Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fields of the Wood

Over 53 years ago Sherry and I went on our Honeymoon. Yeah I know we had a one night honey moon when we were married, but this was a little delayed honey moon. Heading towards Rock City Tennessee or from there, on highway US64 there was a sign pointing to, 'Fields of the Wood'. WE had heard of the place so we decided to look it over. On this trip, during the infamous detour (where Sherry got stuck LOL) She again saw a sign 'Fields of the Wood'. She mentioned whe would like to go back.

While waiting for our appointment with the real Jack Darnell we drove back down #68 to the sign and followed the pointers.

The first picture is the open Bible at the top of the mountain.

Here on a small mountain the Church of God of Prophecy has placed the ten commandments.
That person in the orange sweater at the bottom of the steps is my Sherry.

A view from part way up, This is early in the season but there are several tour busses here already.
The next above photo and the following two are from atop the highest point of the opening shot of this entry, the open bible monument.

When we were here before I climbed up on the form, but that was 50+ years ago. Not today.

No sitting on the wall for my lady either.

Here is replica of the tomb. These pictures were taken a day befor Easter morning.
Leaving the Fields of the Wood we headed back up #68 to Coker Creek and our appointment with Jack.

WE had time to stop by this replica of a Stage coach, you can own this for $4,200.

I didn't see a price on the miniature one, Sherry liked.

I caught Sherry climbing aboard this Cargo wagon (not a replica, no price avail).
You saw yesterday's entry, I intentionally skipped this one below. There are a lot of jokes about out houses, but there have been many real interruptions as you studied the sears catalog.
Kids today don't have to go far to learn the opposite sex anatomy, but there was a time when pictures of Bra's and panties brightened a little boys horizons!!!!

Here I interrupted Sherry as she studied the boys underwear section!!!
click to see Yvette Warren's Blog about Jack Darnell
Yvette's pictures from the meeting:
Thanks for coming by the log. This is Easter and we celebrated at church with Fred in Tellico Plains and at their home with friends and family for a dinner fit for a king.
He has risen! He has risen in DEED!
Nite Shipslog
As I get older my memory's not as sharp as it used to be. Also, my memory's not as sharp as it used to be.


Paula said...

I think you and Sherry should buy a stagecoach. Maybe store it in Shirl's yard. I think I'm going to agree with Sherry that the new book is the better.

That corgi :) said...

that Fields of the Wood looks like an interesting place to visit; must be fun to check out places from your past. Sounds like you had a very nice Easter :)

and yes, He is risen indeed :)


Dar said...

The 10 Commandments on the hillside is wonderful, the stagecoaches are cool, can you imagine them as a way to travel today?, some still do. But the outhouse shot, now that's just 'priceless'. Hope everything come out in the end.
It's another beautiful day, so outside I go to drill a hole in a mailbox for a birdhouse like Coker Creek Jack built.

Fred Alton said...

What a delightful time to have you two in our home. Easter this year was a day of resurrecting old and very pleasant memories! We, the Fred A. Brannen family, love Jack and Sherry Darnell.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

i really love this post and all the pictures jack...must be very interesting to visit and learn something....have you too had a great time of easter. takecare


Shirl 72 said...

I am still realing from the two Jacks. I wonder
if Mother and Dad would loved to have two Jacks.
Surprise, surprise two Jacks both writers and
one my brother.


Woody said...

Nice Pictures of the 2 "Jack's" and his place!

Anonymous said...

What an impressive sight. Must indeed be moving to climb all that height.
With regard to "honeymoon" - we spend a night in a hotel about half an hour from our home, arriving in the afternoon and leaving again in the morning. It was beautiful though. Please have a wonderful Wednesday you all.

daily athens