Thursday, November 19, 2009

We are seeing success

I needed some alcohol for my sore finger. I picked up the bottle of alcohol and took note that it said ‘70%’ Alcohol. Now I am wondering has it always been 70% or is that new? I always thought it was 100% alcohol for some reason. Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention.

I do read more labels now than I ever did. To be honest I am not sure if it is a good thing or not, but I still do. I first look at the fat content then at the Cholesterol (I hate trying to spell that word) I wish it has another name. I spell it wrong every time, without exception. But since I have hi (what ever) I always check for the least amount.

Mark has a small cubby hole for an office. When we started you could not close the doors. AS of tonight you can see the desk and even open the drawers. Now that is success. Our son Mark has never kept a piece of paper flat. There is not a receipt (Of the thousands there) that is not wadded up. There was one exception, when I moved one stack a neatly folded $20 bill fell out. I claimed it. I know it could never have been in his hands or it would not have been folded. LOL

I rolled and preserved many house plans to save them. Mark is a great builder. He has built some beautiful large homes; you would think he could keep paper flat. LOL. I am just picking. He has been in a depression. We did not know how badly he was depressed. But he is coming out of it. He seems to be a different person. I think he finally has realized the marriage is over, and it is time to go forward. I hate that, but it is probably true. I wanted to see them back together but maybe there is too much water under the bridge, such a pity.

Sherry made coffee today and we took a break on the back portico. We sat in the rockers overlooking the pool and spa. Looking out over the baseball field he had built for the boys. The outfield is surrounded by dense woods. It is like being in the country. Over in the woods he and the boys have built a large tree house. They have go-cart and ATV tracks and plenty of room to ride and play. But the place misses a complete family. Know what I mean?
Thanks for letting me…….
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That corgi :) said...

I do know what you mean Jack and Sherry. It is sad when a family breaks up; I know why God hates divorce; it is what it does to the people involved. They start out in love with such high hopes and a (few) years later end up hating each other. just so sad. I know no one ever goes into a marriage thinking it will end; it is sooooo hard to stay married. Glad you are there to help Mark try to sort out his life (and paperwork) during these difficult days


madcobug said...

I never knew Alcohol was over 70% until my daughter was here sick this summer and she told me 90% was better. Some marriages are just meant not to be like my first one was not. I always hate to see one of long standing break up but sometimes it is just the best all around thing to do. Helen

Debbie said...

You are correct about the alcohol it was 100%. I don't normally look at labels but a couple years ago I bought a new bottle of alcohol and noticed it didn't seem quite as strong. I looked at the label and it was 70%, I hadn't thrown the old bottle away yet so I looked at it and it was 100%. I don't know if I picked up the wrong percentage at the store or if they quit selling it but the next time I buy a bottle you can bet I'll look before I buy.

Mark must be kin to Gary. Gary is a master of wadding up paperwork and receipts, I see some laying on the chest beside me right now. I'd be nuttier than a fruitcake if I let it bother me, hahahaha.

Gary was very young when he got married and the marriage failed that's the reason why we dated 6 years and he went out with a few other women when we firt met because he wanted to make sure he didn't make the same mistake again. In a case like Mark's where the marriage has held together for so long I believe when it fails and one of the spouses didn't see it coming to that point, that spouse must feel all the emotions of someone in grief from losing a loved one. I know if that were to happen in our marriage it would rip my heart to pieces. I saw that happen to my sisters mother & father-in-law when they'd been married for 45 years and he left her for another woman, she didn't see it coming and neither did their kids. It took it's toll on the whole family. I'm sure you & Sherry being there to support Mark has made a difference in his outlook and I hope he can move forward and beyond depression, depression will swallow you whole.

I don't know if this is what you had in mind but I'm going to fill in the blank with your Thanks for letting can cry on my shoulders anytime, that's what friends are for to lend support, I know this has to be hard for you & Sherry too. I may not be able to find the right words to say but I'm listening. Thanks for sharing this part of your lives with us. Life isn't always a bed of roses, sometimes it's thorns and they hurt deeply.

Love & Hugs

Lucy said...

This is for sure addressed to both you and Sherry, If I can find the right words. I have shared so much of my life with you and others and you know how many hurts I have had, divorce, death, and this may sound wrong but I don't mean it that way but divorce is one of the hardest things to reconcile. I could not control death but I felt such a failure when my first marriage ended and the see sawing, is the worst, when you wonder if you should try to get back together again, not just me but him also. Divorce is hell , even when you know it may be for the best. It is good that your son is coming out of the hope of a possible reconciliation. Now I have to say this, IT IS VERY GOOD THAT YOU AND SHERRY RECOGNIZE IT IS OVER. Just saying those words hurt, because your sadness comes through so clearly. Me, I still mourn what I thought could have been but I am happy with Joe now. I was happy with Lee but death is final. Sorry to be so long winded but I feel so strongly your sadness for your son. It will get better every daY.

Paula said...

You just had to make me get up out of this chair and check the alcohol. As usual you're right.

Terri said...

So glad you all are there for Mark...I know it means the world to him... keeping him in my prayers that God will give him the strength to move forward ...

Love ya'll
Hugs Terri