Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spur of the moment purchase!

You ever buy something just for the heck of it? I was walking by a table sale and spotted an old newspaper from the forties. I bought it for fifty cents; the original price on it was five cents. I thought it was interesting and for fifty cents thought the grand kids would get a kick out of the ads and prices. They did. I gave it to one to take to school. I know they had a ball with it.

This past summer I bought a pair of Pince Nez eye glasses. French, Pince meaning pincher and nez meaning nose. The eye glasses without ear shafts. I have seen pictures of them but this was the first I had ever actually seen up close, so I forked over a dollar and bought them. I will have to give them to one of the grandkids when we get home, no need to keep them.
Sherry bought some small bone painted Christmas ear rings from an Indian in Maine, just because she liked the shop.

I buy jeans because they are on sale. I try to never pay over $10 for a pair of jeans. I think I now have five pair nearly new. They will do me for the rest of my life. I now have enough tennis shoes (or whatever they are called now) to last until I die. I have three BRAND new pairs of Reeboks.

They just opened the Billy Graham Library about eight miles from our house. I loved his speech. He said his family told him he had become a little slovenly lately, so he went out and bought the new suit he was wearing. He told the audience he had bought it for two occasions. This meeting and one other, Billy is a great man.
I am not unaware that, considering my family history of males, I have five or ten years left, hopefully they will be productive, so I can nearly wear out the Reeboks.

I wonder if you wear shoes when you are prepared for the last journey. Will I wear shoes in my casket? (I probably have a choice) If I have on pants, I won't a couple dollars in the pockets, one never knows, does one?
I don’t mean to be morbid, but when I do go my Granddaughter has promised that on my stone will read, ‘Here lies Jack in a Box’. (Should that be ‘lays’?)

Thanks for coming this way.
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Folks ask me what do you do all week?
I try not to smile but I answer, Monday to Friday; Nothing,
Saturday & Sunday I rest.
Happiness is a voyage, not a destination,There is no better time to be happy than... NOW!

Don’t you just love being alive


Shirl 72 said...

I would think the glasses would make a dent in the nose. At this age I have enough dents in
this body to deal with. Sherry's earrings sound
pretty. Looks like you are finding bargains.
Love old newspapers an eye opener of the past.


Sheila said...

You found some neat items. Our paper has a section called 'Yesterdays news' and they print something from 150 years ago, 100 years,75 and 50 years ago. It is quite interesting sometimes, even some of the wording they used. Have a nice week, Sheila

Anonymous said...

Close to ten to three in the morning and I'm glad to have read this entry of yours.
There's a all week long flea-market close to the Monesteraki Square and it is indeed hard to avoid passing by. Latest purchases were some medals from 60 years ago and a negative from a picture, maybe as old as the piece of metal.
Love the glasses !
Please have a wonderful Wednesday you two.

Paula said...

I still call them tennis shoes too and I have several pair too. When my daughter lived in Illinois when I was visiting we went to an all night flea market. They had is once a year and people took their flashlights and pulled their kids in little red wagons. It was a lot of fun and different.

That corgi :) said...

love the Jack in a box and you are right, it is lies. too funny

Billy Graham is truly such a Godly man; would be interesting to go to his library

always enjoy a good bargain that is fun to talk about like the newspaper and the glasses; fun to have and then pass on to someone else that will get a kick out of it

(80s again here today, go figure)

be safe you two


Coffeeveggie addict. said...

its really nice to read your stories,i just can't help but smile co'z i can remember my dad who just passed away 4 weeks ago,he too was so curious when he was still alive where to put or not a shoes when he dies,one thing for sure everything he wish we humbly followed it like carrying his casket by his own grandchildren till we reach the cemetery,one of this day im going to share it on my blog for sure....

a wonderful and blessed wednesday to you...


Fred Alton said...

Hey Jack, the "Pince Nez" glasses reminded me of my French class and Madame Desimonde... She taught us to sing a little song in French which means, "How do you Plant Your Cabbage?" One line says "Je suis plant avec le nez!" Meaning, "I am planting with my nose". LoL Pince Nez indeed! Impulse buying is a bad habit that I've suffered from. Monday i bought a new video camera because it was on sale for less than half what the company wants to repair my old one - but at home I discovered there is no manual for it. Arrrrgh! Got a good bargain on the Nuvi tho! And I have to say that a hen lays - so that means "Here is laying Jack in a box"? Of course those words could be re-arranged in several ways! ☺☺☺

Dar said...

I do say, your glasses make you look rather 'professor-ish'...love your sense of humor and your 'shoot from the hip' attitude. I do declare, it's refreshing. You and my Bill share the same thought on a pair of jeans...nothing over $10 and a few pair will carry him to his grave...without the shoes. LOL
Have a wondermous day and God Bless Your Heart