Friday, April 23, 2010

The Blizzard, a Tropical then the Hit parade!

There was Gizelle McKensie & more
Snooky Lanson

We met Don and Evelyn at the Dairy Queen for a sandwich and a Blizzard. For another day or two they sell you the second one for $.25. I had a hot dog. I eat one about once or twice a year. That is another food the Doctors have scared me away from. I was telling Don, Mama used to make a chili dog. She cut a hunk of cheese about the size of a wiener and added the extras, slaw, mustard, ketchup, onions and chili. That was my mama’s chili dog. I loved it.

We are making a few plans. I think I am supposed to make some reservations in Lenior, NC soon. We are going up the same time as Don & Evelyn. Have I told this before? I can’t remember. Anyway they are going up for their G-daughers graduation from Grad school for her masters. There I said it again, if I have before.

That reminds me of a line in a song, “There I said it again”. I think I remember that from the Saturday night hit parade. I don’t remember the song. But I do remember:
‘Three Coins in a Fountain’
‘Little Things Mean a Lot’
‘Walking in the Rain’
'Side by side'
Do you remember the hit parade? What songs?

I was at Guy Abee’s house. We didn’t have a TV, but I watched The Hit Parade with Snooky Lanson and Whatshername, because it came on just before Wrestling. I couldn’t miss, Haystack Calhoun, Gorgeous George, Man Mountain, the masked Marvel and the rest of those great wrestler! LOL Wrestling was just behind the Long Ranger on the radio in priority.

Take care out there. Thanks for coming by the log.
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Shirl 72 said...

I remember the Hit Parade. I got to watch
TV at Dud's and Annie Laurie. I also Watch
wrestling. The only one I remember is
Gorgeous George. I loved all the 50's program.


Dar said...

I only remember Johnny Angel or was that Jacky Angel? Hmmmm., and Lollipop, Lollipop. Mel, now she remembers all the 70's stuff and the 50's, 60's...heck her whole family sings their hearts out. They should have gone on Name That Tune. They woulda won!
Have a great vacation with Don and Evelyn. I remember having chili dogs in Tx. over an open fire...OMG...excellent! Makes me want to have one of those sliders.

That corgi :) said...

yum on your mom's chili dogs and yum on the Blizzard!!

I'm too young for the Hit Parade......(not)

cool you guys are planning your next travels!


Paula said...

while you were at Guy Abee's house my husband was at Guy Aday's house. Just thought that was funny. Did you know you can join the Blizzard club and sometime they will send a coupon to print out. Buy one, get one free and then a free one on your birthday?

Fred Alton said...

Love those DQ Blizzards, Tropicals, or sometimes just a plain vanilla milk-shake. Hotdogs truly taste best cooked in the micro-wave. The only thing near as good is over an open fire. Well...they suit my taste-buds better anyway. We were too poor growing up to have chili every time we ate them, so we had mustard, usually on sandwich bread, and hotdogs boiled in a pot - chased with Coca-cola. I still love hotdogs with or without any other trimmings!

I never cared much for the Hit-Parade for some reason. I do remember Ethel and Archie Bunker singing about the hit-parade, but would only be guessing if asked a question about a song from the hit-parade. In high school I remember a group doing a parody called "Three Coons In A Fountain". There would be chaos if a group tried that one today. It was hilariously funny!

Wrestling? Daddy's favorite show. We were not allowed to have a TV but anytime we stopped at a member's house who had TV and wrestling was on we always stayed til wrestling was over! I can only remember the name of one wrestler - Hulk Hogan - who went into politics.

Cowboys? Lash Larue, Buster Crabbe, Roy and Dale Rogers, Gene Autry, Red Ryder and Little Beaver, Cisco Kid and Pancho, Jingles, Windy, The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Zorro, and the list just begins. ☺

Anonymous said...


Sheila said...

Sounds like a good lunch to me. Enjoy your trip. We are having thunder boomers today and I think we have a tornado watch. Have a great weekend, Sheila