Monday, November 30, 2009

NOT Blogging or commenting tonight.

This is Bud, He inspired 'Buddy' in this authors novels. (He is the one with the shades). The beautiful lady is His wife Di.
I mentioned the shades so you would not think Buddy was brown and white.

Tonight is not a good time to write in a Blog, so I will say Hello. We are fine. Proofing a new book and handling some personal stuff. Have read most to the blogs already.
The system has been on and off line so I won't do much.
Thanks for coming by,
I don't expect comments, so don't feel bad about not leaving one. Just glad you stopped by.

Nite Shipslog

You can say what you want about the South, But you never hear of anyone retiring and moving North.


That corgi :) said...

you both take care of yourself, Jack and Sherry. sometimes a blogging break is a good thing


Shirl 72 said...

So that is the famous Buddy You boys had a ball
when you were young and to think you all turned
out to be up-standing gentleman. What a shock.
To bad our parents are not here to see everybody
turn out to be somebody.


madcobug said...

Glad that you two are ok. I would never move North from down South. I am to old for all those snowy winters. My bones would break in all that cold instead of just creaking. Helen

Debbie said...

Good morning & hello.


Woody said...

You need some "Shore-Time"!! We sure are enjoying our break and get-away!!
You 2 take care!!


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, the comments on Blogger were bugging the [bleep] out of me for the last few days!!! Hope all is well!