Sunday, November 8, 2009

Where is my LIVER?????

There are some things you see, you just want!!!!

There Are some things I don’t necessarily like but I miss. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY NECK, HEART, LIVER AND GIZZARD? It was always in there inside the cavity of the chicken. Not that I wanted anything but the liver, but I liked to pressure cook them along with the chicken and strip what I could off of them. I want them back!!!

I don’t like going into the service station to get a map and they want $1.50 for it, if they have one.

I miss the smiling policeman in a blue uniform. I don’t like the ‘storm trooper look of the black fatigues, they just don’t look friendly, they look confrontational. ( I can see where it would fit, but not in a small town of 2,000 people).

I miss having ‘LESS VARIETY’, I hate looking through 100 breakfast cereals. I liked it when it was corn flakes, wheaties, cheerios and maybe frosted flakes. I was a corn flakes person. That was when I was older. As a kid it was eggs, grits, biscuits and livermush (a local concoction, can only be purchased and found in the piedmont section of North Carolina).

Hey I miss looking at that seam on the back of nylon hose (And wondering how high it went, LOL). Now that I could find out, it is gone!!!!

But I smell my chicken now. And again I miss the stuff that used to be inside. I am pressuring a chicken. Sherry promised to fix Chicken a la King for the boys on evening. I will pressure it so the bones can about be eaten and the meat will fall off the bones..

Take care and thanks for coming by the log. If you see my Neck, liver gizzard, etc send them home!
Nite Shipslog
. A little girl was diligently pounding away on her grandfather's word processor. She told him she was writing a story.

"What's it about?" he asked.

"I don't know," she replied. "I can't read."

(That is a lot like the new book I am writing!!!)


Paula said...

When I read livermush it made me feel ill. lol We had an El Pequeno plate at Chile Bandera for breakfast.

Shirl 72 said...

All the chickens are tied up when you get them
from the store. I have said the same thing we have two many choices. It is not just cereal it
is everyting. It get to confusing trying to choose and when you get home you still have the
wrong thing. Age maybe confusing the issue, but
we still have to many choices.


madcobug said...

Guess you will have to go turkey hunting in the wild to get those giblets.Ha ha, Helen

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thought to write a book without being able to read...just wonderful, guess it will follow me throughout the day.
A new week just as nice for you all.

Lucy said...

I am not crazy after all. I thought I was the only one that missed the liver, neck and heart and gizzard. I used to use them cut up fine so the kids would not know and used them in dressing and bake it. I still love to chew on a turkey neck at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Debbie said...

Here in the boonies I can still get chicken that has all those goodies at Doodlebug's, our little country store a few miles up the road. And the chicken ain't those big gaudy kind that's tougher than nails that you find in the bigger grocery stores. I buy chicken liver every once in awhile and fry it for some GOOD eatin'. Around here a lot of people buy chicken liver and use it for bait when they go fishing.

I have always been scared of those pressure cookers but my Mom was like you and she used hers alot. Mom made some yummy meals in those cookers and the meat was so tender it would melt in your mouth. She also used the goodies from the chicken or turkey like Lucy did and put it in her good old homemade dressing.

I remember those hose with the seams up the back and like all other women don't miss them a bit. It's been a long time since I've even owned a pair of pantyhose.

It's been awhile since you've mentioned writing your book. I hope it's coming along well. Oh, I forgot to tell you our granddaughter loves to read and was really happy to get Toby's Tales for her birthday.

Love & Hugs

That corgi :) said...

never heard of livermush.....could be interesting to try sometime

I haven't bought a whole chicken in a long time so I don't know if those parts are still in the chickens here or not. I do remember them being in turkeys still and it seems like everyone you meet has a story about their first turkey they cooked and how they didn't know the neck, etc was in the turkey until it was cooked

chicken al a king sounds delicious!

loved your list of things you missed


Melanie said...

livermush!?!?!?!? you eat that????