Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pike's Peak, Manitou Springs, CO.

Today we make it to Pike's Peak. When we arrived we were told that all seats for today was sold out. We parked and were pleasantly surprised that the teller had two tickes for the 2:40 afternoon departure. With tickets in hand we headed to the little tourist village of Manitou Springs for breakfast. We found a nice spot with good coffee (Sherry's main requirement) at the Nile Restaurant. Good food also.
BAck at the depot in plenty of time to get ready for the climb. There are three ways to get to the Peak. Hike (7-8 hours), Drive an 18 mile road for $12 an adult and $5 per child. or $40 a car (up to 5 persons), or our choice the Cog train $33 a person, we considered pricey, but we won't be back so up we go ont he cog train.
Notice the cog track in the middle of the RR tracks. A gear or two under the train hooks these gears and pulls itself and passengers up the incline, in places is steep, 25% grade.

The trains are nice, two facing two on one side and three facing three on the other side. We sat in front of two folks who were Swedish but from Italy. Nice young couple. Below is our first lake.

We passed several lakes. Also passed one train on the doward run. Everyone waves like they know each other. The rock building is called Windy Point. Used years ago for workers.

Another lake. I believe the left side of the train as you go up is the better all round view, but there are advantages to both sides. YOur ticket specifies the seat you ride up and back, it is the same.

Here is a View of Colorado Springs.

At the Top. Sherry in front of Rock Rubble. I love the rocks There are three perfect ridges behind Sherry going down the mt. about a quarter mile.

A nice lady shot our picture. We are over 14,000 ft. We left 75 degrees, it is 39 degrees here at the peak.

Another view of the valley below.

One brave soul out on the edge.

View on the opposite side from Colorado Springs.

We took over 70 pictures, but his is my favorite. The valley below showing the rock rubble and cloud shadows on the valley and the lower mountains.

More rock rubble. We saw a lot of the on the East Coast also while we walked the Appalachian trail. I always wonder what process God used to break these rodk up. They are from 50 to 500 lbs each. man sure did not arrange them.

I know I shoot a lot of rocks. This is to show the angle of repose of the rocks. We are going down the mt.

Another good view....

More rock, but notice the angle of the trees in the back ground.

We made it back down. We were both tired. I am more tired now becasue I got to this point a while ago and lost every thing. So I am not going back to correct mistakes.
Some have been here others have heard of Pike's Peak. This is known as America's Mountain because of its popularity.
Thanks for going up and back. Tomorrow, as Fred mentioned, there is aplace here called the Garden of the gods. We will talk about that.
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I also forget I am in the Mountain time zone and most of you guys are in the bed back on Eastern time.


That corgi :) said...

but on Pacific time we are still awake, LOL. Loved the pictures! we did the cog train thing too and it was soooo much fun (better than driving, LOL). loved your/Sherry's picture at the top of Pikes Peak!

Garden of the Gods is awesome! I know you guys will enjoy it!!


Anonymous said...

another great job on pictures i have never been there would enjoy. was it the thin air that made you lose enjoy your day thursday.

john and doris

Shirl 72 said...

The scenery is breath-taking. To be there must
be awesome and look at God's work. I love rocks
also I look for how they are formed by weather and rain. Our Country is beautiful. Glad you had a good time. Now rest.


Fred Alton said...

Great job, Cap'n! No - that's supposed to be Chief! Anyway, I loved the pictorial report of your trip up to the top of Pike's Peak. I haven't been yet. Next time we visit Stephen we'll have to give it a try.

Rose said...

Amazing! Also amazing, the memories you both collect every day of your lives with all your interesting road trips.

Lucy said...

Really great pictures. I love looking at them. This trip is so full of beautiful scenery.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That view is breath taking. Height are something that I usually cannot do without getting dizzy so I'm glad you all could make the trip and I didn't have to do it at all but still got to see it from the top!

Anonymous said...

wow - thank you for this great escape. good pictures indeed. must have been amazing to breath such air. Please have you all a good Friday.

Melanie said...

wow...looks beautiful!!