Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pool and a NEW CD

I have been playing today. Mark hopes to have the pool ready for a graduation party for Matthew Dillon, his oldest son. He graduates this year.
This pool has been a catch all and had beautiful green water. I did find two nice size frogs, not big enough to supply frog legs, but on their way. I made a tour of the internet looking for advice, the best I received was check the ingredients on “Shock” as compared to Clorox or other bleach. One guy had put 14 gallons of Clorox in his. So being a cheap skate, I bought seven, five liter jugs. I have been fishing leaves and garbage off the bottom today. I poured four jugs into the water. Now it is sort of a blue green. Ha!

If anyone has any good advice please let me know. Oh, I did have to take the frogs out, the Clorox was too much for them, they staggered off, I hope they made it to the woods before the hawk got them.
Ohhhhh, NEWS! Our Grandsons, Steve and Josh (WHO JUST HAPPEN TO BE TWINS) cut, burned, made their first album over the weekend. They rented the ‘Rushing Winds’ recording studios for two days. I love the sound, but I cannot hear all (or many), frequencies.
They did 10 original songs; five secular and Five Religious. Steve wrote most of the songs, but I think two of them are from Josh. Steve does a fantastic guitar and Josh tickles the ivories. I love to hear him, but I am not much for knowing good music, but Shirl is. She says Josh is fantastic on the piano. Steve was bragging on one of Josh’s runs. Repeating , Gary the owner and technician, he said, “ that sounds like a lot of Chopin and modern mix.” Steve said on the one run Josh must have hit every key on the board.

Highschool pictures, taken after one of the plays. Josh above.

Steve still in contume also.

HS pic of Johua Adam

DAddy Jack showing they are not too big for him to handle ( Whoa, we men sometimes don't judge well) ha!
Josh on the keyboard and Steve as they entertain at our 50th anniversary. Proud daddy on the right.

Steve on the guitar and Sherry's 'Harris Reunion'. Dad, Jack and Josh are singing along.

Steve and his guitar visiting us here in the motor home.
I love to hear the guys brag on one another. They are fantastic personalities and musicians. And of course, best friends. Anyway that is my big news for today from North Carolina.
Thanks for coming by the log,
Nite ShipsLog,
Istanbul, Turkey, is the only city in the world located on two continents. Europe and Asia.
I was once caught up (by accident) in a riot, on the European side. It was a tough dance to do in a Swabbie uniform, couldn’t hide too well wearing whites! Hahaha!


Paula said...

Nice lookin' young men. You and Sherry must be very proud. As for the pool I have no idea, I've never had one just wished a lot.

That corgi :) said...

when we had a pool, we used Shock and it was effective but when our pool got that green color you were describing (long story) I finally broke down and called a pool cleaner guy. I can't remember what they did and how they did it, but shortly the pool was restored to its crystal blue color. I know we had to run the pump a lot to circulate stuff

good luck with it

talented young men your grands are! good for them with their musical talent :)


Fred Alton said...

I think it's great that you and Sherry have children's children that are so talented! May the lord keep His great big hand upon them and guide them in life's choices. Tell me where to send my money for the CD!

As for the pool - one of Frances' sister's found a cure for their difficulties ... they put seven yards of dirt in the pool and planted flowers ☺

Dar said...

So nice, that your Grandsons are enjoying their musical talents. Are either of them or both, planning on making a living at it? Tough, but they are so mature already for their age, it seems and God Will Guide their choices.
Good luck with the pool, I'd say Pool Shock but I'm not a pro, except for the big vinyl pool.
If all else fails, follow the directions on the Have a great time at that graduation party and enjoy those handsome dudes of honor.
I'm off to 'shock' a few gophers and moles.

Dar said...

Oh, Jack, I love, Love, LOVE your new header.

Y said...

My son's in the pool and palm business in MS. If y'all still need pool advice, I could put you in touch with him.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jack...never used bleach in our pool...but we have an above ground so things are a bit different from inground...but not that really need to check with a pool company...and when you go....take a jar of pool water with you...they will test and tell you what to do...and you need to vaccuum...alot to get the leaves and dirt and whatever else is in their...takes lotsa work when it has gotten to this stage...good luck...but I bet you have sparkling water...a pretty clear blue in no time...and the boys cutting their CD...awesome...I know you are busted a few buttons....LOLOL....God Bless...hugs and love to you from Ora...and the racer guy!!!

Shirl 72 said...

The boys are very talented and I want to hear
the new CD. It is funny Josh will say I would
like to play like you Aunt Shirl and I say I
wish I could play like you. We are never please
with our talents. They are to be proud of.
My talent is very rusty.