Friday, August 13, 2010


Just to let you allknow that we are having problems withthe inter net where we are. We are hoping it is the signal, eventhough it looks good, we cannot stay on the net over a minute or so at a time. When it allows us at all.

We also cannot receive calls on one pnone for some reason. Tomorrow is moving day, we head for St. Joe.

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Shirl 72 said...

I think it is the hot weather that is playing
heck with everything. I don't know where St. Joe
is located. So I don't know where you are. LOL


Ally Lifewithally said...

Hope your problems are all solved soon ~ Allyx

Lucy said...

I hope it is just the internet and maybe you will get an area that is better. We would miss your comments and your great photos. Good luck.

Fred Alton said...

Jack, I took over an hour to write a little report about the grand-daughter's visit today. Only at the end it gave some message about a meta-file error. I tried to save and publish - but the entire thing went away and I haven't seen it again. Oh well...communications is so much better today than it was in times past that these little things are minor when I remember Africa 20 years ago...and Guyana 40 years ago! ☺

Paula said...

Have fun and we'll hear from you two when you resurface.

Rose said...

Time to move on to a new location.

Hugs, Rose

Glenda said...

Dearest Jack & Sherry, After writing up notes for early patient feeding, she gets nourishment via a feeding tube; was ruminating about how grateful I am to be alive, healthy and able to eat with a fork. Logged in to see what's up with you two, and now blowing my nose and wiping away tears. Just want to say that I, along with all my brothers and sisters, feel that it was our good fortune to have had the Darnells come into our life so many years ago. Mary phoned yesterday and put Mom on the phone, she told me about your visit, and apologized for missing my birthday (she can never seem to find her personalized calendar)and then she told me about your visit and how great it was to see you two. She talked about Aunt Helen, her sister-in-law who passed away this week. She recalled all the wonderful times they had, then she told me about your visit to the nursing home. She may forget that she just told me a couple of times how wonderful it was to see you, however, she will remember the rest of her days that you came all the way to Moberly one more time to see them.
You are an eloquent writer and terrific photographer, love all the trip photos and commentary. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the tribute to Daddy and all the kind and generous thoughtfulness you have shown our family. We LOVE you two and hope for all the best as you continue a nostalgic journey through the beautiful country we live in.
Love and hugs, Glenda

Jimmy's Journal said...

Keep on plugging Jack! I love reading your blogs!


Y said...

Thanks for letting us know that you didn't drive off the end of the earth.

Dar said...

Hey there long lost friends.
Your problem is my problem, or was. My computer has been down since the day after you left, and I just got it back last night, in the middle of decorating Sara's Wedding Cake. It turned out great. I called, you called, we were playing phone tag. Anyway, it was to let you know about our P/C problems and that all is well here. Bill is getting injections in his eye now...we will see if that helps, so far, no.
We are getting ready for the wedding so I promise to do some reading and catching up when this weekend is over. My sis is home from TX., so it probably won't be until she leaves at the end of this next week. Miss you guys. Gotta tell ya again, what a great time we had visiting and meeting you. We have been devouring your books, Jack. You're an inspiration.
BlessYourTravels and FlyTheRoadsWithYourLord