Thursday, February 4, 2010

Burgled or Burglarized

From an entry a couple days ago I was reminded of something that is not happy thoughts. Home breakins. I got to thinking, how often does that happen? In our lives as far as I can remember during our 53 years of marriage our homes have been broken into, well not always broken into because in past years like many folks, we sometimes left our doors unlocked.
(demise of the cat burglar)
The first time I can remember was when I thought I was a preacher and was pastoring a church we had organized and built. The small parsonage was entered and someone had torn Sherry’s underwear and scattered the bed sheets thru the house. She was missing a $1 bill, the last thing her mother had touched before she died. We had sold donuts as a fund raiser and her mom had bought one or two dozen. She cherished that bill. She also was missing her High School ring which she had never worn.
In another house, we had an entry and did not know it for a few days. Sherry has always had ‘Piggy Banks’, as we got older the banks got bigger. You know the ones that stand about a foot high. I went into the furnace of our home and there was the remains of the hog killing. Someone had took it to the basement and dropped it on the floor. Cleaned up the money and left the remains for me to find. That one a lot of money in it.

The last Home breakin we were in Florida. Mark called to say we had a breakin. They had gone upstairs and found Sherry’s stash of change. (She used to save her change and once a year divided it between the Grand kids) Then the burglars entered my office and found an open safe. Somehow in my haste to leave for Florida, I had left my safe open. My pistol was in plain view in the safe. It appears they had grabbed the pistol and left. Not bothering to look at the safe contents.
Thankfully they left a few thousand dollars in bonds (We used to buy US Bonds for the Grandkids each year instead or buying presents) We held onto them until they graduated High School to give them out. I allowed them see them every year along with the new one added. They also left a small collection of silver and old coins.

(The lady on the right has the right idea, but KNOW how to use the fire-arm)
I have a nephew who collected Gold watches and guns. His house was broken into and even with an alarm, he lost everything. He came to the conclusion that Rose, Paula and others have. Why collect for some thief to enjoy!
If you have not had your house burgled, you are very lucky. I am still too trusting in many cases, I guess I learn hard.
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PS: Do you ever wonder……….
******Can you cry under water?
*******How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?

You don't shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive.

Assault is a behavior, not a device.


Fred Alton said...

Wow! You have been hit and hit hard. I can't recall any time that we have ever had a "break-in" since Frances and I married. I do keep a .40 cal ready for that eventuality, to the dismay of my anti-gun friends who accuse me of "wanting someone to break in so I can shoot them..." I have not had a fire in the kitchen either - but I keep a fire extinguisher there. Am I hoping for a fire so I can use said fire-extinguisher? Using the anti-gun logic, I would probably get so nervous that I would throw the fire-extinguisher at the fire and run like hail falling from the sky!!! :D

ρομπερτ said...

There are indeed various "break in's" over here. A couple of weeks ago they did enter the local Lotto shop, even more recent, stealing a bag from my neighbour and and and
That's why there are now iron bars in front of every single window. A sight I am still not used to.
Please have you all a wonderful, save and peaceful Friday.

Shirl 72 said...

You said Dads pistol was hide in the basement.
Isn't that considered a concealed weapon? I have been lucky no break-ins. In Charlotte the house across the street was hit. I think I am safe here but I will not let my guard down. You are a trusting person but better change. People are looking for things to make a buck. Always lock up.


Paula said...

We had a several things taken where we lived in San Antonio even underwear off the clothes line. It did me good that we outsmarted them when they broke into our garage. We had a safe on the floor under some shelves and had piled oily rags on top. It just looked like a mess. They missed some pistols and silver money. I gave it all to my daughters for them to be responsibe for. The best weapon against intruders I hear is hornet spray and it shoot far and disable them from seeing and probably burn too.

Sheila said...

We had a break-in when we lived in Kansas, they scattered some things, but we never noticed anything missing. They hit several houses down our street. Cops said it may have been a gang initiation or drug addicts looking for loose money. Since we got an alarm system soon after, Hubby started to suspect the alarm never know...Take care, Sheila

That corgi :) said...

such a shame the thieves took that dollar that was such a memory for Sherry. thankfully (thank you Lord) we haven't had a break in into our house. Our cars have been broken in a couple times (windows broken) but they didn't walk away with much.