).
If you have never done any mechanic’in, you do not understand the ability that man with the greasy nails must have. He is an amazing artist. Especially in today’s market with more cars being repaired and kept.

Our Granson Matt drives a Camero (’92). He needed a water pump and I thought this would be a good opportunity to help him get his hands dirty, WE would change the pump. I looked at it and saw it would be a job, but we could do it. Then it set into raining and looked like it would never stop. So Sherry and I talked to a real mechanic, with a dry garage, got a price and decided to give Matt an early graduation present, have it done. So now he has a new water pump and a full tank of gas. And my nails aren’t as dirty as they would have been. HA!

In closing this entry I have come up with the perfect idea. Add an ear(or nose) ring, drop the pants past you’re a$$ and paint the nails BLACK. The mechanic would fit right in with today’s society. (stand by Debbie, Gary will love this idea!)

Thanks for coming by the log on Friday the thirteenth.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Jack...and Sherry....well it never bothered me in a fast food place for someone to come in you say...who knows what job he/she has been doing....and if they don't "smell"...I can handle it...LOL...and I do believe you guys are working far too hard these days...!!! just my opinion but think it is a good one...and I have the hiccups...gotta get some and hugs....Ora

shirl72 said...

It is funny I never notice Uncle Oscar's hands if his nails were dirty I never did see them.
He was a hero in my eyes. He was so kind and
good to us children. Been a long time since I
have thought of him what a wonderful man. What
a wonderful graduation present if he doesn't graduate we can remove the water pump. LOL


Sheila Y said...

The only problem...if he wears his pants down, he might be mistaken for a plumber...ha. :)Sheila

Paula said...

Hee hee on the country road joke. I agree some of those guys with dirty nails are very talented. In fact I was married to one. He knew how to fix everything and it was a challenge to fix something everyone else had given up on. By trade he did commercial refrigeration but at home he was mechanic, plumber, electrician, carpenter etc.

Monica said...

Machanic hands never bothered me. I'm married to greasemonkey afterall! =) It would take his entire lunch break if he were to try and get ALL the grease out from under the envelope.

Helen said...

My Dad used to be a mechanic. After he was in a wreck and his hands were crippled so he would try to put a part on a car especially mine. He would tell me what to do and I did it. Slid right under that car if needed to. Yes there was grease under my fingernails at times. It is hard to scrub off especially under the nails. I appreciated his knowledge. Save me a lot of bills getting someone else to do it. Helen

Rose said...

It is understandable for a hardworking man to have greese under his fingernails.

A trick to clean them when you get home is fill the sink half with water and half bleach. Just soak your hands for a little while and the bleach will help clean out what all that hardwork left behind.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to paint your fingernails to hide the grease, lol? That's a good one!

Debbie said...

Gary says his pants droop every now and then but he doesn't care much for the idea of wearing a ear or nose ring. HAHAHAHA! Heck, he doesn't have to buy black polish it comes naturally with his job, lol.

Yeah, if you see a mechanic who's all sparkly clean, they ain't doing their job. Gary wears Dickie's (get your mind out of the gutter, it's work clothes, hahahaha) as often as possible because the oil, grease, scum & road grime don't show up as bad on them as they do on jeans and regular shirts plus they're easier for me to clean than normal clothing.

The dirty fingernails never bothered me. He uses the best hand cleaners you can get, he clips his nails often, he scrubs & scrubs in the tub. NOTHING including bleach will remove that stuff when you work in it every day. Oh, and by the end of the day they do come home "stinking". They've worked in positions we'd never dream our bodies could get in, and undesirable weather conditions to satisfy the customer and keep their vehicle running smoothly while the folks that like to complain sit in air conditioning or heat. Gary has worked on vehicles in pouring rain and in the hot blazing sun while the customer sat in the vehicle bitching about how long it was taking him to get the job done and then they drive off without so much as a thank you or how much do I owe you?

And it's not just mechanic's or men who get gawked at or talked about because they're dirty from their job, I worked in the finishing department at the furniture factory. We'd have stain, sealer & varnish on us from head to toe. That stuff doesn't come off your body or your clothing. Our hands would bleed from scrubbing with lacquer thinner trying to get some of it off, during the winter our skin would crack wide open (Gary's does too)and all those stains would get down in the cracks.

Folks need to stop their complaining, not everyone can sit up in a nice cool or warm office and leave their job looking like they just left the beauty salon. The folks that are willing to do the "dirty" jobs are under-appreciated. They deserve to be able to eat out just like everyone else. And don't EVEN get me started on the folks who think the mechanic isn't supposed to sit down for 10 or 15 minutes to eat a bologna sandwich for lunch. This hits a raw nerve with me, can ya tell? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Love & Hugs

shirl72 said...

Right on DEBBIE they need to get a life, and
salute the ones that keep everything running or
put it where the sun don't shine. So There
I am off my soap box. We could all be walking.


Terri said...

LOL@ Mom up on the Soap Box...go get em' mom :)

Jeff working in the Tire Business he knows all to well about grease on his fingernails and's never bothered me...just shows he is a hard worker...something I am proud of :)

Love & Hugs

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