Monday, August 9, 2010

Another try at the House on the Rock, Hey Slim!

Before I start, I have been working over 3 hours today to get this entry on. Now before I start I have to tell you. It has been some time since we had some fresh fish. Today, thanks to Slim (And Mel) we had fried 'Walleye' my first time frying it. Sherry fixed black beans and rice and slaw (she mixed some concoction Dar told her about to dip the fish in) and we had a feast. Thanks for the fish. One more note from Park Falls. We were riding along and I mentioned to Slim I had a hard time telling the difference in the Balsaam and the Spruce. He puled over to the side of the road, never got out of the pick up. Broke a little off of three threes and gave me a lecture on Tamarack, Balsaam and Spruce. He be almost as smart as Mel.

Now I am going to back up and go from the entrance of the House on the Rock. There are two of those giant planters at the entrance. Giant lizards and mistical characters climbing over them.
Here is another one near the entrance.
The first thing this old man must do is go to the toilet. below is what the toilet looked like. First thing a man sees is the giant model.

Then as you pee you may hit your foot, looking at the models above and hanging. This is really a boys room.

From the information area this is looking down. Inside the information area is a huge fountain. The water flows out of the building and down some falls and into this pond.

Sherry in front of another giant planter.

This is a money plant.

An Easter Egg plant; this one obviously Yellow eggs.

The amazing pumpkins on a stick plant.

I would need some help on this, I just thought it was beautiful.

This is the white Easter Egg plant.

Now I am mad. I missed the japanese lantern plant. I will go back and try to put it up front.
After this loads. Here you see a huge paddle boat model and a beautiful doll. They are throughout the House on the Rock.

Sherry is in the kitchen of the HOuse. This is the automated kitchen. There is one that is set up for charcoal. Those grated windows look out over the valley below.

This is the ornate dining room table. One huge piece of wood.

This ornate door, hand carved out of mahogany and glass inset. These thruout the house also.

Passing out onto a deck like affair and heading for the Infinity room. Looking down you can se the walk ways that to to other byuildings on the property. We are still in the actual house on the rock. Going thru, some of the walls are the actual rock.

Sherry in the infinity room. This stretches out over the valley about a hundred or more feet. The views are great as you would expect from the windowed wall.

You cannot go to the actual end it is too tight This is as far as you can go. Just ahead of me is a glass floor section. You can only see the top of an oak now.

One of the views of a nice farm on the rolling hills.

This is the infinity room from the viewing area on Highway 23. You have to walk out for this fiew.

Well, maybe next time I can load faster and better. The house is amazing. This is the first part of the tour. I gave the last part before. Forgetting how to load the pictures.
We are now in Kirksville, MO. We went down town to find the hospital Mark was born in and had a rough time finding it. It is now in the center of Truman State University campus. It is also being demolished. We got a couple pictures. I know you are surprised about that. hahahaha
Thanks for coming this way. I sure hope this posts.
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Debbie said...

That man must have spent a fortune on that place with all the elaborate furnishings and grounds. I believe the flower you think is beautiful but didn't have a name for is an amaryllis or amarilis (not sure which spelling is correct).

I'm glad you were able to get some pictures of the hospital your son was born in before they tear it down completely.

Love ya'll

PS: The last few times I've written an entry and published them, they didn't show up for almost 10 hours. Not sure if that's what you're having problems with or not because you didn't say but I thought I'd let you know.

~mel said...

"He be almost as smart as Mel." Like I said ~ I taught him everything he knows!

I'm glad you enjoyed the lesson on tree identification AND the fish fry! I'm enjoying the tour of The House on The Rock.
So was it a little disheartening to find out that the hospital was being demolished? At least you got to see it one more time.

Mom was over yesterday and took home your books to read ~ she say's I'm too busy right now for them. I did get half way through Gracefully Grasping for Dignity though. I'm enjoying it and happy to report that Slim and I have already covered many of the bases that you talk about. Being a heart patient myself and not in the best of health ~ and Slim, having lost his parents when they were only 48 and 56, makes one open their eyes a little earlier than a lot of people in our age bracket on some of the things we need to do. Thanks for sharing!!

Fred Alton said...

Thanks Jack! Touring with you here is a grand experience. You make it very interesting with all the pictures and your comments. Isn't it wonderful that someone is willing to spend that much money, work so hard and make a spot so interesting - then invite the public to view it? Do be careful and drive safely as you enjoy your travels. I want some fried fish!

Lucy said...

So glad you posted those pictures. Fried fish sounds wonderful. I don't want it oftyen but now I will be hungry for some. Have to go to what we call "the fish place" and get some. Long John Silver.Not as good as fresh caught but they take care of the craving for fish for many months.

madcobug said...

Very interesting entry Jack. That infinity view is something else. Helen

Y said...

Wow! Seeing your pictures is almost like being at the House on the Rock again. The gorgeous red flowers are called Amaryllis, which are some of my favorite flowers to grow. We had quite a collection of them in many different colors in our flower beds in Louisiana, but they won't grow here, except as forced bulbs inside.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love being able to travel through your eyes. Thanks for taking the time to share all the pictures. I cannot imagine living in a place like that but I suppose someone did. Never saw such a fancy bathroom before. You all are traveling right along to be in Missouri already. Take care and enjoy the trip!