Friday, October 14, 2011

People ask (the PS)

On the road we do have some unique problems. Fortunately we have never had a wreck or anything major.

1. We are asked, what about road troubles?

We belong to a group called Good Sam’s Club. (Not Sam’s stores) That costs $129 a year. It is the normal road service like AAA. We have had blow-outs on front and back. Fortunately we were able to get off the road and call for help. We do not normally carry a spare.  We did carry a spare to Alaska and needed it. Each tire on this rig runs close to $500.  Yeah that hurts.

Once we lost hydraulics (power steering, brakes and gears) going down a mountain, but we were able to make it to the bottom and stop going back up.

2. Is the rig hard to drive?

No. This is the easiest thing I have ever driven. As long as you remember how big it is (about 60’ with tag along), and how much it weighs (26,000 empty) you are okay. You know you cannot stop on a dime and you need room to pass. The view is great as you go down the road, we can see the rivers and canyons over the bridge sides. 

3. Does Sherry drive?

Yes, she handles it great. She will not park it. She will pull up to the fuel tanks, but rather not. Once she got caught in a tight spot driving thru Houston before we realized it. She was at the wheel when we came between the concrete barriers set at about 10 feet. She had a foot on either side for a few miles. No exaggeration of the ‘white knuckles’.  But she came thru like a champ.

4. How often do you stop?

storage heading south 005storage heading south 006

(Fuel stop at Pilot Flying J, Oh, I have replaced that ragged windshield wiper Dar!)

We seldom stop before a destination, other than fuel or over night. The rig is comfortable and you travel relaxed.If the interstate is clear we switch drivers like the pony express riders. I get up, she sits down.

5. How fast do you drive?

I try to stay about 63 mph. Sherry likes 55.

6. Do you cook going down the road?

We have cooked in a slow cooker in the sink so it could not slide incase of sudden stops. Sherry has made sandwiches many times on an open interstate. We go to the bathroom and get something to drink on a regular basis.

I thought I would be done by now. But thanks for coming this way. Do you have any questions I have not covered?

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How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?


Todays vehicle:


If you read ‘RAGS’ you will recognize this ‘34 Ford as the Chief of Police’s car and on the cover of the book.



Sounds like that Road Service Club pays for itself. It must be comforting to know you have backup if something happens. Got a kick out of the fact you switch drivers if the interstate is clear. I'd be too scared to try that. But I LOVE that you carry a bathroom with you wherever you go. In my life that would come in real handy. LOL Take care. Loved hearing these questions and answers.

Anonymous said...


I remember Sherry driving Kat's Motor home to
Fl. You make it sound good enough for everyone
to want one. I know you both love traveling
and have fun doing it. We are having beautiful
weather. I have been real busy helping Billie
getting ready for the Shower. Got to much going.


Jean said...

Love to read your questions and answers. Reading about your road trips make me wants to hit the road, lol. It scares me to drive in Houston, Birmingham and Mobile! The people on them interstates do not slow down and with Grover driving in the passenger seat makes me more scared, lol. Take care, Jean

Fred Alton said...

Had to laugh at Jean's comment about Grover "driving in the passenger seat" and have to say I fully understand the frustration that causes. On this last trip - I finally said, "Frances, let go of the wheel so I can drive!" Have to admit that you two make this lifestyle sound like loads of fun.

Paula said...

Thanks for filling us in. You make it sound fun. Those tires are a little expensive and that Sam's Club seems to be a thankful service to have.

That corgi :) said...

I bet you guys have it down to a science with changing drivers on the open road! I so admire Sherry for driving your guys RV! You go girl!! That is a great deal with your Good Sam's Club; I'm sure totally worth it when you need to call for service!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You guys do have that traveling down pat for sure. We are here at camp...big weekend as it's the trick or treat for the kids and chili cook off tomorrow. Our campfire got cut short as a big ole rain cloud just opened up on us. The stars were shining when we sat down there. Glad you all have great weather there. By the way we can wash our campers free here as long as it's not a holiday weekend. Then it's forbidden all together. Love to you both from Ohio!