Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Can you delete it?


I get messages that say in the subject line: UNCLAIMED FUNDS. No problem to jack, I know no one has left me and money, and I have not forgotten to claim something like MONEY!  Click the delete button.


Sometimes I have a problem with the ones saying Jesus isn’t going to like me if I delete this, Now I don’t’ think Jesus cares so much what I do about that, but I do reluctantly delete it anyway.

I am the one millionth visitor to this site and have won an I-phone or a million dollars, do I believe it. Not on your life. I click the little red X.

I don’t like to be intimidated on a phone or on the net.  Don’t get me wrong there is some great stuff on this net. I love reading most of the things forwarded to me. But do I always send it on,  No not always. I judge the message and time involved with the folks I like, should I bother them? No? I delete, They will love this! I forward. The majority of the time I delete.

So if you get something from me forwarded I have thought about it. I won’t be mad if you delete it, I promise.

I like the idea some have learned to make a joke out of challenging you to forward.  Like saying: If you don’t forward this 8 crows will bomb your car in the next 8 minutes, etc.

Intimidation in the mail. It is that time of year again. Every veterans charity is out to get their share of the charity market. I get address labels, Christmas cards etc. If I don’t answer, I get a follow up letter, Dear Jack, Did you get the labels I sent you, I did not hear from you!

Yep, he is right.  I have groups I donate to and I will probably stick to them.

Anyway do you feel obligated when the e-mail ends with: If you are a true (American/Christian/Republican/Democrat, etc) you will forward this.

Thanks for reading this. Now if you forward this to ten friends in ten minutes, you will receive ten  dollars in the next ten days. (Results may vary according to your faith in the above statement, Good luck!)

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. In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm and
three or more is a congress.
-- John Adams


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1906 Mason



This had me smiling, especially at the end about the ten dollars. All this junk email appears everyday. You nailed the types. I hate to delete the ones that threaten something bad will happen to me if I don't forward it. No rhyme or reason for it but I do hesitate before hitting the X. This was a great post. LOVED it. Have a great evening.

Fred Alton said...

I delete most of the "stuff" I receive that is a forward. Once in a great while I will see one that I like and think of someone I want to send a message on to ... but for the most part, I can hardly take it when you dare me not to forward! Especially those that try to put a guilt trip on you - I quickly go to the end and delete it. No, Jesus' love is not conditional on anything - and much less on a forwarded e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Well, it is mostly an offer to buy Viagra that ends up in my mailbox; have to admit, that currently there's nothing more that I'd like to want, than having a sleep for two days.

Please have you all a safe and good Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, just coming back, as this entry of yours got stuck in me mind. There are certainly many things I'd like to delete, yet afterwards am glad not being able to, as they continue to teach me to become better.

Anonymous said...

All true Jack and I do the same thing. It's like the things on tv, as well. There's that old man with white hair holding a little girl and asking for money to save the children. That commercial's been on so long, the little girl must be 37 years old.

I won't even go into that guy who's had mesothelioma for 15 years.

BTW, I pilfered that John Adams quote.

Good post!

Anonymous said...

I am alwaya getting selected to take part in
something. That make me feel so important that
I have been selected..right with 10,000 others.
I don't even hesitate to delete unless it is
good reading. I don't sign my name to something and send it on. I don't give to organizations
who call and beg for money. Well guess I had better hurry and get off and contact 10 friends so I can get my $10.00


Paula said...

Good entry! I have to laugh at myself about when I first got a computer I believed some of those things like the pretty little girl that is lost. I caught on fairly quick that they go 'round and 'round. Once in a while there is one that just fits someone and I do forward but certainly not all of them.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to what Fred Alton said.

Sometimes there is an inspirational message, and I think it might be worth passing on, but then there is a superstitious footnote about what will happen if you don't forward it. I do not want to be a party to superstitions!
Also I have the habit of putting a "" wet blanket on people who are all worked up about some outrage that they would like me to pass on. Hehe.
Now our Greek friend has me wondering if Viagra is a sleep aid.

betty said...

Liked the 1906 Mason; that would have been fun to drive; sporty in a way!

I delete, delete, delete. And I'm one of those that have to have an empty mailbox so I rarely save anything to look at later knowing I won't go back and look at it later. I rarely if ever forward and I never remember getting anything you forwarded, Jack, which means you must do it far and few between. Its like snail mail junk mail; go through it quickly and dump it; don't let it accumulate; same thing with our online mail boxes :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My internet connection was so bad yesterday that when I tried to comment I couldn't so we'll try again this morning. I've used the verison so I could have a connection where ever I go, but since camping season is over I've decided I need cable internet installed at home and it's coming tomorrow. I'll be relieved to finally have a good connection. Hope your Thursday is a great one and you are settled in to your new place.