Friday, February 5, 2010

Gasoline, fill-er-up?

Do you keep up with your gas mileage? I used to I finally just quit. Now Sherry, that lady knows how many gallons of gas we used in our last car the whole time we had it. She knows where the most reasonable gas is sold, notice I did not say cheap, ain’t no such animal any more. I think we paid $2.63 the last fill up. Sherry knows how many miles per gallon we get and what we paid for it, where we purchased it and how much per gallon. IT is sort of a game with her.

(It is okay if I snag a UK cartoon, huh?)

Now me, I have come to the point, I just stop and pump. I like a full tank of gas; I do not like to let it get down close the ‘E’ or Excitement. I have made a mistake a time or two and run it close. I normally ‘fill-r-up’. Now granted if I was within 50-75 miles on the Canadian side of the border I would buy just enough to get into the states. Still at that I would not save that much. But a penny saved is a penny earned.( Will you bend to pick up a penny? Boy I do. That is really a penny saved).
I have a son, Mark, who is evidently afraid of a full tank of gas, HE will not fill a tank. He still buys $5-$20 a stop. Now before you think too far, he has always done it. I don’t know if he is afraid he will die and have wasted the money on the gas or what. Maybe he is subconsciously afraid of wrecking the car and having to see that gas hauled to the junk yard, I don’t know. But I do know when he worked for me, and I bought all the gas, he still put it in $5-20. Go figure. I finally told Jim at the service station, just fill them up when they come in, I hate to get into the truck and need gas, when it isn’t necessary.

· (Recognize this station? it became world famous!)
Every study shows we can be energy independent in this country, if we will use our own oil.Plenty out west and plenty in Alaska. I think we do not need to be held hostage by an oil cartel. I like the idea of Drill here drill now. I hate to see fuel go back to $4 and more.

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Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground?
Why is 'bra' singular and 'panties' plural?
Why do toasters always have a setting that burns the toast to a horrible crisp, which no decent human being would eat?
PS #2:
I have filled up here, and back when I drank a little, I bought a six pack of famous beer here. The famous station is 'Billy Carter's station' in Plains, GA. If you ever go in the 'Men's room' you will find my name carved there, Wow I am part of history! hahahahahahaha!
(The beer? 'Billy Beer'.)


Anonymous said...

LOL Billy Beer is real? I heard it on a sitcom as part of a joke and didn't realize it was a real brew! I can't sit still if the tank goes below the halfway mark Jack. And I'm like Sherry, everything is calculated and logged in my noggin! :) That's funny about your son, fillerupaphobia!

Lucy said...

Billy Beer was very much real. when I went site yesterday I could not comment cause there was no comment form I could click on. Joe has kept track of every car we have had since. When I married him he had a Ford falcon and bought it used for 250.00 and drove it for 22 years. It was a 61 ford falcon. There is a log on everything including when he was un-reformed and comming back from a small town bar he missed a curve and went down a steep embankment into a pond.Water over the hood. The farmer let him fix the fence he tore down. Joe had it towed out of the water and up on the bank then proceeded to take the oil dip stick out and nothing but yellow water came out. He drove it back to Lincoln about 10 miles.. He changed the oil so many times he lost count and continued to drive that car for 8 more years or more. He never heard the end of it from his fellow workers in the shop where he worked as a mechanic. Needless to say he reformed under the threat of a good many things froim his then new wife.

Paula said...

I had a Billy beer can in my collection. Riding my bike one day I found a Coy beer can. Never had heard of it so my collection started. People started bringing me cans from their vacations. John makes fun of me because I never let my gas tank get below half full. I was called out in the middle of the night to drive over three hours to my sick grandson once and was I glad I had a full tank.

Rose said...

I just fill up the tank and never let it go below half a tank. I went below once and was driving on fumes past midnight and needed assistance for the police when they drove by to help a woman stranded on the road.........Oh my.

I never did that again.......I think the last car I traded in for a new one.......I remember being upset because there was 3/4 of a tank of gas in there!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Well, they gave me a full tank of gas with my new car so I couldn't complain.

Hugs, Rose

Bookncoffee said...

Well, I might get in trouble going to the mens room to see your name. lol

I fill up. I don't keep up with the details either. I thought that was a man's thing. lol Proud of Sherry if she does it.

Hope you all are having a good time and staying out the rain.

Only 42 now but turning to snow I think here in middle TN - maybe less than an inch they said.

See ya later.

Fred Alton said...

That's something about your buying Billy Beer. I remember it being advertised lots. Sometime between 76 and 80 (while pastoring in Waynesboro, TN) I spoke to Billy and Jimmy in Plains, GA on my newly acquired Tempo-One Ham radio. Instead of a QSL card they sent me a Plains Telephone Directory which I still have here somewhere. I had talked with them for about 15 or 20 minutes before Jimmy said, "While Billy is gone out to get another beer, let me make it clear that his name really is Billy and my name really is Jimmy - but no - we are NOT the Carter brothers of Plains.

On keeping up with mileage, it is a habit acquired when traveling for deputational work when we had to turn in every receipt for gas - or we could get a set amout per mile driven. That mileage money helped me buy an extra candy bar on the road a few times. LoL.

betty said...

my hubby keeps up with the gas mileage; figures it out on his calculator on his cell phone; I just watch the price of gas and see how much it will cost for my son with the premium grade since he drives a Cadillac and shudder when it goes up and smile when it goes down. Hubby likes to fill up the tank when it is 1/2 empty and stressed how important it was for son to keep the same standards especially so you won't get stranded some place. Son, driving a Cadillac and always short of gas, lives dangerously, sometimes with less than a gallon of gas (he has one of those gauges that tell you how much gas you have) many a time husband has the Cadillac for this or that reason and the gas light is blinking, not a good sign, usually running on fumes. I think my son plans that, LOL, since hubby will......yep, you guess it, fill it up (but truly son doesn't take advantage of it and is real careful where he drives not to use gas)


Monica said...

Hi Jack, thanks for keeping me on your 'radar' screen. =) As for filling up ... I'd prefer not to go below half myself. DH will let it run bone dry then filler up. Neither of us keep track of our milage however we both can tell you where the best prices are here in the Tacoma area are located. =)

Now a sidenote, tell Sherry, I have a single daughter here who needs a matchmaker! =) I'd ask for notes but, it sounds like her success rate is about the same as mine at the moment.

Sheila Y said...

Do you still have the Billy Beer, or did you drink it and throw the cans away? Neither one of us figures the mileage now. But have on occasion many years ago. Have a great weekend, Sheila
PS. Shirl and Lucy have been hogging all the snow and want let any come down this way... :D

shirl72 said...

When my tank gets 1/4 down I fill it back up.
I fool myself thinking I am not spending much on
Gas. Remember Jim & I have been to Billy's
Service Station and met Billy's mother. What
a hoot. I remember when you would roll in the station and say Fill-er-up.


Lucy said...

That was the good old days, Shirl.