Friday, April 16, 2010

Just comments!

Sorry folks, tonight has been one of the worst for a slow machine. As mama would say, as slow as crem rising on butter milk. Or maybe, ‘Slow as Molasses!”
As a matter of fact I lost five comments and I could not get to all. Sorry If I did not make it to your journal tonight. So I decided to comment on here to the ones I Know I failed to make:

Country tales…..I enjoyed the entry Paula. I know you guys need the rain to keep things operating around there. Two inches is a lot of rain, hope it is enough for awhile.

Jimmy, All I could do was read the excerpt. Hope I get a chance to look over the whole entry. I assume you have an interview with Larry King!!

Robert.. Evidently you got home brother. Good. Yes it is nice to come home.
Sam… Looking forward to reading that entry. I would love to see your view from the tenth story!Take care I am anxious to get to it later.
Honey I’m home…..And evidently Mel, is cussing about something. Not enough on her brief tell. It will be all right Mel, Just be patient and quit cussing, folks are trying to sleep!

Take care. WE are still in NC, would like to be in Alaska or the Yukon, or Idaho, or UTAH OR MAYBE UTAH. We would love to see Elsie Mae. Of course Ben, Corey, Carol, Dick and Joanne. We will make it one day.
Thanks for stopping by the log.
NIte Shipslog

True: I read tonight that turning on the light when you get up at night to pee, increases you chances of cancer. (Thank goodness for night lights!)


Paula said...

I just read that head line about getting up at night but I didn't click and read it all. Our bathroom is so dark I keep a night light on all time. I knew there must be a reason.

That corgi :) said...

see I knew there was a reason I didn't turn on the lights in the middle of the night; I practice with the lights off just in case we lose power

sorry you were having computer troubles tonight

take care you two


Coffeeveggie addict. said...

I always turn 0n all the lights everytime I w0ke up in the middle of the night especially after my dad past away last jan,i just felt I want lights everywhere,wish y0u C0ULD fix y0ur c0mputer ASAP.
Takecare y0u and sherry!


Anonymous said...

It is indeed family which seems to draw me near, voices I long to hear, apart from all the fear going on currently with regard of the government being Stefan has discovered his "all nighters" light remains dark usually during the night. A wonderful weekend for you all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack and problems...isn't it amazing how we let a little machine make or break our day??? sure does for me LOL..but without your comment to my day is a bummer...for sure...I guess it is because you travel so...and you keep me informed of the world out there LOL...whereas I am a stick in the mud...LOLOL...and I am sending a great big hug and a pot full of love to you both....Ora in KY...along with him!!!!

Melanie said...

Was just a bad all better

Melanie :)

Shirl 72 said...

Computer problems HUM I really known about that.
5 nights with 4 to 5 hours time spent. I haven't
taken the hammer or threw it off the deck..Yet.
Things may be OK but the print spooler. That is next.


Lucy said...

Computer problems seem to be making the rounds. Looks like Shirl might be back. Have to check that out.Hope things get better.

Sonya said...

Hope you all are doing great. Did you get my private blog invite? I sent it to your email ( I thought). I had to go private. Take care. Miss ya'll. My email is if you want to email about the blog invite. Didn't want to leave you out.

Dar said...

Don't ya hate when that happens!!! Computer glitches are the bummm! Sure am glad for a night light then, cause there sure is enough cancer going around and around. I think I will just hold it til morning then. But then what happens if I have a bad dream....think I will rely on that night light after slay me.

Fred Alton said...

Computers ... Bah! Humbug!!