Monday, February 15, 2010

Stupid things, maybe just ignorant!

Before today's exciting entry, Fred asked what did the boat weigh I should have had that in the entry. The boat weighs 52 lbs (23.5k)the seats/transom weigh 31 so the total is 81lbs (37.5k) put together.

I was reminded when I read on Lucy’s blog awhile back, that her appointment was something like 3:45 and it was around 5 before she was seen.
I once had an appointment with a dentist for ‘oral surgery’ translate that ‘to pull a tooth’. My appt. was at 9:45. At 10:15 I asked if there was an emergency, the receptionist said he will see you as soon as he can. I told her I had been there since 9:45 and if I was in the chair by 9:30 I was leaving. At 9:30 I told her bye and walked out ( everyone in the office was smiling and nodding).
Out side, I said,”That was stupid, now I have to go thru the same thing, plus find another Dr. I still need the tooth pulled.”
But I taught them a thing or two. Hahahahahahahaha! As if it made a difference to them. I was the one who was put out.

While in business, I made a trip to Albany, Ga from NC to sell a piece of land. At closing, I told the attorney I wanted a check that I could cash immediately. I knew the bank’s policy of holding an out of state check ten days. I did not need the money but wanted it available if I did. The Attorney, my BIL Sonny, and I walked to the bank. I assured by the banker and the attorney that this check ‘Cashiers Check’ was good anywhere in the USA.

In NC, I drove by my bank, NCNB wrote out a deposit slip depositing the check, and withdrawing $100. The drive thru lady said, I can’t we must hold the check ten days. I ended up in the bank president’s office, demanding my money from person/business accounts, I was closing them. He had the nerve to ask how I wanted the check made out? Check? Are you crazy? That is what started this whole thing, I want it all in cash.
But, But but…..
Yep, every penny in cash.
I left the bank smug, I guess I showed them. I went to another bank and opened a new account. They gave me some rib eye steaks for opening with them.

I forgot one small thing (maybe two or three), I had a direct deposit going to NCNB, ins. taken out etc. The first of the month my account reopened automatically because of the direct deposit.

I fixed it all and went to another bank to re-close the account. I am sooooooo smart some times.

But I am so much better now, that is since you came by!!!!!
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Lucy said...

Jack, thank you very much for telling Sheila to send me her snow. Sure glad she does not listen to you. Colder than billy hell here and I have to get out in it Wed. and Fri for god only knows when.

Sonya said...

Hope you all are having a good time. It's snowing and 25 degrees here. Work tomorrow, but enjoying today, President's day, OFF!

Shirl 72 said...

It takes us a long to learn we don't show them but only put ourself in a mess. Glad you told the weight of the boat don't make Sherry carry it to the lake. We had rain no snow but it is cold as a well diggers knee. That was Jim's saying. Now that is cold.


Anonymous said...


Fred Alton said...

Uh oh. With all that weight Frances won't be able to carry it for me. ☺ ☻ ! LoL @ your bank deals. I had a similar exp in Kenya at Barclay's - an old English bank. The church had two accounts and still they would not accept my cashier's check for $25,000. I told Frances we would just close all of our accounts - we'd show them - both church accounts and personal. Instead, she said, "No honey, My daddy sez you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." We're going to make a friend! I didn't go back to that bank - but SHE DID! And made a friend - through whom we were able to get some very special exchange rates and check advances, etc. and etc.! However - I SHOWED 'EM - I DID!!!

Dar said...

Banks, Baaaah!!! Gotta say, I love your that looks like something even I could handle, little assembly required...might need help carrying it tho, unless there was a steep hill to slide it down. LOL...Interesting read all the way and handsome Swabbie. I got a kick out of your kiddin' my kid sister Mel from up north...she can handle it. That gal, she shoots from the hip...says it like it is.
Have a great week new found blogger....I enjoyed every word and will check in on you often...tootles
BlessYa and Your Lady and Safe Travels

That corgi :) said...

I so sympathize with your dentist story; I used to work in doctors' offices and I hated when we ran late (which was usually because the doctor got in late, but still wanted us to schedule as we scheduled). very frustrating. Nowadays some doctors run such a tight schedule they won't even see you if you are 10 minutes late. that is a pretty lightweight boat, but I am sure it is safe, right?


Dar said...

Jack and Sheri...thanks for stopping by...Dad, one of my 5 sisters and myself were all leftys...can't throw that well but can still skip a pretty mean rock across the waters...
God Bless

Lucy said...

I missed some things so will make up for it. Love the boat and Dar I am a lefty to. Can't throw worth a darn. By the way Jack the therapist told me that some times they, the orthopedists run into problems they do not anticipate. Since sitting there all that time I don't take kindly to remarks or excuses and I said I think they overbook. Therapist did not reply.

Anonymous said...

"nice" to see and read that life seems to be quiet the same over there.
A wonderful Wednesday for you two.