Saturday, August 28, 2010

Not always a good idea to walk down town

I did get a shot of this church bell tower in Colorado Springs.
Then back to the safety, beauty and comfort of the Garden of the Gods

It is fun to climb among these formations where there are no restrictions.

Some things are disappointing and I have some attitudes that are hard to explain. First, Sherry and I love to go downtown and walk around. I love a town with a square. You know the Court House or City offices. This trip we have had some great small towns to walk in: St. Ignace, Park Falls, Kirksville, and Savannah, MO. Sometimes we just take a walk in a residential area. Folks wave at us and we smile and wave back. Most small places, even driving around folks wave. You end up with a great feeling of being around good people. That has been a practice for a long time. However I forget you cannot comfortably walk in EVERY down town.

When in Detroit, I took time to look on the net about down town. I also read comments from folks who had, we drove thru Detroit but did not stop. Here I figured Colorado Springs was small enough to be a friendly down town. We went downtown and walked. Soon I saw signs I did not want to see. Here is where my attitude is hard to explain. That is, what I consider a Christian attitude. You see I don’t want to give them a dime, but neither do I want to be approached. A good hustler knows this, and will use it to their advantage.

We used to refer to them as beggars. Now they are mostly referred to as homeless. I began to see a few around; the only way we missed being approached was the guys had someone else cornered. Here is where I have a problem. I do not mind giving to anyone in need. I do not mind buying food for someone hungry. But when do you draw the line and say no to healthy young folk who could find a job somewhere doing something? Instead of aiding in their laziness.

You see, we know personally of men who just do not want to work. I was told, I am happy on the street; I have no responsibilities. I do not want a job.

I was once on an Exit and saw a guy holding up a sign, VET, HUNGRY, GOD BLESS’. I said I am going to give him something. Before I could stop, My BIL said from the back seat, don’t you dare stop. That is my cousin and he has never been in service.

Most towns have shelters, but the shelters have rules and most of these guys do not like rules, so only on the coldest nights will they swallow their dislikes and go inside. So, a walk down town is not always a good idea. Yesterday I forgot. Next we will try Pueblo.
Thanks for reading this rant.
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Anonymous said...

hey Jack you are braver than me i see them and walk the other way. have a good day


Anonymous said...

An impressive and all too real measurement of time and life. Please have you all a good Sunday.

Fred Alton said...

hahahahah! So that's why my work stops! I've got to get rid of this workstation. ☻

Wow, Jack. I really don't know where to draw the line on folks who are out in the streets and homeless. I do know (like you) that many of them would rather beg than work. That goes against everything that you and I were taught as we grew up. I knew a person who had an amputated leg. One of our missionaries saw him, went to the Rotary Club, managed to get him fitted for and the club purchased him a prosthesis and got him a job. A month or so later he was back on the street without his artificial limb, begging - "because", he said, "I make a whole lot more money with much less effort this way!"

Jen said...

In this economy, it might not be so easy to find a job. I have seen reports that some of them earn a very good living pan-handling, though, so why would they get a regular job?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've never been faced with beggars on the street. I really don't walk much in other towns besides my own. Not that we don't have homeless as I do see them on the roadsides on their bikes loaded down with garbage bags of what is their only possessions. What you've said is true, they mostly want to be homeless. A few don't want to be but don't like rules as you say. I'm such a small town gal that big city life would not be fore me at all. I take the easy way out and give to my church for the poor in our area then they can dole it out as needed. Take care and be careful where you walk.

Dar said...

You are brave because you are trustworthy...but not all are, so please take heed and be careful out there. Most places are safe and homey but the bigger cities seem to have their areas of despair that seem to have a time turning around for the better. And like expressed, some folks just Want to be beggars, not Choosing to make life better for themselves. It's a sad thing to see but frustrating too.

Shirl 72 said...

I am glad you didn't get robbed. That happens
in my old City. Dr. Page was in the Fellowship
Hall setting up chairs for our meeting. A begger
came by and ask for money. He said if you are
hungry go to resturant up the street where we
have a running tab. The man cursed him out
because he wanted money for wine. That is what
we are faced with today. I will help people
but only the ones that are struggling to make
ends meet and really in need.


That corgi :) said...

here's what I think about giving money to the homeless or beggars or those with signs. I used to not, thinking that they were going to use it on alcohol or cigarettes or whatnot. Then I started looking at their eyes and you can see defeat in some of them. Like they have just given up trying to find a job because if you are homeless, you can't find a job without an address and the shelters here fill up so fast and aren't close by. So I let God lead me to give or not. And I allow it to be between God and them if they use the money for something other than food or if they are not legitimate in their claim to be homeless or a vet or whatever. And I also think sometimes if I give them that money and they buy a beer or some other alcohol, maybe that's what they need to get through their days. But then again, I'm really warped and different in my thinking some times. We do, though, bring non perishable food weekly to our church' s rescue mission.

I'm glad you guys had a chance to go back to the Garden of the Gods and enjoy some more time there!


Lucy said...

After working at a grocery store with an old abandoned semi, I saw to much of the life of the so called homeless. They would gather under that Semi and drink and smoke. I will never give to a panhandler. I have met several that said they would never have it any other way than to sleep under a bridge. Most panhandlers are drunks, it does not matter if they are a veteran or anyone, I saw upfront and personal what they want money for. God will not guide these people, excecept to get enough for a bottle.You all know there is help for these people IF THEY WANT IT and most don't. Love the pictures.

Lucy said...

PS Sorry to be scrooge, but I have not lived 80 years not to gave learned something. Those people also tried to shoplift. I was wheeling Alan down Our main street one early evening in his wheelchair and we were approached 5 times in a 2 block area. One person even grabbed Alans chair and the protective mom came out, and I screamed at him "get your filthy hands off of us" and we went home.

Lindie said...

I used to give money when I heard their sob stories but stopped when my money went into a nearby liquor store. Too many of them are addicts. What I do now is go to the nearest fast food place and get them a sandwich and a bottle of water. I go out of my way to do this but will not give them money. I just can't stand the idea of them really being hungry.