Sunday, August 22, 2010

Into Kansas (Where are Dorthy & toto?)

I mentioned we left Missouri in a fog, we of course were driving just east of the River so the fog is thick.
It cleared up as we drove by St. Joe on this double decker bridge with the famous river on our right.
We drove for about thirty minutes and crossed the Missouri River into kansas.

The first town is Atchison, KS, Home of Amelia Earhart.

Again Grain elevators take over the landscape, I take wonder at the amount of grain storage in the USA. And how much our farmers can produce. Farming and raising cattle had a large part of starting this country and they keep us (And much of the world) FED. When I see so many Square miles of grain, I can't help but be amazed at the task of a planting and harvest.
Deciding on the back roads was a great idea, little or no traffic and great farm scenes.

Topeka, Kansas the capitol of the great state of Kansas.

Just out side of Topeka the landscape goes to green rolling hills, with cattle grazing (not on this picture though)

Reaching Abilene, where we had originally decided to over night we decided to pass up on President Eisenhower's home town. We have been here before.

On the windy hills of the plains we spy a wind farm At first I said this one does not compare to the one we saw in Arizonia, but was I fooled, It went on for miles.

(I lost some picture here)

The terrain again changes into flat or small rolling hills and miles and miles of grain. Kansas crops are valued at near 8 Billion dollars'
I loved this old farm house above, we had just passed a new one, built in the ground and surrounded by evergreens. The trees stop the wind and keep the plains snows from covering one's house.
Now the landscape starts spotting with OIL Wells. So While in Russell I started looking for some old rigs. The place below has plenty. I only want a small one to take home and put on our little piece of land. We won't need much.

Being from North Carolina we wanted to have breakfast with Bob and Elizebeth Dole. I figured she could scare up some country ham, GRITS and eggs. But alas, they weren't home.

The Picture above is of their corner house. The ever present Grain elevators in the back ground. the house is nice and neat as you would expect. But it is only about 1200-1300 sq ft.

Sherry caught the front view. It is a nice home. Russell has a population of about 4,000 souls.

Since we could nto get a Breakfast date we went back to our home. We overnighted at the 'Triple J' RV park near the I-70 exit at Russell. YOu have to love these little towns, and teh folks are so friendly.
Thanks for driving into Kansas with us. Tomorrow we drive into Colorado. (Well we are here now, but the entry is a day late.)
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Missy said...

Sorry you two couldn't get your breakfast date... take care and I enjoyed the pics :-)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Great pictures. Our country is just so beautiful it seems no matter where you may roam. Glad you made it safe and sound to Colorado then. Have a great evening. It must be a strange feeling waking up in one state and sleeping in another. A good strange though, traveling would be exciting.

Anonymous said...

wow - how much space. thank you as well again for showing places i wouldn't be able to see otherwise. please have you all a good start into the new week.

Shirl 72 said...

I can't believe Elizabeth would not want to
prepare breakfast for my Brother and his Wife.
Maybe they were busy compaining for someone.
Beautiful pictures glad you have arrived.
Stay cool.


That corgi :) said...

I'm thinking it was just an oversight that the Doles weren't home so you couldn't breakfast with them; I'm thinking next time around you'll be treated like royalty there :)

beautiful country you traveled through! glad you got to Colorado safe and sound!


Y said...

I hope your next published book will be a travelogue for us fellow retirees to follow.

Fred Alton said...

Enjoyed riding along with you through Kansas!

~mel said...

So happy to hear that your travels are going so well ~ even though you didn't get breakfast from Elizabeth. You know... somewhere along your route I do believe that you and my sis Colleen may have been running the same roadways. Enjoy Colorado and keep us updated!