Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hey, I met Slim, BUT then I met MOM!

These folks uphere brought sweets. Mel brought the homemade jelly/jam/preserves. Dar brought the cake (yeah we had to taste it!). Look at the neat container for the jars!

I met SLIM. Mel & Slim picked us up for breakfast at Jack's Corner Bar. It was delicious, I had eggs and pancakes. The Pancakes were delicious. Just like I like them and we had real maple syrup, jack's own. Then we went out to the Estate of Slim, Mel and Brandy. Brandy is getting old but a sweet loving Golden Retriever (I think). Such a sweet dog.

Slim took us out to his play house, their son Sam(I am) joined us. Sam is the trapper. This is where Slim dresses the animals, makes the sausage and prepares it for keeping, most of it it smoked I think. He has a smoker that will do 200lbs at a time.

I always get my picture taken with big folk, when I don't have my stool to stand on!! This is our Host Slim, he's tall and that ain't all. This guy knows about as much as Mel.

Mel welcoming us inside the Museum. Their house is a living friendly wildlife display museum. They built the house from trees cut on their property.

Whoa, inside one of the first things you see is Sam's Bear. This one weighed much over 500 lbs. I learned real quick, these are not taken for trophies, this meat is eaten. These families live off the land. They heat primarily the house and water with wood. Many hours of labor goes into the cutting hauling and splitting of the wood for the coming winter. Note the inside paneling. All from their property.

Now here is Slim with one of his Bucks. He was very proud of this one, and I don't blame him.

Slim let me wear his hunting and trapping hat, I felt like old Davy. There was my bear.

Never to be out done here is Mel with a trophy fish.

There were also skins, and trophy size Walleye and Pike.

And not to be out done again she got this one last year with a 30.06.

Awhile back while Slim was gone Moose hunting, Mel poured and stamped this patio. The water fall starts from an old hand pump. (If you have ben reading 'Up North with Mel' you seen this in the works). Slim was surprised when he got back. He told me one thing I have learned don't tell the girl she cannot do something, she will show you! I believe him.

Now the surprise fo the trip, We are going to see mom. The farm is huge, the home comfortable. But see that Big Buck, Mom got that one, there is one just as big on the other side of the split rock fireplace and mantel. (The Dad done that). (Word of advice don't mess with these women, they can shoot!)

As I said these animals are for food. The wild game is taken to support the family. Some folk raise cattle and some folk think nothing of eating a good steak, but frown on a family hunting their meat in the winter to sustain their families. All of our ancestors did just that.
Sherry was taking the pictures today, about 55, not enough room on here for them all.
This spinning wheel was made by Dad also.

But the pride of this family is in this shed. Before the patriarch of this family passed on he wanted to build a River Boat. One like he had hunted and fished in in his younger years. He took the family to the woods and pointed the trees he would need. The boys cut the trees and prepared them the way he instructed. You would have to see this beauty up close. the wood work is fantastic. the different woods used for a reason. The decking is fitted small pieces I don't remember the different woods. But they were small strips 1-1 1/2 " wide. fitted three of one kind of wood then one of another then three again. Put together with brass screws. I only remember the mid seat was of Birch and the front seat or back seat was walnut. The oar locks were lined with Moose or Deer leather to work as a sort of bearing. The boat was branded by Dad's brand that was a combination of letters that formed his brand.

The whole family is so proud of this boat, dad had been gone now about three years, his legacy, his memory and tales of his accomplishments will continue as long as this family lives.
Oh, but Now, I got to hug this fiesty lovely lady. She is beautiful inside and out. The mother of this crew. She is a doll. Inside the house I was looking at a family picture nine children I think. I smarted off, "So you started all this I see!"
Without missing beat, she indicated her husband, "NO, I think he did!"
Tipical woman, blame it on the man. Folks this is one lovely lady, it was such a pleasure to meet and get to know her. God was good to this family.

I think I had better close and see if this will load, I have already lost the whole thing once.
Nite Shipslog
This continues to be a wonderful trip for us Gypsies. We are in a great park surrounded by wonderful people. And Jack's Corner Bar is within walking distance.


Cher' Shots said...

Jack and Sherry, Thanks for posting your visit with my sisters and my Mom. They were all so excited to meet you. I only wish I could have had that pleasure myself.
Cher, the Yooper!

Paula said...

wow this is one interesting family. Thanks for posting all about your visit.

Y said...

I love you and Sherry's childlike wonder at all you encounter. Thanks for sharing you gypsy jaunts with us.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Wow what a great visit you had there. Such nice people. Glad you are having fun and enjoying all the good eats too. Seems food is always an important part of getting together with people. We had a good rain overnight and today the humidity will drop which is a blessing. I'm headed back to my camper today.

Lucy said...

Wow, that was great!!! A lot of hard work has gone into their lives, but I knew that ever since I started reading Dar and Mel's blog. So glad you got to meet them and spend time getting to know their way of life.

Fred Alton said...

Jack and Sherry, It seems that these are true pioneer folks! Growing their own deer, bear, wild hogs etc has to be fun. And you have the ability to communicate their excitement about life. I truly love the way you write.

Yesterday, we ran into Miriam Woods that you introduced us to at the Golden Corral. She came over with a big smile and hugs for everyone. I had the privilege to introduce her to my sister Bonita and her husband and two of Michael's uncles.

Have a fun day and stay safe. Don't over-eat there at Dar's and Mel's! ☻☻☻

Rose said...

You meet the most interesting people! I loved this Post. Great folks, wonderful time. Perfect!

Hugs, Rose

Shirl 72 said...

Jack I think this is the most amazing story
I have every read. Words cannot express what
an educationaly visit. They are such wonderful
people and I am so glad you got to meet them.
I know it was exciting to see and hear all of
their stories. They could be on the history
channel with their experiences. Thanks for
sharing people who still know how to live the American Dream. How refreshing.


Shirl 72 said...

PS: I forgot to say I am so jealous. What
an experience. What a new Book Title.

Dar said...

What a nice picture of you and Mom...she sure enjoyed your visit. She especially enjoyed raising her voice atcha like she used to do with Dad. You made her day., and ours.