Friday, August 27, 2010

Multi tasking is for the birds

I am good at what I do, but I can only do one thing at a time. I must concentrate on one job. It is hard for me to actually plan a trip much past the next stop. I wish I were actually a multi tasking guy but really I am not. If I drop one job to do another, I may just forget where I was or what I was doing. The other day we had finished supper and it was my turn to wash dishes. I put some stuff in the sink and started the water to let them soak. Fortunately we sit only three feet from the sink, and Sherry looks over and says ‘JACK!’ I looked and the whole kitchen sink was about ten seconds from running over!

To get on and off the military base I have to show my ID. Coming back from the Pike’s Peak run we came on base and I showed my ID and instead of putting it back in my wallet, it went into my jacket pocket. The weather has been jacket weather for the past couple days, but this day was not. So I took off without my jacket, needed the ID and could not find it. Yep, a trip back to the motor home to find the ID card.

I admire folks who can concentrate on more than one job. Sherry can. She can have a discussion and play a game at the same time. She, like most women can prepare a three-four course meal and have it all come out at the right time. I really admire you ladies, or any cook, who can do that.

I read a book by Ken Follett I thoroughly enjoyed, called ‘Pillars of the Earth’. In it was a man who could sculpt angels. That was his one goal in life and he did it to perfection. I am a one track guy, but most of the time I will not hang on until I perfect whatever skill I am using at the time.
When I see or hear of someone who practices to perfection, I am sorta envious. I love to paint, but it is mediocre, I draw and it impresses kids, but it is not great. I sing and I am the only one who thinks it is good. Ha! I also give great advice, (I think), but it too must be mediocre because it is seldom heeded.

I marvel at a gymnast, at a musician who has perfected the talent. I know I would never be that dedicated (Many hours’ even years of practice). But like the rest of the world I live in my skin, I have chosen, so, though not perfect I am gonna be me. It is too late to change, therefore I am gonna be happy doing one thing at a time! What about you?

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Lindie said...

I can still cook a big meal and have it all come out at the same time, but sometimes I am easily sidetracked when I am working on a project that I don't really like. When I am planning a trip, I like that and can schedule the miles per day and find the right place to stay and some entertainments along the way, because I really like that!

Anonymous said...

know what you are talking about Jack.
have a good nite of rest


Anonymous said...

One would love to sign this entry with ones own name. Please have a good start into the weekend you all.

That corgi :) said...

my husband is one of those that can play the guitar pretty darn well because of years and hours of practice. He would tell me in his youth practicing for 3-4 hours a day the same piece of music. I don't have that type of dedication

on the other hand, I'm like Sherry; I can multi-task and do several things at the same time, read blogs, watch program on TV, carry conversation with hubby. But hubby concentrates best on one thing at a time, so maybe opposites really do attract......

whatever it is, just go out and continue enjoying your travels Jack and Sherry! Utah sounds like it will be a good next step in your adventures


Debbie said...

We can't all be perfect and I have my doubts about those who seem to have a skill down to perfection being perfect either. We might not be able to see or hear their mistakes but I'm sure they notice it. I'm glad your dish water didn't overflow.

Love ya'll

Dar said...

Talk about is something I have been doing, it seems, all my life. Raising a houseful of kids and their friends forces a woman into it, I suppose. Just this morning, I was making breakfast for Bill, looking for an article for him to read, reading the calendar for appointments and sweeping the floor, all at the same time, oh, and looking for Andy's watch. Funny thing was, Bill had already read the article, I watched Andy put his watch in his luggage while I was sweeping, and I never burned breakfast, the toast was hot and buttered the same time the eggs came off the stove and the coffee quit perking. I love to multi-task. Later, I did 3 loads of laundry while writing out the bills, took pictures for tonights post, scrubbed the floors, and made 2 phone calls during it all, and cut Andy's hair while on the phone. Don't feel left out of this loop tho, Jack. Sometimes, I cannot chew gum and tie my shoes at the same time. Just don't let life get 'tedious'. I wish I could slow down enough to do ONE thing at a time.

Fred Alton said...

Jack, I'm one of those persons who likes to try anything and everything - but never, ever perfect it. For example I have a pilot's license, but it's out of date. I have an amateur radio license but haven't operated in ten years or more I have a PADI certificate but never go diving. I hunt, but not serious enough to fill the freezer. I have two sets of golf clubs but haven't golfed in 5 years. And I could fill up the page with similar things - but will spare you and your readers... ☻☻☻

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do find myself multi-tasking at times and can still set out a pretty good meal when called to do so. But it takes me longer than it used to and for the most part I'm just glad to be able to do what I do . Moving slower, taking time and enjoying it is just great. Glad you didn't let the water over flow. What a mess that would have been.

Lucy said...

I don't multi task as well as I used to when I had 5 little kids under my feet. First thing that happened this morning I read Morts blog and I am so happy for him but I was in tears, because I didn't know him longer. Wish I glad known most of you longer, except for a few. Needless to say they no konfwer are ibn =n my bkog roll,

Lucy said...

Sorry for the mistakes Jack. They are no longer on my blog roll.

Shirl 72 said...

Just remember we are getting older. I notice a difference every year. I can multi-task but forget what I was doing and what I need to
go back to until I find it 2 hours later.
We get side tracked and that is when it happens.
I am cooking, watching TV, reading the paper, getting my music in order and on the computer. What was I doing OH I need to click now and send this.


Cher' Shots said...

Jack, we've come to love you just the way you are, don't go throwing a wrench into the works now. And Sherry we love you just the way you are too, but being a woman we know it's inborn in you to multi task. :) Have a super weekend!

Jimmy's Journal said...

Hi Jack and Sherry - Great pictures that you posted on Facebook. I can run and chew gum, but much like you, I'm more prone to attend the the situation in hand and deal with tomorrow when it arrives.


Y said...

Richard is fond of saying that he likes folks who "will be pleased." You are one of these people, and aren't afraid or ashamed to show it. A brother of mine once said that I have a gift for appreciation; so do you. Child-like wonder is almost as good as child-like faith.