Sunday, April 25, 2010

I get an ATTA boy (from me)

It was 2100 today before I actually sat down at this computer. I try to read and answer the e-mails first. Tonight I had 6,323 on the list. Okay that is a lie, I had a bunch. And Joan out in UTAH, that was not funny about the returning Indian astronaut. I did laugh though and I am still trying to figure how he is breathing,LOL.

This is Raymond Hodge, Sherry says he is a very good preacher.

I guess I will give myself an ‘atta boy’, I attended church for two services today. My cousin Paul called Sherry and said he would be visiting our home church tonight, and I should be there. His friend, Raymond Hodge, would be preaching at our church, I knew that, but I didn’t know Raymond (Even though I know, everyone loves Raymond!).

I haven’t seen Paul in many years. He is BALD. Folks said if he had a beard we would look alike, I have to admit after hearing that, he is a very handsome dude, even without hair..

Okay the really neat thing about this is after the service (which I did not hear) Paul introduced me to Raymond. In a few sentences I learned he is also a friend of Fred and Frances (Fred comments on this Blog regularly) I was very surprised because I didn’t know Fred had any other friends! (That is a joke Fred, don’t delete me as a friend.)

It was interesting also because Fred had mentioned our visit, and said some nice things and has some GREAT pictures of me (LOL), on his Blog tonight:

Really, Raymond said a lot of great things about Fred and Frances. Not surprising because they both are dedicated people. I mentioned I would be e-mailing Fred tonight and/or commenting on his Blog. He said make sure to say Hello for him. SO: Hello Fred & Frances, from Raymond Hodge.
Oh yes, and Raymond also knew my Dad. Yes, it is a small world sometimes.
Thanks for coming by the log.
Nite Shipslog
Why do we constantly return to the refrigerator with hopes that something new to eat will have materialized?


Dar said...

Attaboy! You did far better than I. So nice, isn't it, to meet someone who knew your Dad. Love that. Will have to check out what Fred had to say aboutcha! He seems to be a swell fella, like yourself and Ms Sherry. I haven't been around since Fri. so, sorry if I missed any other entries.
Bless Your Hearts and Your Week My Friends
Sure ate too good this weekend but I won't tell ya more, yet!

Paula said...

Odd you should say that, I was just wanting to go to the fridge and I know there isn't anything good in it.Glad you and Sherry had a nice Sunday.

That corgi :) said...

it really is a small world isn't it? glad you were able to make the connection from Paul to Raymond


Fred Alton said...

That is a real "Attaboy" that you went to church twice in one day! I didn't earn mine today. ☺ Then for you to meet our friend Raymond Hodge - well, that just put icing on the cake. Believe it or not -- I may have at least one other preacher who will publicly acknowledge that he knows me. ☻

Rose said...

Church twice in one day! "Attaboy"!

I've been in the fridge about every half hour since this new Vegan Diet the doctor has me on..........Ugh. Everything tastes just damn awful! LOL

Hugs, Rose

Shirl 72 said...

Glad you got to see Paul, maybe I will see him
tonight. He plays the stand-up bass in the
band I din't know that. He us a swell guy.
I didn't know Raymond, everybody knew our DAD
and MOTHER. Wonderful people.


Lucy said...

Church twice in one day??? Well you will surely make it to wherever you want to go.