Sunday, August 1, 2010

Moving day agian.... Yep Bill collectors!

I will degress a few days. Right after we pulled into TIKI park in St. Ignace, we went for a walk. There ws no side walk, but there was not traffic we were on the edge of the road. You know how youcan tell a car is slowing and feel it is going to stop. Well, One little car pulled right up beside us and stopped. When we bent down to look in, Guess WHO?

He had a Hiawaian Christmas shirt. We laughed so hard we couldn't talk. He laughed with us because he is a Jolly old elf. He just wanted to welcome us to St. Ignace and hoped we had a wonder ful time. WHICH WE DID!

Now moving day.We have a game called the states game. You have a blank outline of the USA and then are given little states to fill in. Michigan is a funny looking state with this Upper Penisula. If I had been designing the USA This would be part of Wisconsin, but it ain't. We have Mechlenburg County down home that has such a shape.

Anyway We are heading West on Highway #2. It winds along Beautiful Lake Michigan for about 40+ miles.

Lake Michigan on my left.
We turned North on 117 through some beautiful country. The roads were exceptional and very little traffic. If you can see my rear view mirror and straight ahead, very little traffic.

Another tree lined shot of #117 and my mirror shows no or little traffic.

It is farm country also, and great driving.

We turned west on #28 another beautiful drive, farm land and Forest. We are headed for Lake Superior. WE have never seen this Great Lake.

Part of the drive we had a RAil Road track a good ways off to the South parallel with the road. And on the right a Beautiful slow-moving stream.

This is not a great shot, but we passed about six Bike packers. Folks who are tenting on bikes. Sorry this one is blurred. It is unique how they hang their belongings in side saddle bags.

We are getting close to Lake superior. We are going to meet the Great Lake at Munising, Michigan. It will be our first glimpse of it.

We finally see the Lake, after #28 turns NOrth. I love seeing something for the first time. I know it is just a big Body of Fresh water, I have just never seen this one. As I said in another entry, Superior is 21' higher than Lake Huron and Lake Michigan.
A beautiful shore line. With great looking beaches along #28.

Close to our destination, we turn north on #41 into the city of Marquette, Michigan. It is nestled on the Southern shore of The Great lake Superior.

Driving into a town is always a surprise in a motor home. All towns look flat with no traffic on a map. Sometimes we are surprised. YES, in the town, SURPRISE, We drove the rig right thru town. No pictures in town, we were navigating the traffic and at least one driver who stopped dead on main street to discharge a passenger, I had to swing around him going up a hill, On the map it looked flat!!! We will come back and take some photo's down town they have one strange looking structure going out into the lake, we wonder what it is.

We have reached our destination. The Marquette Tourist Park. we are in town but in the woods. Checking in we pay and head for site #79.

Surprise, see how much different this new home is!!! We are ready to make this entry and try to find out what fish is good that comes out of that lake.

Thanks for traveling with us. This looks to be an exciting place with some 'stuff to see'.
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Matt Millen of the Raiders said: "To win, I'd run over Joe's Mom, too."
Torrin Polk, University of Houston receiver, on his coach, John Jenkins:
"He treats us like men. He lets us wear earrings."


Shirl 72 said...

Want a pleasant ride without much traffic. How
funny Santa's helper. If you see him again would
you mention my name and tell him to talk to Santa
so I will get some presents at Christmas. Your new home looks peaceful.


Paula said...

Another interesting tour for us. Thank you.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've never been out that way at all. I went to the Ford Museum once in Dearborn and that was about it...Your trip is lovely. Glad you found a highway with so little traffic and such lovely sights to see. I love the beach and although I don't fish I think it's a wonderful place to be. Have a restful night in your new home.

Dar said...

Well, look at you two go. Your sure are covering a lot of ground. We are all woods. I hope you don't go into culture shock in the great northern WI area. Just about every eating place along the trail is bound to have dead animals on the walls, but some mighty fine home cooking. Jacks Corner Bar in PF has a 222 breakfast, that 2 eggs, 2 homemade sausage, 2 cakes for $2.22...then there's The Round-Up has the best chicken in the Price County. Then theres Dars or Mels Place. I've heard they can whip up a mean meal or two or three. Just a hint.
Safe Travels Friends

jean said...

Look like you two are having a great time on your trip. Thanks for taking pictures so we can go along with you. I'm enjoying all these beautiful places, Take care, jean

Y said...

I want to know how you can handle a camera and the wheel simultaneously.

Sheila said...

Had to do a little catch the pics, I am enjoying this trip with you both. Wow, and you got to see Santa too, you can't beat that...ha. I hope you put in a good word for all your blogger friends. Maybe he'll send Shirl something this year, he probably figures she has everything since she is spending your inheritance.. :) Have fun and be safe, Sheila

~mel said...

Jack & SHERRY ~ how do you rate? I've been on that same drive a few times and I never got to see Santa. Let alone ~ sporting a Hawaiian shirt! What a nice and memorable welcome to St. Ignace. I agree with you about the upper part of Michigan looking like it should be part of Wisconsin. I wonder what the reasoning was behind that when the states were being mapped and territories were being set. I'll have to do some online research. My guess is it was something to do with some Indian tribes and where their territorial boundaries were.

WISHING YOU SAFE TRAVELS ~ and hope to see you soon.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

very nice pretty sure your enjoying there so much...i'd really wish to try your moving you know that when i check it out how much is that moving house in taiwan then guess?i was shock co'z only millionaires can afford to buy it whew....have a blessed trip always....


Ally Lifewithally said...

Thankyou for a lovely trip and the photos are great ~ Ally x

Lucy said...

Great trip. I am seeing the world through my fellow bloggers eyes. Just great.

Lindie said...

We lost our favorite Santa here in Independence 2 years ago. He was the father of my dear friend. I lived in both Michigan and Wisconsin when I was younger and never saw Lake Superior. I understand it is the coldest of the lakes.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Neat ride, Jack. I'd love to tag along on some of your jaunts, they seem laid back and fun. Looking forward to some pictures of fish.


Anonymous said...

What a joy to see such wide space and green of nature. Thank you very much once again for this tour. Always a safe road ahead for you all and a good Tuesday as well.

Fred Alton said...

I love traveling along with you two! Was tempted to buy C.L.'s motor home (he has up-graded) and come along behind you. He bought Terrell's much bigger one (35') and says he plans to live in it. C.L.'s old one is 25' only but in pristine condition. Oh my...I am tempted. Thanks for sharing the great shots of Michigan. I had no idea there were such beautiful sites in that state tho I once pastored in Monroe for a few short months. Hope to get another post on my blog by the end of the week about the G.A.

Debbie said...

It looks like you and Sherry have found some neat sites to visit in that area of the country. I hope it's cooler there than it is in this part of the country and you get to go fishing while there. I also hope your ribs are healing well.

Love ya