Monday, August 23, 2010

From Kansas to the Air Force Academy

Above my elevator block head

Out of Russel Kansas, Just wanted to show one sunset of many coming up. The West across this vast flat land creates some beautiful sunsets.
The evening was spent in Seibert, Colorado I don't have some pictures in seq for some reason. This is one of my best pictures, I love old cars, even if someone would consider them junk..

This is the grain elevators of Seibert It that doesn't look like a giant block head, I don't know what was. I added a little to a photo to make one.

WE try to get out and walk, the wind was up but I was surprised at the size of the wheels on this grain hauler.

This is the back side of the grain elevators. I wondered how they moved the train cars, I never see an engine except when they are pulling away. They use a Farm tractor to position the train car for loading.

I Just wanted to back up and show this six lane highway into Russel. We walked strait across and back for breakfast. He had to stop for one car. Not much traffic.

Just before coming to the Colorado Border we got one shot of an oil well.

There is something else interesting about the plain states. The openness allows you to see an entire train, no matter how long it is. Also something unique, when you see a town coming up you notice it starts as a town immediately, it doesn'g fade in. When you drive out of town it doesn't fade out, it is behind you no urban sprawl.

In the middle of these vast farms, you can see a farm house in the distance. Most of the time it is surrounded by some trees.

Now we are back on track, here we are welcomed to Colorado.

The night is spent in Shady Acres or Grove RV Park. Here I tried to wash the bugs off the windshields. To be ready for out trip into Colorado Springs.

In Colorado slowly you notice the ground starts to swell more, giving rolling hills and now cattle take preference to crops.

I loved this lonely ranch house. In a Copse of cottonwoods.

I cannot tell, but I think this is cows and Sorgum grain.

WE have been seeing Pikes Peak for some time, but this is a shot of the Mountain with Colorado Springs in the fore ground. Our goal is the USAF Academy here.

At the Academy they welcomed us with open arms, well not open arms but they did welcome us.

Now we are home again, this time aboard the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, Colorado. Sherry's cousin Ralph Hawes called, he is prior AF, I told Sherry to tell him we will be graduating in a week since we are Navy! It shouldn't take long.LOL

Thanks for following us to the Academy. Wish us luck on the finals, hahahahahah!

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The irony of life is that, by the time
You're old enough to know your way
Around, you're not going anywhere.


Anonymous said...

great pictures Jack i have been out that way and i enyoed the scenery. beautiful country. keep safe/ looking forward to the picts of pikes peak.

John and Doris

Shirl 72 said...

You need to study for your exams. It should
take about 4 min. since you are Navy. Good
pictures looks like flat land. Ask them what
is the age limit for someone to sign up. You
know my age so sign me up. I am going over the
hill fast. Glad you made it Have fun.


CherShots said...

Jack and Mate, I love traveling via your blog. It sure brings back a lot of memories of our travels across the lower 48 as we traveled to and fro on the Al-Can while living in Alaska. I also lived in Missouri for a spell so your adventure is a real trip back in time for me. Thanks ever so much. Safe travels and hugs from afar from one of "the sisters." lol

Cher' Shots said...

oops, I forgot to mention "the prettiest" of the "the sisters." LOL

Woody said...

Nice Pictures, loved the "junk cars" photo, they are NOT junk, they are treasures waiting to be discovered!!!!
I am amazed at the distance you can see, enjoying your trip!
take care;
Gary & Anna Mae

jun said...

i like that new pic of you andthe missus
i have beenhaving trouble getting in and on blogger.
i hope you know that i think of yall often and keep you in my prayers love jun

Anonymous said...

Nice photography indeed. Like the large wheel and your p.s. section, which reminded me of "that one has to live life forward, yet understands it only backwards."
And yes, such a farm in the middle of nowhwere would be a perfect place for me. Please have you all a good Tuesday.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

From the plains to the mountains. You sure have put on some miles there. As always I'm loving the ride along with you. It is wonderful to see parts of the country I've never seen before.

That corgi :) said...

such beautiful landscape for you guys to enjoy as you traveled from Kansas to Colorado Springs!! you guys really are moving across the states!! enjoy your visit in Colorado :)


Lucy said...

I loved your pictures and I told you we get some great sunsets here in Ne. Kansas is so flat but it is much the same on beautiful sunsets. See, Nebraska sunsets and Kansas and Missouri doesn't mean we are all country bumpkins, although if I was a bumpkin I would be proud to be one from Ne.

Y said...

Another Coker Creek friend is a chapter president and judge for the Antique Automobile Club of America. Let me know if you want to meet him and his wife and Grand National winner antique auto next time you're in the area.

I'm serious about that travelogue project.

Fred Alton said...

I love riding along with you and seeing the great scenery around the country. Did I tell you that Lowell's son, Stephen Brannen, plays in the AF band and is stationed in Colorado Springs?

Missy said...

Those wheels on that grain truck are HUGE! .. Thatz neat how you noticed a town fades in and out. I would have never even picked up on that but itz so true...


Lindie said...

Wish I knew how to add photos to coments! My daughter visited the same place this summer. Got some great pictures of the interior. We are totally Air Force!