Friday, February 26, 2010

Just to register a ten foot boat!

It doesn’t take too much to get upset at the government. City, County, state or national. I was thinking the other day about the Healthcare bill. Both versions are about 2000 pages. Now honestly who can read it and do other stuff too. I read pretty fast and can sometimes read 500 pages of fiction in four days. But that is straight fiction, not legalese. How long would it take the average person to read 4,000 pages and the references? Most folk it would take three weeks of steady reading at 6 hours a day. I have a feeling we have leaders who do not read a bill. Folks do you realize that is a stack of paper about 8” high for both bills. That is many times longer than our Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Since these congressmen are mostly lawyers, I guess that is understandable. BUT an 8 INCH stack OF PAPER?

I just brought that up because I am trying to register my little ten foot folding boat. You would think it was a Yacht. There are at least eight pages to fill out including taxes. Right now I think I need a lawyer to help me finish filling them out. I get mad when I run into this. I remember seeing all the paperwork Sherry and Shirley handled with our parents and Medicare and insurance. Weird, how does the average Joe citizen understand insurance and the gov’t paper work. I know 2000 more pages of rules and regulations are gonna be fun.
Anyway we all know, or in my opinion should know, that neither party is going to make life simple, their job is to make you more dependent on the government to explain things.
If those guys wanted it simple, it would be simple.

Our son Jack was giving his opinion of pharmaceuticals. Pills are created to treat the symptoms, not the disease. It is all about money. If you are cured no need for more pills. But if the pills cover the symptoms then you are required to be on them for life, therefore creating a never ending market.
I threw my two cents worth in to Sherry. Years ago you went to the Doctor, left paying the secretary $30-$35. The doctor said, “If you have any more trouble come back.” Now they simply say, “I’ll see you again in two weeks, make an appointment with my secretary.” In other words you ain't gonna get better! It never fails! You are never through.

I have no idea what this has to do with registering a boat. Did you think one boat registration could cause so much anger!!!! Hahahaha! (I ain't really mad, just confused)
Thanks for coming this way!
Nite Shipslog.
PS: ****** 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday.
****** The United States Constitution (c) 1791. All Rights Reserved. ***** The Second Amendment is in place in case the politicians ignore the others.
**** What part of 'shall not be infringed' do you NOT understand?
******Guns have only two enemies; rust and politicians.


Paula said...

I've said this before somewhere--- people used to work harder but they didn't have the stress that we do today. So much paper work to keep up with and so much to fill out etc. etc.

betty said...

I just think they need to read something completely if they are going to vote on it. No matter how long it takes or simplify it.

hoping you get your boat registered soon and can (one day) enjoy it


shirl72 said...

I received a letter the other day I could not
understand read it two or three times. Very
complicated after fuming and stressing at the
bottom it said not to worry about this until
4/20/10 and I would received a letter explaining. They could have waited until April
to send the letter. You are right to much paper work.


Dar said...

I know your little registration that should ask only ask if the boat leaks, should do it. If it did, no need to register it., right? put a hole in it, duct tape it with chewing gum in the hole and have a great day.
one frustration does bring another to mind...
I hate all the red tape a person has to go through to see a doc, get it paid for let alone medicate the damned illness...your son is on the right track. It's all about the pharmacies, the insurance companies and the docs that keep ya coming...they have no interest in what they swore to do...heal what they can and help the rest...not bleed every last drop of blood out of a turnip......eiiyiiyii....
The Good Lord is going to take me when He wants me NO MATTER WHAT, so the heck with them...prayer really is a powerful thing and like my Dad's last words, "Laughter really IS the best medicine". The Good Lord took him just after reading a good mother-in-law joke and a good belly laugh. That's the way I wanna go.
Say, ya got me going...have a memorable day dear friends...
God Bless

Fred Alton said...

If I build a raft by tying logs together and put up a shirt for a sail, will the gov require that I register it? Arrrrgha!

Glenda said...

So, I sat down yesterday to figure my taxes, then decided to try online e-filing. Ok, what if I don't WANT to deduct a home office just because there was a little bit of income that I do have to claim from my juice drink biz, yikes you can't not do it! That page is in there, you can't make it go away. Finally put all the paper away and said "do it tomorrow". I think I read this blog because you have a way of latching on to common frustrations and making jokes, humor puts it in perspective. Like a good sermon -- just when I needed to hear it!

Rose said...

I understand your frustration. And, it also spoils your entire day doesn't it.

I agree with your son about the prescriptions and forever going to the doctor.

I didn't have medical insurance for 8 years due to existing conditions. Now, I'm on Medicare....I have been non stop going back and forth to the doctors. What gives?????

I hope you get your boat registered in time to enjoy it.

I love your graphic!

Hugs, Rose

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How very interesting to read, as I assume things to be equal over here in Europe.
On the other hand you might be glad, just imagine the boat to be a foot longer...wondering about the connection between size and amount of pages.
A wonderful Sunday for you all.