Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday morning Sherry and I, as our habit is before church, dropped in at McDonalds. We get a biscuit, two coffees and two jellies. We split the biscuit, and sit and talk. We could simply do this at home, but since we are retired and under no pressure to be anywhere. We don’t have to feed the kids, dogs nor anything this is sort of a treat. I just love to look across the table at my girl and chat about anything or nothing.

Sometimes, but not often, something different happens. One morning I had a pleasant surprise, a man came over and asked a pardon for interrupting, but was I the author of ‘Sticky’? I proudly said ’yes’ and he told me how he had enjoyed the book. That is always nice.

Another morning, an Insurance agent whom we knew, and had met again recently during an interview at the local paper, stopped by to say it was nice to see us, but he had to rush to church. He said if he was late the pastor always asked him to lead in the congregational prayer. He then said he had heard complaints of his rendition of ‘Now I lay me Down to Sleep’, so “I gotta run.”

Last Sunday a second cousin of Sherry’s made a special trip to come say hello and talk. He was in a very talkative mood, normally I would have been a little ‘off center’ for someone taking ‘our’ special time, but this time I was not. Cody, talked about the time his dad was sick. He watched for a year as his dad slowly died. He was 15-16 yrs old at the time. According to what we had heard his dad was not easy on him growing up, the treatment was abuse, or bordering on it. He did not show that side, but said when things got rough after the death, he told himself, nothing will ever be that bad, so I have seen life’s worst. I handled it, I can handle anything. He is.

He is younger than our boys and a very responsible person. He is not a real religious man, but he was very upset at the Pentagon’s decision concerning Franklin Graham. He was upset at the news, at TV because there was nothing he liked or thought was worth his kids watching. But most of all he just wanted to talk. We were good listeners. It was good to see him. I think he is typical of people just a little older than his 40+ years.

Thanks for coming by the log.
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Why do people keep running over a string a dozen times with their vacuum cleaner, then reach down, pick it up, examine it, then put it down to give the vacuum one more chance?


Paula said...

My goodness I've never seen two people with such self control. We went to McDonald's this morning after John had fasted for blood work. I ordered pancakes and sausage and coffee. John ordered a big breakfast. Could be the reason you two are trim and slim and we are chubby.

That corgi :) said...

everyone always has a story to tell, don't they? glad you were able to take the time to listen to some who wanted to share their stories with you while you guys were at McDonald's yesterday. and I have to agree with Paula; my gosh what self control!


Sheila said...

If we don't give the vacuum one more chance we have to find a trash can... :) Sheila
Great entry!!!

Jen said...

You know if the vacuum does finally pick up the string it gets wrapped around something, mucks up the machine, and you have to dig it out or buy a new one.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

I agree with shiela we d0n't want to get a trash or change the bag.never been to mcd0nalds since I turned vegetarian I do like their apple pie bef0re..nice to kn0w y0ur always willing to listen.takecare y0u and sherry.


~mel said...

Sex is like vacuuming ~ do it every six months whether you need it or not.

Now you had to go and toss in the string dilemma and I need to ponder that!

Have a great day Jack and Sherry!!

Lucy said...

I was going to say something regarding Mel's comment. Oh what the heck, couldn't even if we wanted to. No more information. Out of all your books Jack I still prefer "Sticky." That is not counting Gracefully grasping for dignity and why not forever. I liked those also but Stocky as a book and not a smaller version of a book is still my favorite. Grab that string and pull.

Shirl 72 said...

Well I have a Brother who is a celebrity. Since moving to Belmont I am known as Jack's Sister if the person has some age on them I can say B.F's. Daughter. I don't mind I feel honored.