Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Jewelry. I honestly cannot tell the difference in zirconium and diamond. I cannot tell the difference in gold plated and solid gold. I don’t know whether someone is wearing fake gold colored jewelry or real Gold. I wonder how many folk can.
Once in Jamaica, I bought Sherry a birthstone ring set in 18 carat gold. I was told by the jeweler it was a ‘super buy’ as compared to the states. So I bought it. I still have no idea if it was real or not. It doesn’t make much difference now, anyway because we have packed it up somewhere and do not know where it is.
Gold, fast lesson:
24 carat is the most valuable it is 99% pure gold.
20 carat is 20% gold and 4% something else.
18 carat is considered better than 24 carat for jewelry because pure gold is too soft to be durable.
Okay what is the other stuff or something else, it is usually silver, copper, zinc or nickel, this alloy gives the gold strength.
All that said I couldn’t tell 24 carat gold from a pretty flea market production. So why the big deal to want real gold? Got me? I did buy my Sherry a Gold watch and an engagement ring near our 50th anniversary. No, I did not give her an engagement ring and we did not have a wedding ring for many years after our marriage. WE have not been much into jewelry. I think she is getting used to the diamond. It bothered her for awhile because it turned to the side easily and sometime hurt her other finger. I enjoyed giving those things to her. I buy her a gold chain every once in awhile now. I have found that the 10 carat gold chains break easily.
Big question though, If I was a thief, I would be stealing junk, cause I don’t know the difference. Costume jewelry is good. The zirconium I hear is about as hard as a diamond. The idea should be appearances rather than value, because I don’t think most of us can tell the difference. I would also hate to lose a $25,000 ring. I would cry about that.
Thanks for coming this way.
NIte Shipslog
Woody and Anna were sitting at a table at his high school reunion and he kept staring at a drunken lady swigging her drink as she sat alone at a nearby table.Anna asked, 'Do you know her?

''Yes,' he sighed, 'She's my old girlfriend...I understand she took to drinking right after we split up those many years ago, and I hear she hasn't been sober since.''

"My Goodness!' said Anna, ‘How can a person celebrate that long?'

And that was one of his lessons in female logic, a lesson that helped him survive being a COP!!


That corgi :) said...

I'm with you Jack; I can't tell the difference in stones or gold. I don't wear much jewelry either; it is pretty when others wear it, just feel uncomfortable getting too decked out


Paula said...

If I think a piece of jewelry is pretty I don't care if its real or fake. You reminded me of when thieves broke into our house I found my little jewelry box upside down on the bathroom floor. He had we suppose dumped the contents into his pocket. The joke was on him it was all cheap stuff and my diamond ear studs Mel had bought me for Christmas was in a special place which he did not find.

Lucy said...

Thanks for the lesson on jewelry. I just buy what I think is pretty. I have so much jewelry that the kids have bought for me, In my sort of will that I emailed to all the kids I said that all the girls should pick what they want, but do not argue over it. I have A FRIEND that makes their own beads very nice and no 2 alike and I have a lot of that and I think that will go first. I forget to put it on.

Anonymous said...

I agree, appearance over value is number one for me! I love finding interesting costume jewellery at flea markets and bazaars! And I wouldn't be able to tell the difference either, mainly because it doesn't really matter to me.

Rose said...

I learned at a young age that if you put a real diamond next to a fake......you can tell the difference. The fakes tend to get cloudy if you don't keep them super clean. But with today's technology, they have improved the cubics so well and put them in real gold settings so then it is hard to tell the difference.

I used to love my jewelry but after moving to Florida and two break-ins. I no longer have my beautiful jewelry and I can't afford to replace what I had and I have no desire to.

What is the sense of working hard to buy yourself something nice if some thug will take it away.........sad. That was the beginning of my insomnia!

Costume jewelry now looks pretty and is good enough for me these days.

Hugs, Rose

Anonymous said...


Fred Alton said...

Oh Mercy! Brother! We've come a long way in the jewelry department haven't we? Frances still doesn't want any - except the plain gold wedding band I bought and placed on her hand in Service Merchandise in Knoxville - just before we went to Africa. Her sister (Beth) loves to wear shiny pins and sequined blouses or sweaters. Frances says she just doesn't want it for herself but likes it on her sister or someone else. I know I repeated the old "clothesline" preaching many times - but found it to be a serious waste of breath....

Woody said...

Don't use those jokes, poor anna mae almost P'd her pants!!!