Monday, April 5, 2010

EAster and the last nite with our friends Fred and Frances.

This is Chloe in her Easter finest!
Easter dinner at the Brannens from one end of the table.

Grand daughter reading to another grandaughter.

From the other end of the table. The couple at the very end are the company from Alabama,
Rob and his wife. Fred & Frances met them in Kenya.
Now this is the Crockets. Ruthie on the right married a Crockett, decendant of old DAvy.

Mama Brannen, 87, is a preacher. She is a delight to talk to.

Chloe's hat, she and I tore it out of crepe paper.
As our visit to Tennessee comes to an end we have one more full day. We are having our friends Fred & Francis up to share our weekly country meal. Sherry fixes pintos, cornbread, cabbage and salmon patties. No, all you folks up north, the Salmon is not fresh, it is from the can As God originally created it. (LOL)
Fred and Frances have fed us some great meals while here. It doesn’t do any good to say do not cook, they cook anyway! The food has been delicious and the fellowship wonderful. Amazing how you look back on fifty years, and they seem to have passed so swiftly.
When we knew them fifty years ago we were poor as the church mouse as the saying goes. But we (both couples) were starting our families. We had a little boy, Jack, and they had a little girl, Frankie. Now both families have grown. They had three girls and we had two boys. WE both have grands and great grands, (As Dar lists them, Grandloves).
Tonight was especially good. Frances invited me to tell a couple stories to a grand-daughter after supper. She is such a lovely five year old. I told a couple Bible stories and drew one picture. I used the magic coloring book created a stack of four nickels and made a bill disappear. I used the magic cross and turned water into wine (Kool aid), then made Chloe (5yrs) a hat. In the end I drew the youngest member’s picture.
The oldest person was 89 the youngest 5. WE had a total of seven for the supper club. LOL. We had a ball, it was wonderful to spend the evening in such great company.
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Paula said...

Does Sherry cook her salmon patties real done and crisp? I like cannned best. Guess that is because I'm from down here. All nice and interesting pictures.

That corgi :) said...

sounds like you and Sherry are both enjoying your time in Tennessee and will have wonderful memories to talk about in the days to come :)

such love demonstrated in all the pictures you shared :)

safe travels when you break camp :)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There are probably no better memories available for me, than of the wooden table I spend nearly twenty-eight years at, having breakfast,midday meal and evening as well, with family and friends. Thank you for reminding. Please have always a safe road ahead and a nice Wednesday as well

daily athens

Fred Alton said...

Yes, Jack, we were poor by this world's view - but we were young idealists with our faithful companions by our sides. That was worth more than money can buy! I'm so glad we met then and that we have remained friends over the years. Your visit has brought us much joy.