Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Flag, the American Flag

Many things others consider very important, are not too important to me. Taste and temp of my coffee, the kind of gas I buy or the oil I use in the engines. I want good stuff, but there are many good brands. Same as the soap powder Lucy was talking about, store brand is ok with me. But My Flag, I love the stars and stripes. It represents the greatest country in the world, in my opinion.

Many times millions of men (me included)and women have pledged to die if necessary (and millions have died) to defend it and what it stands for.

There are RULES for our flag. In America NO FLAG FLIES HIGHER.

I am SICKENED AT THIS SIGHT! From a child I was taught to honor this flag.

Here, is our flag, flown beneath the Mexican colors. Hung there by ignorant Mexican students in protest of our governments immigration plans. You wouldn't want to tell me what would happen to you if you went to Mexico and lowered their flag raised the Stars and Bars above an upside down Mexican flag, would you?

What amazes me is this happened in 2006 and I have not heard anyone scream about it.

A rule with our flag : It is to be flown upside down is in dire distress, trouble or danger. In that respect, the flag itself is (to our sorrow) flown correctly. WE ARE IN TROUBLE.

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Remember our armed forces in harms way.
Remember the Veterans
This was probably passed off as a childs prank. It is about as funny as someone uninating on my Brothers, Brother in law, uncles and cousins graves.


Fred Alton said...

I'm with you 100% on respect for the flag of the United States. The USA IS the greatest nation on earth, without a doubt. There is no other nation on earth where there is such freedom to pursue one's dreams equal to the freedom we enjoy. Few people will dispute that statement. Many who speak against this country would literally "give their right arm" to be able to move here and live. If they did this dastardly deed of hoisting the Mexican flag above the US flag here in the USA they should be arrested and thrown in jail like the criminals they are!

Shirl 72 said...

If we would go to another country and protest we would be put in jail. I love my Country and will always stand up for what we believe. We have the freedom that others don't have. I love
the U.S.A.


Paula said...

This is truely a sickening sight. Amen to what Mr. Alton said. They should be arrested and thrown in jail.

Sheila said...

Terrible sight to see...Sheila

Anonymous said...

I think, Mr. Alton, there are many nations besides the U.S. where people are free to pursue their dreams, and we are just as patriotic.

People wouldn't get away with that kind of disrespect for our flag.

Lucy said...

I love my flag and my country, no matter if there are many problems, we won't be beat down and the flag as I said , is the most beautiful flag I have seen. Probably because I was raised with it. Since I correspond with a Canadian, she has never knocked our country and of course Canada is home for her and she is just as proud of her flag as we are ours.

Fred Alton said...

Ms Rain, I'm happy you have that freedom - and glad for everyone that feels as you do. As I said, there are a few who would disagree with my claim. Please over-look my naivete!

Rain said...

Thanks Jack for your comment, I replied to you by email! Mr. Alton, I'm so sorry if my comment came off as angry! I certainly don't think you're naive! I re-read it and, yes, without the tone of my voice and the look on my face, it did seem a wee bit angry huh? My apologies! Patriotism is a wonderful thing! :)

Fred Alton said...

Thanks Ms Rain, for your kind note here. Honest? Yes, it seemed you were a little hurt - ...and it's never my intent to be the "Ugly American". Lord knows I've seen plenty of them in my travels. It's o.k. that you took me to task. :D

Rain said...

And thanks Jack for the forum! :)