Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Okaaaay the Arches, in Moab, Utah

This entry is harder than the last. Another 100+ picture day. We had planned to see this National park for a long time. Jen, over at 'Starting Over', was here earlier this year and whetted our appetites a little more. We were warned to watchout for big horned sheep by signs, but this one was the only one we saw.
A passing friend shot this picture, but missed the name of the park. But did get two pretty people.

I will not comment on many of the photos.

This is looking back down on the visitors center to give you an idea how high we were.

These forms are huge 200-500 ft. high.

I think the above was called the court house.

Maybe this is the court house? (below)

Never saw a sheep 400' x 300'

Every turn has a view that takes your breathe away, the awesome size of this place.

I am always saying, 'How did this happen?'

Or This....

Of course the park is names for these formations, the Arches. Here they are referred to as the windows. When you get close you understand, it looks as if you are looking out a window.

I found this beauty wandering around in the Arches.

With no more room for photos, I thought I would end with the one below called the Cowboy Chaps. This is one bow legged fellow!

I know I say it often, but folks you honestly have to see it to realize how huge this place and these forms are. You are standing below something like the one they called the Court house and if there was bus on top it would look like an ant. The colors, mostly red, but scattered blue and white throughout.

We also visited Canyonland, again unbelieveable. I will try to post some photos from there.

Thanks for coming along to the Arches.

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Shirl 72 said...

Those rock formations are beautiful. To walk
around and see them must be awesome. Is your
camera getting over loaded. LOL Glad to see you and Sherry looks like you are having good weather.


That corgi :) said...

absolutely gorgeous! I could spend a lot of time there just enjoying God's creations! too bad you guys didn't see any bighorn sheep though, that could have been a neat experience too!


Debbie said...

It would take my breath away alright, I don't have enough breath to walk around and see all the sites you and Sherry are taking in. So it's a good thing I can see them on your blog. Love the pictures of you and Sherry, even though your passing friend took them they came out very clear.

Love ya'll

Fred Alton said...

I agree with Debbie, the shot of you two together was very good. It's always good to see you two - and to see the things you are seeing. I am awe-struck when I see what naturally formed out there in the desert among the stones! Do ya reckon early man-kind helped it with chisel and hammer? Or...? So many questions come to mind as I try to take in the intricacies of these rock formations.

Lindie said...

Beautiful! Loved the cowboy arches! Reminded me of another favorite blog, Pioneer Woman!

Cher' Shots said...

The formations found in nature are simply amazing! The 'arches' are my favorites.
Mel and Dar are both having computer problems ... so who's your favorite 'sister' now?? LOL

Jen said...

Of course they have displays that explain how all those are formed...the fins, balanced rocks, windows...lots of things I had no clue existed. I think that park is more beautiful than even the Grand Canyon, though not as famous.