Saturday, October 1, 2011

Information picked up or learned on the cruise.

The cars you see are leaving the port Authority after dropping off luggage. they are headed for the parking garage.

CRUISE FOR 7 days 008

We have now only been on two civilian cruise ships, one out of Cape Canaveral and one out of Tampa. Both ports are within two hours of Wildwood, Florida. The first was arranged by a tour director and was no problem, the price was right for four days (<$50pp interior cabin). Getting aboard ship isn’t the hassle of Flying, but still a little hurry up and wait. Our boarding time on the first cruise was 2:30. At that time we carried our luggage aboard. We were in the Big crowd boarding, and had to keep the luggage with us for a couple hours.

CRUISE FOR 7 days 071

(As far as I am concerned the cruise beats a motel and buying meals any day)

This time (boarding time 2:30) we went around 11AM and there was no big crowd. We drove into the port authority; I had our bags at the right side sliding door. So after I asked twice if this was the place for the Legend luggage and got a yes, I opened the door and the porter took the bags. I had already preprinted the labels and had them tagged. After driving to the parking deck and paying $96 to park for the week (I recovered slowly), then we got checked aboard with our passport, boarding pass (which I also preprinted) and driver’s license.

We were aboard by 12:30 and directed to the 9th deck for lunch. We only had a small carry on so the trip was easy, we climbed the steps. The rooms would not be available until 3:30. I did not know then, but I know now. The reason so late is they just dropped off close to 2,000 guests that morning and every room had to be cleaned and changed by 3:30. It was done and we found our room, clean and bright.

I was advised that if you get a cruise for less than $100 a day per passenger it is a good deal. The ideal is less than $50. This cruise was in between, but we got the balcony. We loved the balcony and were glad we sprung the extra for that.

I arranged this last cruise thru ‘’, that part was good. However they suggested I book the shore excursion, which I did and that was a BIG mistake.

I may do another entry on what we learned. Thanks for coming this way.

Nite Shipslog,


Did I read that sign right?

Outside a secondhand shop:

The car of the day:

A beautiful Audi, before:


Note attached by the very upset wife, “I hope she was worth it”  PS: I bought the picks with your credit card!

(Musta been a farm girl, she can sure use the tools!!)


That corgi :) said...

Do lots of entries on what you learned, Jack, just in case to educate those of us who haven't been on a cruise yet. Actually $96 for parking for the week isn't that bad compared to what parking is here, I think we need to build a parking lot and make some money!

Very interesting to read the logistics of how it all falls into place on getting on the ship, etc! I would imagine it has to work like clockwork to get everything done smoothly and keep the ship on schedule!


Lucy said...

Felt lousy today but had to visit and tell you to say hi to Shirl. Glad you didn't write much on the cruise today, cause I almost did not come to see you and would have been wondering what I missed.


Interesting. I didn't know cruises could be so affordable. Does that include all your food? Or is that extra? Thanks for the information. I never knew about this stuff. Glad you had such a GREAT time. Sounds worth the cost. With my bad kness I couldn't stand or walk alot, especially if stairs are involved. But I sure would love being able to go on a cruise. Take care.

Sheila Y said...

I am enjoying this cruise with you and Sherry. Can't wait to hear 'the rest of the story'. I am enjoying this bit of fall we are having this weekend. I'll enjoy it for a little while before I start the dancing...Take care and stay warm down there, Sheila

Paula said...

I'm enjoying all your info. on the cruise.

Anonymous said...

I think a cruise for $50 a day would worry me...
Sometimes you get what you pay a balcony :-).

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's good to know what you did and how too. Not everyone is familiar with the how's and whys of cruising for sure. It all sounds wonderful to me and I have enjoyed all the pictures and info you've given so far. Hope you both have a wonderful Sunday there. It's still raining and chilly here in Ohio.