Thursday, October 6, 2011

We have moved Again

Before leaving lake Griffin State Park, we were thinking of the move when Sherry received a call from the dentist, he could do the root canal tomorrow.  So we arranged with the Rangers to vacate our site and leave the coach in the parking lot, just in case it took too long at the dentist office. I hate to use a spot someone may want early.  So we dropped the coach and went to the dentist.  Bad news, they say,  you waited so long it is more calcified (?) and still infected. Shucks it can’t be still infected, it started 9 months ago. By now you’d think that it would be infected out. I’ve drowned it in peroxide, alcohol, salt water and took 30 bottles of vitamin I (Ibuprophen).  LOL

ouch 22

(Now I ain’t sitting on this commode!)

Now it will take two sessions. We will start today, then you can come back in about 4 weeks and we will finish. THEN you can see about finding a Crown.  (I thought I had one!(LOL) I am the King of the Road. LOL)

notsure here

(I ain’t letting Sherry go to this guy!)

Now they want a month’s pay. Okay, thank goodness we have planned for a ‘few’ bumps in this retirement road.  This keeps up too many bumps will cause problems. LOL   (I am LOL’ing a lot) I am high on what ever they used to deaden my body so they could ‘frac’ it, or drill it.  You have heard the term Frac from our own esteemed Paula of ‘Paula’s country tales’.  They are doing a lot of fracking in Texas.  It is a new technique for drilling wells, I think this dentist has learned from them.


(Some offices carry stuff too far!)

I ain’t really fussing, he didn’t hurt me but once or twice. He put a wedge in my mouth so I could not bite him, then he put an umbrella in there so he wouldn’t fill my throat with water. I hate that feeling when you think you are drowning but you can’t swallow with that wedge in your mouth.(the umbrella leaked).


(I love folks with innovative ideas)

This is silly, a whole entry griping about one root canal, and it ain’t even finished.


Thanks for coming this way.

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1946 Chevrolet truck

I once bought on of these for about $80. I was going to tow our trailer with it, never did. I traded it for a transmission for our car, a 1955 Rambler.


Paula said...

Wow at least you can joke about denistry. I'm way past cleanning time and even that scares me and John is way past the time I'm way past. We're such chickens!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

You know what's wrong...??

It's a Florida dentist...!!HAaaaaa...They start your visit with their hands out for payment....


Lucy said...

So you still have to do more. I would not like that at all. With the teeth in nearly every picture makes you a brave man or___don't know. Having a problem with ins. because of A-fib. Wish I was rich, but then I would find something else to bitch about. Your humor keeps you going. Think I may have to backtrack and find mine.

Cher' Shots said...

I had my two front 'toofers' knocked out with the bump of a soda bottle when I was sixteen at a halloween dance, of all places! I've had crowns, root canals and partials ... dentist don't bother me much! But good luck to you just the same!
'love & hugs from afar'


Sorry to hear the root canal is going to take longer and cost more money. My hubby is facing the same thing. He is in a great deal of pain. I told him about you waiting a year. He does not think he can wait a week. Enjoyed the photo of the dental assistants. The cartoon was funny. Hang in there and take care.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather walk into hurricane-force winds~which I have done recently, btw~than sit on that damn toilet. ~Mary

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

After all the meds wears off we'll be seeing how you are feeling. Sure hope they fixed what ever was keeping you in pain. I had a root canal just once and it turned out they did the wrong tooth and then had to pull it and the one next to it. All that money and I was minus two teeth. Hope you are not still sitting in the parking lot.

Ken Riches said...

Hope you feel better soon.

betty said...

Have to tell you, Jack, this was a clever entry with lots of cute graphics, just sorry the root canal/tooth work is more than anticipated! Good that you didn't put it off any longer and went in to start the process!!


Rose said...

I feel for you dear friend. The dentist is not my favorite chair! It also puts a deep dent in the wallet along with the pain.

Hugs, Rose

Debbie said...

Hope you are pain free soon! I don't miss those toothaches at all!

That commode cracks me up! I'll have to show it to our grandson when he spends the night with us tomorrow, he'll get a kick outta it!

Love & Hugs