Monday, August 16, 2010

These are a few of my Favorite things.....

Dreaming of being a cowboy or another 007. (ha!)

A jar lid that comes off when someone has given up and makes me look strong.
A beautiful sunset and sunrise (don’t see many sunrises anymore, but the western USA has some of the most beautiful ones.) AND I love a small western town.
A vehicle that starts every time and a smooth highway ending with level RV parking sites. (cheap) hahahaha.

Meeting friends.
Eating homemade biscuits with butter and molasses.
Seeing horses and cattle in a pasture.

Feeling a Crappie on the end of my fishing line, frying that Crappie and enjoying a fish meal. (Also enjoy the fish if a friend gives it to you, thanks Slim)
Sharing the pride of a person who has broken a habit or lost weight they wanted to.

Thinking of my Dad & Mom (wondering what they would have done when faced with some of today’s problems with off spring.)
A great idea! a new place to go! and being on the road! And then there are: Sons and grand kids (Oh yes, G-grands too).

Being out of debt and a little money in the bank.
Playing marbles for keeps, and winning!

Gasoline at $.29, diesel at $.15 (Okay that is going back too far)

Knowing this is close but not fact!

Then there is Sherry!

Reading Blogs and posting (most of the time). Did I say Sex? (I can’t say that, my sons and grand kids read this.)
Speaking of ----, I did mention Sherry, right?

A Tropical Blizzard! Even more enjoyable with G-kids or friends. Don & Evelyn love Blizzards.

I have too many favorite things to list. I am a happy type guy and many favorite things keep me that way. Did I mention Sherry? (Boy, I could tell you some things (but I had better not, or Knot).) I know how to keep quiet on important things. Especially important things that are my favorite things.
Thanks for taking your time to read this ‘stuff’.
Nite Shipslog
We are still North of St. Joseph, Missouri. We met a retired minister and his wife here, and have become friends in just a day. They have living in a chicken house in common with us. Today the pastor’s wife called and she knows another pastor who lived there later in the same chicken house. We are all getting together for lunch. I am curious to find our how many linoleums were on the kitchen floor, I think it was six or seven when we were there. Great memories and wonderful friends in common from that era.


Paula said...

I like the picture of Sherry on her bicycle. I have one of the no speed or my speed. I got it out about a year ago to see if I could still ride it and I did. Have you heard from Sam here in blogs lately? I'm worried about him.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sounds like a good life when you can enjoy all your favorite things. The two of you are so blessed to be able to enjoy them together. I guess you would be good ones to rate campsites with all that you have been to. Glad you have made some new friends to enjoy the stay with.

Shirl 72 said...

Lost first comment. I think the hot weather
is playing with our computers. I know you
are enjoying meeting your old friends and going
back in time. Stay cool.


Lucy said...

I am so disappointed and all because I am old and under the weather. I am glad that you are enjoying your trip. It seems like you 2 just have a great time any time.

Fred Alton said...

Man, Jack and Sherry, if ever anyone knew how to enjoy living it is you two. It's amazing how many/how much of the stuff you like are things I like too. Seeing Sherry on the bike was a treat. However, the WX has been so hot and dry here that cycling would just be exhausting right now. Soon now, it looks like we will have some rain to cool things down. Hunting season starts the last Saturday of this month! I love the DQ Blizzard - any flavor - but tropical is best. Also Chik-fil-A has a most delectable peach milk shake! Hmmm - BTW - it's not the kids reading your blog that will cause you grief. But when Sherry reads some of those comments ... LOOK-OUT!!! hAHAHAHAHAHAH

ρομπερτ said...

What a wonderful journey through time. Currently a favourite thing of mine, would be to become a writer, photography and good father as well.
Please have you all a safe road ahead and a good Tuesday as well.

Dar said...

I love that you express your undying love for Sherry all the time. It was so obvious when we met you a few weeks ago. You two have the kind of love that my folks had and Bill and I share. God has sure been good to all of us. One of my favorite things right now is ' sleep.' I am exhausted and feel ready to ask Dad to move over. It's been an emotional roller-coaster.

Debbie said...

I'm glad you're a happy man and can find happiness in the small things in life but I have a feeling if you mentioned the "unmentionables" you might not be so happy after Sherry jerked a "Knot" in your tail for telling your tales. HAHAHAHA! I love the picture of Sherry riding the bike, I doubt if I could even ride one anymore. That Tropical Blizzard looks yummy, I've only had a blizzard a couple of times and it's been so long I don't remember what flavor they were.

Poor folks do what they gotta do, when I was born our one room house was a corn crib. I do remember layers of linoleums on many peoples floors when I was younger including ours, with most folks heating with one potbelly stove I guess those layers helped to insulate the floor in wintertime.

Love ya'll