Sunday, August 15, 2010

Backing up to come to the present.

Trip mileage report: miles on the Motor home...2311
Miles on the Van........1283

Backing up to Greentop, Missouri because it was an interesting little town. Sherry and I joked about this is what Park Falls was supposed to look like according to the world of Dar. LOL. This is our view from the picture window While at the RV park at Greentop.

We always like to walk in the small towns. This is 'The Bank' in Greentop. Sherry and I laughed because back when Johnny (her brother) used to drink, Every evening he would spend time at the play ground. That is what he said. It was a bar called 'The Playground'. This one is called 'The Bank' so when wife calls and asks where you are , you can be at the bank! This is actually the old bank building from better times.

Now we got another laugh here. There are NO rail road tracks. They are long since gone. (We walked after dark, camera is not too good at night)

I worked a couple miles South of here at the 790th RAdar Squadron, a SAGE site , while in the USAF. We lived about nine miles South of here. This was a great duty station one of the best we ever had.
While here, after the little church closed down in Novinger, WE attended church in Moberly, MO. below is the old church building, it is a small house now, notice the Cross is still leaning up against the building. It was the top of a small steeple which has long since been removed. A funny thing happened today.
I am active an internet forum. We are in St. Joe to meet with some forum friends. We went out to eat with three of them today after attending church with them. (To regress a little more, in one of my lives I though I was a preacher. After attending this church and being discharged from the USAF, going back to NC and attending a Bible school, I was called back here to pastor.)
The funny thing today was, one of the guys and his wife pastored this same church after we did. I started off, "Did you know that the parsonage had been..."
He and his wife chimed in, "A chicken house!"
Yep it had been. So yes, I once moved my Sherry and two boys into a 'leaning' chicken house. It has been torn down since then.

I got my big chance when I was invited to speak (along with others) at this large church down town.
(I was never invited back, I still can't imagine it!) haha.

This time in Moberly, we learned something we didn't know when we lived here in the early 1960's. This is where General of the Army, Omar Bradley called home. More unique, he was born a few farms east of where our friends the Conrads lived. Bradley was a gentleman, he was called the Soldier's General.

Now we are up todate on our trip. We are now here in St. Joseph. An interesting place in History. Captains Lewis and Clark passed this point when they started their famous expedition West, looking for a water route to the West Coast. St. Joseph is famous in that this is the point they returned to after the expedition was completed.

But what us wannabe cowboys should know about St. Joseph is that is was the home of the famous Pony Express. This is where the boys started their 1900+ mile run West. Below is the National monument to those hearty and fearless 'boys' who were, THE PONY EXPRESS.

Now here we are at the AOK RV park between St. Joe and Savannah. Glenda called Sherry and she is heading to Missouri from Florida and bringing some Mangos' So we are going to wait. We might get in some site seeing and play tourist.
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My wife and I had words,But I didn't get to use mine. (Just kidding Sherry, honest!)

Frustration is trying to find your glasses without your glasses.
Blessed are those who can give without remembering, And take without forgetting.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good to see your internet connection is working ok again and that you've once again met up with some old friends. You are blessed to have so many of them. It is terrible trying to find your glasses with out your glasses. Have fun seeing the sights!

Fred Alton said...

Jack and Sherry! I l-o-v-e-d this post! Greentop's "Bank"! Would that be equivalent to the preacher naming his fishing boat "Visitation"? ☺ Reading about your Chicken House/Parsonage, of course stirred up some very real memories! I've never had it that rough, really. Of course, we've had to clean and remodel basically everywhere we've been pastor. Even in Africa our home was not that bad.

Very interesting too about Lewis and Clark and General Omar Bradley. In fact the entire blog is so interesting.

I've often fantasized of being a cowboy...but never wanted to be a cowman. There is a difference. A cowboy is just having fun riding his horse and shooting his cap pistol...but a cowman has to put up with a lot of horse manure! ☻ ☻ (Compare that statement with Proverbs 14:4.)

Woody said...

Nice entry, enjoyed the pictures and history, probably will never get there but now I know a little about it.
Enjoy yourselves,
Gary & Anna Mae

Paula said...

Interesting entry. Our beer joint is named the Oasis but I swear I've never been in it.

Lucy said...

Loved the pictures. Pretty much like Nebraska small towns.

Anonymous said...

Sherry deserves so much more than a chicken house

Shirl 72 said...

That is so funny Johnny and the Playground, also like the Bank. You know I live at the Dry Lake House. We had some rain but it is still hot.

People at Church said tell you hello. They ask
just about every Sunday what State is Jack & Sherry now.


Lindie said...

We have 2 bars here like that. One is called The Office and the other is The Edge Of Town. (never been in either of them) I lived in St Joe 7th grade through high school. Nice place to grow up. I remember when we first moved to Rapid City in the mid 60s that there was a gas war going on and we paid .19 per gallon! We drove around the Black Hills all weekend on that!