Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hot Dog!

This was my 'Coney Island'
This was mama's without the chili on top.

This is listed as a West Virginia Hot dog it looks good., but the bus is not steamed.

Now the latest exciting entry.... filed in North Carolina

In my youth mama made a lot of hot dogs. When my mama made a hot dog it was like a Subway sub. FULL AND RUNNING OVER. There was a steamed bun, the wiener, mustard, ketchup, slaw, onions and topped with chili. There were times she varied that for daddy and me. She cut a piece of hoop cheese about the size of the wiener and replaced the wiener. We called that a cheese dog.
She made a hamburger with the same condiments and additional ingredients. Later she started making the hamburgers with mayo lettuce and tomato. BUT the buns were always steamed.
Even if you went to a cafĂ© and ordered a hotdog or hamburger, you got a steamed bun, I liked that. THEN I left home and joined the military and learned that everyone other places did not make sandwiches like my mama. I never will forget ordering a hotdog at the ‘Slopchute’, “You mean a coney island?” the guy asked.
“Is that a hot dog?” Ignorant me asked.
“Yeah man, here you go, enjoy.”
The dude handed me a cold bun with a wiener in it.
“Where is the rest of my hot dog?” this young private asked.
“Over on the bar man, where you been?”
I went over to a little bar that had a ketchup bottle and a mustard jar. There were little packs of relish. ‘They sure don’t know what a real hot dog is,’ I thought.
I’m just fussing because I never get a steamed bun anymore. I guess it is too much trouble. I sure miss it though and it has been over fifty years.
In Valdese, NC you could get great sandwiches at the ‘Rat Hole’.
In Belmont, NC you got the best sandwiches at the East End Drug store, Dairy Queen or the What-a-burger. I thought What-a-Burger was dead, but while traveling in Texas we saw one. We had to stop and get a What-a-Burger, but they weren’t as good or as big, as the fifties burgers. But then what is?
I am a soup and sandwich man. In Cuba we learned to eat the ‘pressed Cuban’ it is a delicious sandwich of mixed meat (I never asked what kind).
Enjoy a sandwich today, you can have big meal come Thanksgiving.
Thanks for coming by the log.
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That corgi :) said...

I enjoyed reading about hot dogs and hamburgers, Jack, and I'm trying to remember if I have ever had a steamed bun.......


madcobug said...

I put my bun in a microwave for a few seconds. Ken likes his cold. There is no accounting for taste LOL. I also put mayo ketsup, mustard and cole slaw if I make any. I like them with chile also. Helen

Lucy said...

We have hot dogs a lot. Mostly with mustard and onion. I warm the buns in the microwave like Helen. We used to and still do put chili and onions on our dogs but I use a plate and open the bun and put the dog on it and then the chili, and onion. Cole slaw on a bun just is not a Nebraska thing. You southerners and your fried pickles. You all have entirely different tastes than us northern people.

Sonya said...

Most of my life I've had the type of hotdog you described that were not your Momma's. I've recently noticed that a "toasted" bun for anything makes the sandwich, hot dog, burger better by at least 20%! lol If it is a grilled hotdog then that also improved the flavor. Chili dogs have always helped but best eaten at home. lol The mess is easier there. But the best dog ever eaten is a local shop that has brought down the "northern dog". I am sorry I forget the name of it. But the buns are toasted and the dogs are good and there is a menu the size of a wall to choose for your toppings. It was the best dog I've ever had! I also really like kielbasa dogs. Grilled. They are really good while tailgating. And that is all I know to say about hot dogs. Have a good Sunday. Take Sherry for a steak so that she does not go eat with someone else! lol

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for commenting on my comment... Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving

Rain said...

Hi Jack and Sherry! Thanks for babysitting our geese for the winter, there are more on the way! :)
I remember the hotdogs at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, way back in the days of the Montreal Expos baseball team. The buns were toasted. Most of the diners, the authentic ones, in Montreal serve the buns steamed. Haven't tried a hamburger that way yet! The hotdogs and hamburgers I've tried that are loaded with chili are sooooo yummy! That does it, I have to have hotdogs today, lol! Enjoy your day!

Rose said...

I like my buns steamed too! (that didn't sound right)hehehhehehehhe

Your Mamma knew how to make a great hot dog. I have found a few places that will still steam the buns.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and a special hello to your Honey!

Hugs, Rose

Shirl 72 said...

Well Mother was the best at making Hot Dogs and
Hamburgers remember the apple fried pies. Yum Yum..........She had lots of experience. Oh the good ole days. I am Thankful for good memories.


Paula said...

You got quite a conversation going about hot dogs. I only like them once in a while and go to Dairy Queen for a chili dog and don't forget the onions.

Sheila said...

Well, I'm a mustard, mayo, ketchup, mixed together preferably, with onions. But I will eat chili occasionally. I like Sonics chili dogs but they haven't been that good the last couple of times I got one. I wish Mel Tillis would do the whataburger commercials again...ha. Take care, Sheila

Debbie said...

Hotdogs were always a treat for us when I was a kid but we never had a bun. We'd slap it on a slice of bread and put ketchup on it. I always liked them plump & juicy where they'd been boiled to the point of almost splitting open. I seldom buy hotdogs anymore because they just don't taste good like they did back in the good old days, but a good chili dog sure sounds good, ain't had one of those in a long time. I'd never heard of putting slaw on a sandwich until I started reading blogs and I've noticed several bloggers say that's how they make their sandwiches.

Love & Hugs