Wednesday, August 18, 2010

mangos hand delivered from Florida and new friends in common

New friends in common. We met at Cheddars today for lunch. Sherry and her new friend Doris worked this out. Doris said I will try to get Shirley and Gerald to come. They also lived in that Chicken coop in Moberly. What a great treat. Once it was arrange, Sherry received a call from Glenda, saying she was going to pick up her Mom in MOberly (over 180 miles) and drive over to deliver the mangos (She and her brother DAvid Luke, had started from Okeechobee, FL Monday morning).
Since Eileen had been a leading member of our little church, and the most beautiful soloist, Sherry knew right off that the other four would love this surprise. AND THEY DID.
Here is Glenda delivering the mangos to Sherry (who is clutching them).

Glenda is remembering the other pastors wives, and re introducing her mom. Now in Cheddars, after a little while Eileen was convinced to sing 'The Love of God', Glenda joined in in the harmony. Everyone loved it.
You have to understand, all three of us 'pastors' were young, in our early 20's when we pastored this little church. It was such a thrill to share history with John and Gerald. They both continued to preach and pastor. Both were successful in the mid western states before retiring. I was the only who gave up that calling or profession and headed back to the military.

After lunch we drove out to AOK RV park to a table by the lake. Glenda cut and served some more mangos that she had brought. John had never had mango, he liked it. Here they are smiling.

Before they left, we got a picture of Gerald and Shirley. You should have heard Glenda when she realized which one was Shirley. She and Shirley had been good friends even though Glenda was a teenager. Glenda said with such a grin, "Shirley fixed my hair for my 8th grad graduation!" For the farm girl, that was something.

I did learn something else, John informed me I just 'thought' I had seen the Pony Express Museum, I missed it by a block. So now we go back to fix that little mistake tomorrow.

Back to the Patee House Museum. I must mention, if you did not read the comments, Lucy and Paula also operated the old switch board. Also Lindie gave us something in a comment that was unique. Walter Croncite's aunt was the principal of the school Lindie attended. Also that St. Joe is the home of Cherry Crush candy. Lindie lived here for awhile in her youth.
These little slippers belonged to Lilly Pons, famous opearetic Soprano. She appeared 300 times at the Met. She died in Dallas at age 77.

Of course no one reading this blog is old enough to recognize a wood stove. Mama never had a pink or beige one. I think the porcelain on mama's was green. We never had a pump inside either!

Or an Ice Box. (Even though this is a more elaborate one than we had.)

Okay this is not a pot belly, but close.

Just wanted you to know this hit a cord with me. Remember those paper rolls, I always wanted to tear a strip of that and never go to. It looked so neat when the butcher or grocer would rip a piece off, wrap something and then tie it with string. (remember the scales and the jokes about the butchers thumb?) About the paper rolls, I think the upper roll was for meat? But then both were for meat right? what else did they wrap?

It has been another 'Red Letter' day as mama used to say. Did you ever hear that statement? It was years latere that I learned all special days on the calendar were in RED. That is what she meant.
Having a chance to talk to John and Gerald was a treat. Sherry has soul mates in Shirley and Doris. And seeing Glenda, getting my hugs, and hearing Eileen sing again, like I said, "A red Letter Day".
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It sounds like a great RED letter day for sure. How wonderful it is to have such nice friends and fresh mangoes too. That is something I've never had before. You had some special delivery person on that one... LOLAH

Anonymous said...

Guess that such friendships are the vitamins of life. An entry that made one glad to have stayed awake until after four. Please have you all a good Thursday.

Shirl 72 said...

Can't believe Glenda drove all that way with
the mango's. Love her hat. I sure you all had
a good time talking about old times. It sure
was a Red Letter Day.


Glenda said...

it was a lovely and nostalgic day, Mom REALLY enjoyed it so much, she loves to sing and the one she did with Gerald & Shirley was so special. Got her back to the nursing home, she was a bit worn (my driving may make her nervous)but thoroughly happy to have had the outing and time and again as we drove back to Moberly recalled various stories about the Darnells! After all, they were the pastors when her last baby was ready to be born in a winter snow storm, didn't Jack Darnell drive 25 miles and and Sherry rolled out the "red carpet" and gave her and new baby loving care. Not the kind of thing one forgets:)

Paula said...

That is a pretty wood cook stove and our ice box wasn't nearly as "up town" as that one. My grandpa was a carpenter and he made us a thick box with a lid and covered with tin. Remember the signs in your window printed with the amount of pounds of ice you wanted the ice man to leave that day?

Y said...

My father's parents had a general store on the bayou. They had only one roll of the meat wrapping paper, as they sold no fresh meat, only cold cuts. I think the pink paper was an absorbent sheet put under fresh meat to absorb the blood.

Fred Alton said...

I love those kinds of re-unions! Fantastic is added when they bring fresh ripe mango's all the way from Florida. Hope you have a bathtub handy so you can eat them while the juices flow down off your face and elbows! ☻

We are getting a good, much-needed rain right now! It's 12:10 and I smell fresh okra frying so I'm outta here.

Lucy said...

I am so thrilled to see that you met up with friends, of course that would not be hard for you 2. My moms stove was black, and after I married many years later mine was also black. As for the potbellied stove, it could have been the one I was raised around. My pump was outside. I was so fascinated with my neighbors cistern pump they had in their house, but we had the old fashioned outdoor one.

Missy said...

Sounds like you all had a nice time and I don't like mangoes lol.. I have never seen a wood stove or an icebox except on TV :-) Take care and I enjoyed the pics :-)


~mel said...

Sounds like the continuing saga of Jack and Sherry goes on ~ meeting and a greeting and toss in some eating! I'm so happy to see that things are well. How's that shoulder doing Jack?? Do you need to come back up north for a therapeutic cold water dip in the Big Lake Gitcheegoomie?

Anonymous said...

we feel we have made choice friends with Jack and Sherry. we enjoyed our time and fellowship together . you guys travel safe. your friends John and Doris Haywood