Saturday, April 10, 2010

The above picture has nothing whatsoever with this entry, but it is in Vienna and I want to go see it one day! Isn't that something?

While we were aboard GITMO Bay , Cuba, we had TV from 4PM to 10PM. AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio and Television Stations). A lot of reruns. I am a cowboy movie lover. I think Gunsmoke was my all time favorite TV program. During our tour in Gitmo The series written by Louis Lamore, 'The Sacketts' was on and off, so I never did see the series. Maybe one day I will get the CD's of the series and watch them. (Ha, I don't watch what we have.)

Anyway today I was thinking of TV commercials. There were no commercials on AFRTS. so one saturday someone came up with the idea to copy hundreds of TV commercials running up in the world, and run them. People are wierd. MOre people watched TV that day than anyother while we were there. Ain't we wierd? I know the same folks, just like me, fussed and fussed at being interrupted all the time by commercials. Then sit and watch five hours of them.

I remember 'Halo everbody, Halo. Halo is the shampoo that glorfies your hair so Halo..... etc.' Mr. Clean was big, He can clean your whole house and everything that's in it. If I find the cigarette commercial I have put it on. Remember Johnny? "Call for Phillip Morris". After all these years, I just realized what the commerical said. WOW! was I thick.

I hope you have a great 'rest of the weekend'.

Thanks for coming by. Speaking of commercials, My books are still on sale here.

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Dar said...

Boy, I'd be leery of that house toppling on my head!
Guess what Bill is watching, and watches EVERY day...westerns...his favorites? Gunsmoke and the Virginian, Paladin and Bonanza.
I still think my favorite commercial was one for Gravy Train Dog Food, where the line of little ducklings would waddle in and eat with the dog.
cute, Cute, CUTE.

Have a great REST of the Weekend Yourself

That corgi :) said...

when I was young staying home from school because I was sick, and got to watch TV, I used to love the commercials for cleaning products,especially the ones my mom didn't use. I couldn't wait until I got old enough to buy them for myself and clean. Indeed, what was I thinking?? looking forward to cleaning?

keep forgetting to say, but I love the picture with the ship and the glacier; such an awesome picture :)

Sherry and Jack, hope you guys have a great Sunday!


Paula said...

I kind of miss commercials since John changes the channel as soon as they come on. I always liked Phillipppp Mooooris.

Y said...

I have a brother living in Austria. I could possibly get more info on this building from he and his Austrian wife.

Rain said...

I hate commercials!!!!! BAH HUMBUG!!! LOL
I love that iceberg photo you have in your header Jack...really cool.
So, the trip went well, I visited the house in the Laurentians, and I'm going to be living there for the summer! Me so happy! :)))