Sunday, August 29, 2010

NOw, A walk in Pueblo!

I will start from the end and work back. We eventually found this beautiful park to walk in. The flowers are beautiful.

Pueblo is the county seat of Pueblo County. This Courthouse was built in 1919, wonder how they had enough tax money to build something this elaborate. Surely they didn't arrest and fine that many miners.

And lout in the lawn on the right in the upper picture is the Rose garden in the lower picture. The smell was great.

But wait, before we found the park we ran into a PARADE, we have done this twice in our

Below is an old Pueble Fire engine.

A float with dancers!!!

Wendy's old truck

No parade is complete without Horses

Marching bands and cheerleaders

A beautiful Mexican float complete with dancers. They got a lot of attention.

More bands

But this one took the cake. Can you guess what this is? I could not. It is the base of a wind mill used in the wind farms. I was amazed at the size of it. This thing is humungous

There is a Vespas Company located just south of town. The company is out of Denmark

These sections are 70 feet long and some are 14 ft in diameter. that is six feet wider than this motor home. They stack these things three high, up to 325 feet in the air. Add the propellers and a generator and one can furnish the electricity for 1400 average homes. It is something to see.
Thanks for coming along and reading the log.
Nite ships log
Moving day tomorrow. Hello UTAH!


That corgi :) said...

cool parade Jack and Sherry!! always love a good one!! seems like there was a lot of variety in it too!

and tomorrow you guys are on the way to Utah! safe travels!


Paula said...

I love a parade and we completely forgot to go to our Cowboy homecoming parade last week. Those wind thingys are really big. One time I saw one of the blades being carried on a truck and I though it was an airplane wing. Take care you two.

jack69 said...

I almost forgot, we went to the olive Garden for soup and salad after the parade!!! Pleasant end to the day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you once again for the colour during the night over here. Being many times to Denmark, as it is close to home, the sight of those wind mills is know. They are indeed huge, yet not making a lot of noise. Makes one wonder why there aren't many more across the world.
Please have you all a good and safe start into the new week.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That walk was much better than the last for sure. What a beautiful place. Those windmills seem to be really popular and spring up all over the place. I've never seen one around here yet. It looks like you are having some beautiful weather. Take care!

Shirl 72 said...

What beautiful flowers. What a treat to see
a parade. We only get to see them at Christmas.
Glad you found a better place to walk. Be careful on your trip to Utah. Say Hello to
everyone in Utah.


Woody said...

Nice Entry, we have those wind turbnes here, we have 200 of them on Tug Hill, I have seen 1 of them tip over when it was being delivered, Anna Mae and I walked inside one of them and I stood on one of the blades before the crane picked it up, there awsome up close when turning.

Enjoy your selves.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

Very nice ph0t0s,im sure y0u did enj0y y0ur visit there.takecare!


Lucy said...

I to love a parade. Have not been to one in years. Love the pictures. Those flowers were right down my alley. Joe fixed the microwave. Will have to get a picture of his genius.

Fred Alton said...

I'm glad you found a safer place to walk! It's also a very pretty place. Seeing you pictures and reading your notes makes me feel like I'm there with you. Safe travels to Utah!

Dar said...

What a colorful trip you are, the Pueblo parade, awesome stuff...keep on traveling safe and having a grand old time. Hey Sherry, I finally got back to the cabin long enough to read your entry in our are too kind with your words and heart and we love you both like the tickled, still, to have hugged your necks in person.

Anonymous said...

I like parades also you two sure seem to be having a good time. we would have like to have travel like that after we retired but it didnt work out. so enjoy it for us two as we travel with you through your pictures. your friends
John and Doris

Glenda said...

Sounds like a wonderful time you're having, love all those pics, especially the flowers. Have a safe trip into Utah and a terrific time with the fam!