Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Relaxing Bon fire, and a stubborn TRactor Part!

We had a big Bon fire last night. Mark and the rest went in to shoot pool, then Mark took a trip to Best Buy. Sherry pulled out our chairs and sat by the fire. We love to sit and watch the fire and solve the world’s problems. It is very relaxing.

I received the tractor part today for the small Yanmar Tractor. I am having a terrible time putting it on. I have never removed a tractor wheel and axle. It ain’t fun. I might have to ask Deb to bring Gary out for a few days. LOL. Might be a good idea, we need a clutch installed also. Just thinking.
GARY… I can’t get the hub off the axle. I have used the only three point puller I have. I set a hand torch on the outer cast part for an hour to heat it up. Nothing. Now I have made a jury rigged can sealed it on the axle tip and filled it with penetrating oil to let it try to get into the rust over night. I have banged on it trying to vibrate penetrating oil in. I hope it helps, but I don’t have much confidence.

I drove to four parts places to rent or buy a GOOD puller but no one carried them, other than what I call the Japanese 10 cent kind. One bright spot, I did get to talk to Wanda (Don’t know her last name). Little history here. A guy named Ray Collins started a parts business in his little garage. It grew and he dropped the garage and went into parts. He was going to be unique, he hired only women behind the counter and Wanda was the First, Then her sister, then another lady. Within a year every mechanic knew, if he wanted the right part, he would go to Belmont Automotive.

You would have to be a handyman or mechanic to understand the importance of that statement. I know in my life I have gotten the wrong part at least a hundred times. Sometimes it is intentional. I learned this from a parts man. If I don’t have the right shoes, I will give the customer the wrong set anyway, then order the right ones and they will be here usually by the time the mechanic realizes he has the wrong ones. I told him he lived a dangerous life. Because there were times I would have shot him if I knew.

Wanda remembered my face and that I used to come in. I caught up on her family. Wanda was the only one working and not a customer came in while I was there. The chain parts places (3) of them are within a quarter mile around them and the old mechanics and business is gone.
Time is getting short and a lot of stuff to do. Seems like there isn’t enough time in the day. It is also getting cool, we don’t like that, and neither does this motor home. Sooooo we have to hit it hard and get ready to hit the road. COLD is coming.

Thanks for coming by the Log. (Sorry to be so long)
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That corgi :) said...

good philosophy about the parts and hiring women to work in the shop

bonfires are always fun to sit around (especially with marshmellows, graham crackers and chocolate bars :)

Happy Thanksgiving Sherry and Jack!


madcobug said...

Hope you get things in order so you two can head toward warmer weather soon. Helen

LYN said...


Lucy said...

Jack, I just want to wish you and Sherry and your entire family a Happy Thanksgiving. Now Jack when you mention cold, just what was the temperature??? When I got up this morning it was 20 degrees. Downright balmy. Just think positive.