Saturday, February 27, 2010

Choc. stuff and space savers

Mel, of up 'North with Mel', puts recipes on the net. It is hard to convince Sherry they are just there because she can't think of something NICE to say. Anyway this is what was left of the last batch of Choc/p-nut 'stuff''. I keep saying it is impossible for 4 oz of food to put ten pounds on my belly, but I declare it does. So Mel is on vacation, but when she gets back she is headed for 'BAN-LAND'.

Living in a motor home has its advantages. It cuts down on collecting a lot of ‘Stuff’ you would normally accumulate. Stuff that I don’t need anyway but is a great buy. You will never know how much of that stuff I collected at one time. I am at a yard sale and here is a set of tools, a great buy. I have some just like them, but because they are a great buy, I would get them. I did that for hundreds of items, until my basement was becoming cluttered.

Now I cannot do that. Usually we try to follow the rule something in, something must go out. That is not always true because even in tight quarters, you can still find a little hole. Ha!

Yesterday we received the first shipment of ‘S’gar’ now I will find a place for my new books until I ship them all out. By the way I haven’t announced it, but if you want the new book it is available here for $12.00 including shipping. As in the past just tell me where to ship it, and when it comes, if you like it, send the money.

Also as I have said in the past do not feel obligated to order a book just because you read the Blog. However since I am a great writer, and it is a super book I wouldn’t want you to miss the thrill of a life time. Hahahahahahaha!

(The book is available at Create space and for $13.50 plus shipping.)

Sherry has found a place to hide her books to read behind her chair, in a shopping bag, but I found them.

I was just looking at a couple of our space savers. The napkin holder is hung under the cabinets above my head.

The coffee pot is hung to the left of Sherry’s laptop position across the table.

I have glued a couple magnets here to my left to hold paper clips, eyeglass repair kit and clippers. I glues some ½” pieces of PVC for pencil holders.

Our Small ‘Splendid’ Washer/Dryer combo is great and doesn’t take up much space. I try to encourage Sherry to wear less clothes so she won’t have to wash so much. So far I haven’t been too successful.

We have a small water closet (toilet),

We do have a full size shower but not luxury of a LONG shower since we only have a 10 gal hot water heater. (But that is twice as much as we had in the other motor home.)

Well thanks for stopping by the log.
Nite Shipslog

PS: **The only reason I would take up walking is so that I could hear heavy breathing again .
******* I have to walk early in the morning, before my brain figures out what I'm doing..


Sheila said...

It is amazing how much some of us accumulate in a lifetime. You're not supposed to show choc/pnut stuff unless you have enough for everybody... :) Take care, Sheila

Fred Alton said...

Oh My! One of my favorite sins ... chocolate p-nut butter fudge. Have you learned to make I used to make it when we lived in Ocean Springs if you remember. That old recipe took forever, and I always managed to weld some of it to the bottom of the pot. I don't do that anymore. No No No! Now I make it in three minutes in the micro-wave. Clean-up is a snap. Simply rinse the bowls and pans clean. Like you, I'm still trying to figure out how just that small amount adds so much weight around the middle. ☺

Paula said...

I guess living in close quarters has it's advantages. You must keep it put away or you might fall down, huh?

That corgi :) said...

I could live in your/Sherry's close quarters, Jack. Not a packrat I am (but I live with one, LOL). Not sure where he would put all his guitars/music equipment in the motor home. Not sure how many gallons of water I use for showers, but we have learned to turn off water while washing/soaping to save water/money here so I think I could get used to a 10-gallon water heater. can't look at the sweets you left a picture of since I'm dieting and I hear even looking can add calories so I closed my eyes during that part of your blog :)

hope you both have a great Sunday


Sonya said...

Enjoyed seeing inside your motor home. Hope you all are doing well. I guess we are all ok here. I'm cold and can't get warm!

Rain said...

I love seeing photos of your home! And I'll bet it's super hard not to accumulate, especially at yard sales! I'll have to keep that in mind, one thing in and one thing out!!! Very smart idea for the coffee maker...I'm making lots of mental notes here for space savers!!! :))

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

wow,i love your home...i wish i could try it before my life will end haha...that is really convenient for a single or two person who loves travelling...

be safe always on your journey!


Shirl 72 said...

I love the chocolate peanut butter fudge. You didn't tell me about the pounds they would put
on me. I also walk early in the morning before my brain wakes up. Now I will have to walk more
after eating the fudge.