Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Depression..... AndME!

Do you ever get an e-mail that puts you in the dumps? Today I got two. It is not intentional, I know these folks mean well. Sorta like the telemarketers calls that we have gotten today. Let me go there first.

Since we have had cell phones, we have NEVER been bothered by telemarketers. Today alone we had six calls.
SIX! I was just wondering if some government law was just passed that they could now call cell phones, and before they could not? For someone with a few minutes on their cell, this could become maddening. Okay, I found the place to register for ‘no telemarketers’.

So that is done. They said I should receive no more calls after 30 days.

Now about the e-mails. I don’t like the ones that say if you love Jesus you will forward this. Does that mean the maker of that e-mail has been told that by Jesus? Does it mean when I delete it that I don’t love Jesus? I don’t think so. So it doesn’t bother me. But that good luck stuff now that is different. The maker of the e-mail is gonna give me good luck if I forward it to 4 million people in twenty seconds, BUT if I delete it? Wow at the terrible luck. So since I always have good luck, I just delete it to see it I will have some bad luck. Hasn’t happened yet. I don’t like bad luck; don’t even allow it in the house.

Okay I bump my head a lot, reckon that is from deleting so many good luck e-mails. Reckon that is why I lost my hair? Maybe I had better rethink this whole situation.

E-mails… Subject WHEELCHAIRS… Get one free with instructions.
Now you figure, has someone been spying? Has Mel up north done this to get back at me for praying she got snow so it will melt, and water the cantaloupes (No that is Sam). So the water will melt to grow the green grass to make yellow cheese after the cows eat it. The snow is for your own good Mel.
But who said I needed a wheel chair. IS THAT FROM DELETING THE E-MAILS? Sh- …. No I am not gonna say it. BUT I deleted the e-mail anyway. So there. (but I don’t feel better)
Thanks for coming by the log, at least I feel better since you came this way to visit!
Nite Shipslog
If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, what is baby oil made from?


Lucy said...

Jack what is baby oil made of? I did not know you could get calls on cell phones from telemarketers. I don't like those forwards either, actually I don't like forwards much.

Rose said...

Did you register you cell phone numbers along with your land line numbers on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY online?

I register mine every six months. If they call you it is a twelve hundred dollar fine! If you have Caller ID then you can see their number and go online and report them in the same site.

Good Luck.........Telemarketers! Ugh. They should not be imposing on your private time or using up your cell phone minutes.

Hugs, Rose

Shirl 72 said...

I understand that they did pass a law to get
cellphone numbers. I love the look on the babys face. I don't foward and my house roof has not fell in. But is has been scary today winds up to 35 miles. A x-large tree fell
across the road at the entrance of North Street.
Road closed can't you just see me trying to find my way to the Condo. I finally figure it out. I should have had the GPS on. HEE HEE


Fred Alton said...

I have a suggestion to cure the "blues"...go back and read my good friend Jack Darnell's Shipslog! He'll have you in stitches after a few short minutes. Love you Jack and Sherry.

Paula said...

That baby looks like the picture of depression. Why do people not know these same forwards have been around and around.

That corgi :) said...

I usually delete forwards and don't even bother opening them and I rarely forward anything

I occasionally get telemarketer calls on my cell phone. If I don't recognize the number, I just open the cell phone and close it without answering it. I usually don't get another call from that number (LOL)


Monica said...

I do the same as Betty, delete all forwards unless it's something I'm expecting from a wedding planner I'm working directly with - usually they are forwarding a business related e-mail. I very very rarely forward something and if I do, no luck is involved.

I blocked the telemarketers before it was legal for them to call the cell phones and haven't had a problem. I wonder when I have to renew that block thingy? (sigh) Can't they just ban those darn telemarketers? Who likes em anyway?

~mel said...

Oh man... you're on to me! LOL I'm the telemarketer who called you ~ I'm pretty sure you were eating your supper at the time... your response was slurred; maybe from too many cocktails or were you trying to wipe the raspberry doughgen off your chin?
Guess what - it's snowing again! Just a warning... get to higher ground ... when this s#*t starts to melt ... it's all flowing south!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Stop by my blog anytime ...i'm always home!! If your ever in the northwest section of North Carolina the New River State Park...where i work for the season ..... has a great RV camp ground with full hook-ups......

Stay warm and hope to see ya.....LindaMay that your baby picture..?