Monday, April 19, 2010

And Yukon King!

One shot of cross country. This is the Black Hills.

He is no longer alive; Yeah he/she is dead. I have to tell myself that every once in awhile when I see someone that I think is someone else. Often it is someone who has passed away. I still keep trying to make the person I see, the one I think it is. I know better, but my brain keeps trying to do it. Sometime the brain confuses fiction and reality.

I seldom watch TV. Since being here and going in and out of Mark’s house I see some TV. I see what they call ‘extreme sports’, to this old man it is crazy sports. I feel the same about this new fight-type of kick boxing. It is a bloody sport, a truly bloody sport. If Mohammed Ali suffered head injuries being punched with gloves, what do you think about this sport, practically bare knuckles? I am just not that blood thirsty. And I thought running with the bulls was blood thirsty.

I might be thick headed but I have crossed the Atlantic Ocean several times mostly on ship. Now we have folks who claim to have swum it, and one who has rowed it. Wow, I cannot imagine it, that is one big body of water. I heard the swimmer had a support boat that tracked her and at night she came aboard to sleep. Then someone on the boat spilled the beans about the boat kept steaming all night and she entered the water a hundred twenty miles farther along the next day. Of course either way it takes a lot of stamina; it just seems a little farfetched.

Now this thing about walking across the USA is not a stretch. Most of our pioneers did it. Not everyone rode in the wagons, on wagon trains some walked beside the oxen. Of course the Mormons walked and pushed or pulled carts with their belongings on them. Our pioneers were tough folks. Today when someone walks that far they ‘normally’ have special hiking boots and lightweight packs, not so the pioneers.

Every country had its toughies and heroes; I remember stories about the Yukon and the Northwest Mounted Police. Of course I think of Sgt. Preston and his trusty dog King. I loved those stories.

I am rambling so I will quit. Thanks for coming by the log.
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Why do they use sterilized needles for death by lethal injection?


Shirl 72 said...

I have trouble walking my 2 1/2 miles Tuesday
and Thursday and walking to the mail box. I
would fall out and not make the journey. We are
so use to having transpotation.


Sayit-baldys said...


Paula said...

John's brother brought a young man here who was interested in kick boxing and they tried their best to get John to go to Mexico with them. Nothing is honest anymore it seems. I have recieved two IM's today from people I thought were friends trying to give me a $500 gift card from Best Buy. When I told them I don't go to Best Buy they didn't even do me the courtesy of answering. I may be country but I'm not completely stupid. Oh sorry got off the subject I guess.

Jen said...

MMA fights don't cause the same type of brain damage because the fights are stopped as soon as the ref determines one of them is no longer able to defend himself. You don't get the option of standing up and fighting after an 8-count. They are also other ways to win other than knocking your opponent out. A lot of the fighting involves grappling on the ground which is a lot more like wrestling.

I'm a huge MMA fan...even studied kickboxing for a couple of years.

Dar said...

I'm glad to know that my mind is not the only one that rambled today. Good points. I also get freaked out when seeing someone that resembles our dead. Creepy.
The blood thirsty are troubled if you ask me. Good grief, what they do for entertainment these days. What ever happened to a good work out doing genuine chores? Now, that's reality!
Won't you be my hero?...Have a great week, you and Sherry and take time to smell the roses.

That corgi :) said...

I'm with you, Jack, about the kick boxing; I just don't get it and it seems like it would cause damage, but what do I know?

I'm so thankful for the transportation we do have these days because I'm not sure if I could handle walking across the country, might see one of those snakes :)


Coffeeveggie addict. said...

nice story....kick boxing was one of the biggest sport in my country....making someone rich by using his trained fist and strengh,i will never allow my son or any member of my family to do this sport...if just for fun is okey but not for bussiness.

Fred Alton said...

Walking across country would be something I would enjoy - for the first hour. Maybe I'd make it two hours. After that - I fear I would want to ride the ox-wagon!

About boxing - did you know I was a professional boxer for awhile? I got paid to box. And those boxes had to be properly stacked after I had put the candy in them. ☻

Lucy said...

Oh wow, I am thinking like you. I thought the same about the lethal injection, I agree about the fights. Scary??? Joe got a good report on his heart!! Yaaay

ρομπερτ said...

What a kaleidoscope of life you do provide tonight. Not too long ago read that mankind is only inteligent, because of having fingers...
Being a lover of long, long walks, hiking across the U.S.A. would be such a wonderful thing, yet it seems as if there are still enough streets over here waiting for me.
A wonderful Wednesday for you all.

Y said...

And why do we give drug tests to people who will wait on you at Home Depot, but not to the surgeons who will operate on you?