Thursday, November 5, 2009

Too Much Stuff!!!!!

We have had very good weather in North Carolina for the past few days. We are still working to help our Son here. He has too much ‘Stuff’ to take care of. When I quit the building business I gave him a Dump truck. It was always touchy to start. It had been sitting for a few months. I finally got it running today. Success in one area. I took time to wash and wax it. It was red when I bought it, but it was so oxidized it looked terrible. But it looks better now. I have a knack for getting things running. Got a lot more to do.

I have four compressors lined up to repair, I have completed two. He has three tractors. One running and working. One running but needs extensive wielding. Big red ( the International) is sitting out in the field, not running. Things to fix just keeps going with four wheelers, a 4 runner, a boat, three trailers and some little red car that needs a clutch. The pool is green and ….

IN MY OPINION PEOPLE TODAY HAVE TOOOOOOO MUCH STUFF. Americans rent storage buildings to store stuff we are never gonna use. WE fill our garages and leave the car outside. Mark has two of his older cars that do not run and uses them for storage. I hope to clear his double garage out so he can again put his Truck and car inside for the winter anyway. I always hated scraping icy windshields and carrying groceries in in the rain. Now I understand why most of us do it, because we do not have a garage, but if I have a garage, I park in it.

Have I bitched, griped and complained enough?
Thanks for coming this way to look in on the log.

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My young grandson called the other day to wish me Happy Birthday. He asked me how old I was, and I told him, 70. My grandson was quiet for a moment, and then he asked, "Did you start at 1?"


Paula said...

I always have a garage for my car. It would drive me stark raving mad if I didn't. I do agree we all have TOO much stuff. You should see our closets. So many clothes we never wear but just have to keep in case.

That corgi :) said...

agree with you, Jack, we do have tooooo much things. I remember my old pastor from Montana saying in the 1950s the average house was about 1000 square feet. Now the average house is close to 2000 square feet (he was talking Montana standards)and people have storage units for things that don't fit in the house. We park one of three cars in our garage, if it was me, we would get another one in there but I'm not the packrat(s) in the family :)

glad you are able to be helping your son out :)


Ora said...

Hiya Jack...and Sherry...I know what you mean about the car and garage...they were meant for each other...and being in the military we didn't keep much stuff...cost too much to have it shipped or moved LOL...but I will say after military retirement of 20 years...we have accumulated alot of "stuff" LOL...sounds like to me you all need to have a front yard sale....LOLOL...and its a good thing you have a way with getting things to run!!!! Has Sherry got the kitchen done yet??? LOL...and is there a hurry??? LOL...sunny and cold here in KY...but a clear sky...!!! God Bless and happy day...Ora

Debbie said...

There's always gonna be STUFF that needs to be worked on and piddled with. Calm down, calm down, it'll be alright! When ya get done there ya can come and wash and wax my car, hahaha. Just teasing!

I used to keep my car in the garage all year but now it only stays in there during the winter months. Right now our riding mower is sitting in it's spot because the leaves are being stubborn and hanging on to the trees for dear life. And Gary has a car on the other side that he's been fixing up a little at a time to drive to work so he can park his truck and do some maintenance to it. After an extremely high propane bill among other things the fixer upper is gonna have to be pulled out so he doesn't have to scrape ice off of his truck and hopefully his old truck hangs in there during the winter. It wouldn't make a lick of difference as far as getting wet packing in groceries cause our garage is detached. But yeah the rest of our garage is filled with STUFF but it's STUFF we actually use & need and would probably be considered junk by somebody else, lol.

Sounds like you're making headway but still have a long ways to go. Heck whatever ya don't want to keep throw it out front and put a big FREE sign on it. It's fun watching folks stop by and loading up the stuff you planned to take to the dump. It disappears in no time, one man's junk is another man's treasure.

Love & Hugs

Shirl 72 said...

If you want to talk about "stuff". Go back when
you and Sherry helped me down size sell 6 antique Sudebakers 1 Isetta empty about 5 buildings and 2 houses. I can just see you coming down John Belk Freeway with that trailer filled to the brim with stuff that covered the complete Church parking lot. One person ask who do we pay and you replied "This is one person's things". He thought it was a neighborhood yard sale. I still have lots of
stuff in the basement. Thank goodness for a full
size basement. Paula I rather not talk about
closets. Jack you could make a career out of
dealing with "STUFF".


Woody said...

We "Downsized" from a house, garage, woodshop, full basement and moved into a 5 room apartment, I gave and gave away "STUFF" I had not used in years, my son-in law made out the best, my son didn't want anything!!

Now if something in the apartment is not used its GONE!!

We do have several couples here who rent storage units about a block from here where they store camping stuff and other valuables they could not part with!!

Glad yer keeping busy!!

We are heading out for Florida for a Lebanese Thanksgiving and then on up into Belmont, N.C. and then out to the Outer Banks and then home for Christmas.

Lucy said...

We have stuff but no garage, a tiny cement block building and a basement and a neat hiding area, Joe has found. I think I found it , in the rafters of the basement . We have asy to much stuff!!!!

Lucy said...

I loved Shirls comment.

Sheila said...

Sorry I haven't been by, internet out...not cable company this time, my router went bad...ha. I'm gonna still blame them though, they must have had something to do with it...ha. Don't work to hard...Sheila