Monday, November 9, 2009

Hurricanes and Family!

Hurricane season is nearing the end and here comes IDA. The storm guys are giving this one a strange path. You guys around Mobile don’t know which way to look do you? You could get hit from the West . IT seems to be following the coast line. At least for now the winds are 70mph, that is bad but not as bad as 120mph. We are praying that you guys only get a good breeze. If the storm follows the track they are showing, IDA will be heading toward Orlando, that would mean Orlando would get hit by a hurricane from the North, Crazy. If it follows the path I am watching it will go right over our former home on Lake Dora. WE will not be there, that is for sure.
For folks in the path there is only two things to do. Button down the hatches and pray. That is nothing new to the folks on the Gulf coast and Florida. They have faced hurricanes forever, they just brace and take in stride.
We are expecting an inch and a half of rain tomorrow. I don’t know if it is from the IDA storm or not, I cannot believe it is.
Sherry fixed some delicious Chicken a la King for Mark’s family tonight. We had a good time and as usual Sherry did a bang up job. Some folk have a quiet, calm divorce. This one is not. Now when the family gets together I miss Corinne (Mark’s wife twice). She is a sweet lady and we always loved her as a daughter, still do. She is missed by everyone I know at these get togethers. BUT life continues and we cannot stop the ball once it starts to roll, Down in side I want to think, ‘Three is a charm’, they were married twice, Three would be nice, but I am a dad& Grandpa dreaming.
Onward and upward. Mark’s work is slack (construction), so he was around working to complete jobs on the house he has let slide. OH, Big Red quit running, but after cleaning the gas tank, she is putting along again. Sherry is making headway in the house, it is looking like it has a female touch to it now.
Thanks for coming this way,
NIte Shipslog
My grandson was visiting one day when he asked, "Grandpa, do you know how you and God are alike?" I mentally polished my halo and I said, "No, how are we alike?'' "You're both old," he replied.


Paula said...

Hope Ida turns to be a sweet lady.

betty said...

LOL with the grandson remark :) very clever one he is! glad you had a nice family dinner and an awesome dinner :)

funny how we are almost done with the season and didn't have too many hurricanes and then Ida perhaps will close the season (with hopefully not too much damage)


Lucy said...

I can speak from experience, divorce is difficult for all and especially when you like the person who is no longer in the family. That is true to Marty's Ex wife. I love her as much as the day he brought her home. I think that is why Marty does not keep in touch. To much guilt. I have never told him since he divorced, but he drove her out of his life. Chicken Ala King sounds so good. I have a dr. app't and this time he is going to earn his money cause my legs cramped all night and I coughed all night. Do blog later.

Debbie said...

I'm sorry to hear that Mark's work is slack. Many folks are losing their jobs here with layoff's and plant closings being announced one after another.

I'm sure Mark's family appreciated Sherry cooking them a home cooked meal. The chicken ala king sounds yummy, I've heard of it but have never eaten it.

I think it's honorable that you & Sherry still love your daughter-in-law. I know that this divorce must be a hardship on all of you. There's nothing wrong with dreaming but sometimes that old saying three times a charm isn't always the best solution.

Gary was having the same problem with the gas tank on his tractor several years ago. He had heard of a product you could buy and coat the inside of the tank. Luckily, he found a place about 50 miles from here that sold this product and he figured what did he have to lose by trying it. It's been 5 years since he coated his tank with this product and he hasn't had any problems since. At that time it cost $25 a quart and it coated the tractor gas tank and the tiller gas tank with some left over. It was well worth it's price. If you'd like to try it Gary said to tell you it can be found on Ebay by typing in Red Coat (the name of the product)if you can't find it locally.

Our friends in the path of hurricane Ida are in my prayers. Hurricane's have a mind of their own just like tornado's.

Love & Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack and sherry...I have just about finished reading James Patterson's "Cross Country" isn't his best work...but it has held my attention...I should finish it this afternoon...what to read next???? hmmm??? food for thought!!!! anyway..divorce is hard on the Moms and Dads...we don't turn off our love and love not emotions like dream on Grandpa...doesn't cost a dime and who knows!!!??? Jack to and Sherry take it easy doesn't all have to be done today or tomorrow...and our son Gary in Jville is also hurting from non-construction jobs...and they say on tv and in the White House that the "recession" is over????? how come I don't believe it???? sighing and hugs...Ora and him

shirl72 said...

If I could work magic I would fix things. I know Mark appreciates yours and Sherry's help.
Dinner sounds good. Take it easy I hope this
rain stops. We may have to build an ark.


Sheila Y said...

I've only eaten chicken a la king out of a can, you should post Sherry's recipe. I think the rain you're getting is from Ida. She was pretty tame though, as long as she doesn't meet up with the system on your side and turn around and come back...Have a great day, Sheila

Anonymous said...

Never heard of Chicken a la King, nor lived through a Hurrican. Seems as if there are still many things do discover for me.
A wonderful Wednesday for you all.