Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moving Day again

This moving day is not a great thrill. If we did not have to be back in NC for Sherry's check up, we would stay another week. Leaving our good friends Fred and Frances was sorta like in the service when one get transferred you hate to leave the ones you have met.

Also there is Old Jack Darnell (I can say that because he is older than I, HA!) and his publisher Yvette. I really thought about just running over there and dropping in, but nah. Maybe next time through.

Bugs on the windshield means it is spring. We reached a big highway in the mountains, and time for Sherry to try to capture some of the scenery. WE are on the back roads because the rock slides are not cleared on the planned route.
Another distant mountain shot. Oh, the roads got narrow, Sherry was a little busy worring about the edge of the road to take pictures.

It always amazes us that the ridges are starting to be covered with HUGE homes.

One of our highlights is seeing an AT crossing. Here the trail crosses one of the mountain roads.

A quick shot of a group of hikers who are starting on the trail. I blew the horn and we all waved, they knew there were kindred spirits in this motor home.
This crossing was not new to us. We left the trail here to go into town for a motel and a bath and of course to eat all we could. We forgot our walking sticks at the motel. Later we drove back and they had saved them for us. WE were using sticks we had carved in Alaska.
But what we remembered most at this crossing was heading North, clean and smelling good we met a worried mama and papa were putting their teen age daughter, with her pack, out to walk to Maine. 2000 miles up the trail.
They told Sherry they felt so much better that she would be walking with us. We promised nothing, just smiled, knowing the most we would walk with this youngster would be a mile. Mama and daddy left, and we three headed toward Maine. She was with us about 200 yards on the trail into the woods and then she said, 'good bye', and moved on, these old folks were holding her back. I don't remember her trail name but we always hoped she made the hike.
Take care, we are back behind Marks on our slab for a week or so, before our next vacation. HA!
NIte Shipslog,
When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe.
Thomas Jefferson


Jimmy's Journal said...

You always have interesting posts Jack and I'm happy I found your blog!


Jimmy's Journal said...

Jack - I forgot to ask you for your email address. I'm at


Paula said...

Hope Sherry's check up turns out well. Don't do any skating on that slab you might break something.

Shirl 72 said...

Glad you are back home. Love the Mountains
pictures. Sometime I would like to live in
the mountains. I guess I can just drive up
Cramer Mt. and go through the tunnel and back home to fill like I am in the Mountains.

That corgi :) said...

hoping you guys will get back to that area again sometime soon to enjoy your friends and new found friend :)


Anonymous said...

Hey..glad you guys are home and on your "slab" LOL..and hope that Sherry's checkup is a good one...your vacation sure left you with great memories...I always see the picture in my mind of the day we all the parking lot at Walmart...the first time...every time I read this both are a blessing for sure..God Bless...hugs from Kentucky...Ora and aahhh..oh yes...him at the racetrack!!!!!

Lucy said...

BEAUTIFUL PICTURES. I hope the check up goes well. I am still waiting.

Fred Alton said...

Jack and Sherry! Your visit was such a refreshing time for Frances and me. We both love you and just wish you didn't have to go yet. Trusting that you, Sherry, get a good report from the doctor and that you will come back this way and stay awhile. Ed Williams and I turkey hunted today up in the mountains near Oosterneck Creek. We experienced thunderstorms, lightning, and soaking rain. Then - my truck refused to start when we were ready to leave! Fortunately we had a friend who went for help in his pick-up. When you come back this way, I want you to teach me more about walking the AT.

Dar said...

You sure are having a fine spring so far. Lots of memories for the books and scenery to gasp at. About that worried Mom with a daughter trekking to Maine...mercy, I'd be a bit concerned too. The young ones don't seem to have a care in the world, like us when we still thought like a 20 yr.old. Nice she was relieved by your walking with her for a bit. You're good folks, indeed.
To answer your question?- we were in a short box pick-up. So short, there was no room for my apple tree that will be delivered later. Prices so good at that nursery, I may have to order a couple more apple trees and a pear.
Glad you are home safe again
BlessYa and Your Check-up Sherry

madcobug said...

Glad that you made it home safely. Hope Sherry's checkup turns out good. A young lady doesn't need to be walking that distance by herself. Someone else may join her on the trail so she will be safer. I would love to be in those mountains. Helen